Legalizing Weed Essay: Interesting Facts

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Legalization of weed is rather controversial and challenging issue for modern society. Modern students write academic papers and essays related to this problem. For this reason, it is necessary for persons who need to write legalizing weed essay to know the effects of cannabis. The effects of marijuana are caused by cannabinoids. These chemical compounds affect nervous system and every particular organ in the body providing persons with both psychological and physiological effects. For example, cannabis may increase heart rate by two times for several hours. The main effects are vertigo, red eyes, enlarged eyes, slowed reaction, strange behavior, hallucinations, and laughter. Users of weed can feel euphoria and relaxation. That is why many persons in different countries are weed lovers. It is important to understand that weed can cause physical and psychological addictions and withdrawal symptoms correspondingly. The majority of countries prohibited the use, possession, and sale of marijuana in the middle of the 20th century. Nevertheless, illegal status and criminalization of marijuana cannot prevent people from using weed. Many people in different countries buy this drug unlawfully every day. Consequently, illegal status of marijuana causes drug arrests associated with marijuana. For example, there were more than 700,000 weed arrests in the USA in 2014. The main thing is that the majority of these cases were for weed possession. This fact arises social discontent in the USA. Various social movements strive to achieve marijuana legalization and decriminalization. Their main idea is that legalization of marijuana will help overcome marijuana addictions.


Actually, it is essential to provide some interesting information concerning marijuana. Generally, it is recommended to include some curious facts in the essays in order to make them unique. Consequently, students may include interesting information when they write essay on legalizing weed. Here are some interesting facts about marijuana:

1. Woodworking companies played a great role in cannabis prohibition. Paper produced from marijuana species called hemp was much cheaper and prevented deforestation. Hemp paper was very popular in the USA.

2. Thomas Jefferson was the owner of hemp farms. It is believed that the Declaration of Independency of the USA was written on the hemp paper. However, American woodworking companies sustained losses due to the wide use of the hemp paper. That is why they strove to achieve prohibition of this plant in order to be prosperous.

3. Additionally, some historians argued that the American Army used medical marijuana as a truth serum in World War II. Medical marijuana has properties to relax persons and eliminate anxiety. Thus, it was expected from persons to tell the truth with the help of marijuana serum. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to evaluate the efficiency of this serum, because marijuana may increase imagination of persons.


Many It is well known that the USA is the democratic country. The American government strives to respect the opinion of Americans. Thus, they carry out different surveys concerning marijuana legalization. American colleges and universities propose their students to write academic papers and essays on legalizing weed. The 21st century is associated with different social movements that want to make marijuana legal. Twenty American states including Washington DC have decriminalized marijuana in different ways. This addictive plant is legalized for both medical and recreational use in California, Alaska, Maine, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington. Medical marijuana is legal in many states throughout the USA and is used to improve appetite and as a sedative medication. Many scientists believe that marijuana medications may be beneficial in the nearest future. However, marijuana is still illegal at federal level. In fact, legalization of marijuana may be useful for American people. It may reduce arrests associated with marijuana use and possession. Additionally, special shops that will acquire licenses to legally sell marijuana will create additional jobs. Moreover, these institutions will pay taxes, which will increase government revenue. Legal sale of weed will provide American treasury with extra money. Special organizations will introduce necessary requirements for marijuana quality. Legal marijuana should be of natural origin, with no pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Consequently, American population will be better informed about this kind of drug. Weed legalization may be beneficial for pharmaceutical companies and help them develop new types of medicines. Production of hemp paper may cease deforestation in the country.


All these facts can motivate American government to legalize marijuana at federal level. It is necessary for modern society to get rid of prejudices related to marijuana use. Maybe, it seems to be more effectively to overcome marijuana dependency with the help of weed legalization. American government will be able to control the rates of marijuana sales and reduce illegal sales of this drug. It will be useful to establish official rehabilitation centers that will help people with marijuana addiction. The main thing is that it is difficult for people who have problems with overcoming weed addiction to visit such institutions, because marijuana has illegal status. Today people with such a problem are afraid that they will have problems with the law. Marijuana became illegal in the middle of the 20th century. However, modern society needs to revise the illegal status of weed. It is necessary for people to have the right of choice. Therefore, it is a challenging and urgent issue for the next American President.

To conclude, it is necessary to say that legalization of weed in the USA and other countries is rather controversial issue. Many people believe that it is a good idea to legalize marijuana, because it may help solve other urgent problems. There are different points of view on this issue. For this reason, this article is useful for readers, especially for students who need to write essay on legalization of weed. It should be mentioned that our writing service provides customers with qualitative and reliable academic papers written by professional writers. You can find more interesting articles and useful information about writing services on our website.