13 Reasons Why Reading is Crucial


Reasons for reading

Those who truly understand the importance of reading in daily life can fully enjoy the process of reading. Certainly, initially, cinema seems to be more suitable in representing storied represented in novels. Many our students believe reading to be rather boring compared to a vivid and nail-biting action blockbuster (http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/books-vs-movies-what-is-more-suspenseful). Indeed, no filmmaker could convey the plot of a novel to viewers in full and so as it is described in a book. In addition, the process of reading triggers brain activity involving the participation of both hemispheres at once. And it is here where the importance of reading appears. Our service has become grappled with this question, and this is the reason why we are having an insight into top indisputable facts in support of benefits reading gives.

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Why reading is a worthy activity

Reading allows us to feel what characters are going through and everything is being described. This brings about not only a lot of fun but also has a positive impact on self-improvement.

Reading as a trend

Is it necessary to read books in our modern and highly developed epoch? To date, youth says, "Read, it is in vogue," or "Reading is a trend." Indeed, it is. But the true interest lies behind another thing. The young generation reads everywhere. They can be seen in public places or elsewhere closely focused on reading. This is due not only to the reading trend. Young people seek to be successful. Usually, those who are used to reading books reach their goals easily. Reading forms the mind and vision which are different from a common one. It implies seeing things from different points of view, a broadened outlook, self-affirmation, and high self-confidence.

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Pros and cons of e-books

Reading paper books brings a lot of pleasure. But are paper books the only ones to read? Electronic carriers are not able to convey all the pleasure of turning over an e-book on the Internet. However, most citizens still prefer this kind of online books as virtual libraries are the same libraries. The only divergence is that materials can be used by many users simultaneously. Such libraries allow solving the problem with a scarcity of books. Along with this benefit, they provide other advantages:

  • Convenient to wear;
  • Open access to any book or work;
  • Less cost-demanding option;
  • Ecologically friendly (forest conservation).

There are yet a string of disadvantages about online reading.

  • Long-term reading of the Internet resources quickly tires the retina of the eye and evokes the feeling of fatigue and headache.
  • The ongoing temptation to switch to another page marked with sale, social network, and other commercials.
  • Internet books often depend on traffic, which can decrease. This leads to a lengthy loading of the pages and creates inconvenience to readers.

Reading is useful for development. Everyone knows this, but few go into details. Why is reading so useful and what is the use of it? Our academic essay writing service team has gathered top 15 facts in favor of introducing a reading habit in your lifestyle.

Fact #1. It enlarges reader’s vocabulary. A new book brings new words. New studies enrich the vocabulary and refine literacy: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/how-to-reduce-spelling-errors

Fact #2. It is a powerful anti-stress tool. Reading gives the strength to get out of the stressed-out state, particularly at the time before going to bed. This returns people to their normal state of health.

Fact #3. It develops thinking. The more an individual reads, the more the problem raised in a plot is meaningful. Keep in mind that all critical thinking essays get always higher scores than ordinary ones.

Fact #4. It beats Alzheimer's disease. Reading boosts the activity of brain cells, which affects the brain development positively.

Fact #5. It gives more confidence and self-esteem. Books read serve a solid ground to lean on in showing awareness in a particular industry.

Fact #6. It improves creativity. A well-read person can generate several good ideas at once. Subsequently, they are easily applied in life practice.

Fact #7. It improves sleep quality. Research has proven if daily reading before going to bed helps relax the body. Reading serves as a certain impulse for the body showing the onset of time for sleep.

Fact #8. It increases brain activity. Reading requires remembering a sequence of events, names of heroes, plot and so on. For example, To Kill a Mockingbird essay is highly useful for those students who are developing reasoning or study law.

Fact #9. It teaches being concentrated. Books improve the concentration of attention on a described subject or phenomenon. This allows making informed decisions without being distracted by extraneous things.

Fact #10. It longs youth time. The human body ages directly due to the aging of the brain. A well-read person has the brain trained.

Fact #11. It helps getting promoted. It is easier for a well-read person to adapt to changes. In this case, it is important equally to read newspapers, scientific, and educational journals.

Fact #12. It makes knowledgeable and versatile. A competent reader knows many ways to obtain the desired information.

Fact #13. It helps overcome life problems. Psychology operates the term "book therapy". It reflects the possibility of emerging from difficult situations.

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Are old books worth reading?

The answer is unambiguous - yes. Undoubtedly, there are those who say that the infinity of modern literature is quite impressive and everyone should keep up with the times. But those authors who laid the foundation for world literature heritage are also worthy of our attention. In addition to their splendid writing skills, they were talented in describing history in their works. It is by reading the literature of past centuries that we can learn about their lifestyle and needs that surrounded our ancestors. This is the history, life we should not forget it but support the cultural heritage that has been acquired over the centuries. Old books do not always mean boring. For instance, our essays on Pride and Prejudice prove that this novel has remained on the top over decades.

If you have got persuaded to become an ardent reader, our experts have a set of useful tips on how to read effectively. Unfortunately, despite enormous opportunities and a vast choice of books many are still reluctant to reading. This is mostly due to their inability to read efficiently. Reading is an art to learn through lifetime.

1. List of books

Most people experience a strange mixture of greed and apathy. Many are fond of buying books, but they just gather them on the shelves without reading. To trigger love for reading, it is necessary to make a list of all the books desired to read. Is not a long list of uncovered stories the best motivation to reading? However, some say that it is better not to buy books with regard to future use. One or two is enough for the beginning. All the rest will wait their hour on the list for reading. And try to buy less expensive illustrated publications – this is a good gift but not to yourself

2. The rule of 50 pages

Life is too short to be wasted on boring books. Try to quickly drop out boring and useless books. The rule of 50 pages states that it is enough to read the first 50 pages of the book to see whether it is worthy. If it has got thrilling for 50 pages, it will not disappoint in the end. If not, then leave it at once. There is no sense give bad books a second chance. Annually, thousands of new and fascinating books are published. They are waiting for their time.

If you liked this post, get more knowledge on our multi-dimensional blog: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/journalism-essay-history-and-people

3. Who writes and what about?

Before reading, get some background information about a book: an author, content, or some reviews. This will help to catch on topics that are useful during reading.

4. Alternative formats

Everything is not about reading books only. In the modern world, there are enough formats to learn new information: articles, audiobooks and podcasts, digests and newsletters. If books seem completely boring, so it is. Switch to other formats, find yours.

5. Read with a pencil

Never read a book without a pencil. If there is no possibility to make a note, reading is likely to be useless. Feel free to stress, highlight, and write down thoughts and ideas. Turn a book into something more than a pile of filed paper. After such a meaningful reading, the book becomes truly yours. Lord of the Flies is one of the most favorite novels among our students: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/essay-on-lord-of-the-flies-to-stay-alive

6. At least 30 pages a day

All people have their own rhythm of reading. There are those who read one book for a month and those who run through the whole book in a couple of days. However, there is a simple and universal formula for reading. It will help read and finish a book until your interest and strength expire. Try to read at least an hour a day and at least 30 pages a day. So you can go through one book a week. This is 60 books a year – an excellent result, isn’t it?

7. Mix the genres

Everyone has a favorite genre. However, if you are biased against other genres, you lose much pleasure. Even the most favorite books of yours will stop rejoicing earlier or later. In this case, it is useful to change the genre. Mix the books as if they are cocktail ingredients. After non-fiction, try to read a volume of Russian classics, then a fantasy. The ability to alternate literary genres is a great way to be toned and develop your reader's horizons. The essays on 1984 serve a bright example that anti-utopia novels are brilliant masterpieces of literature.

8. Write about what you read

If you read effectively, there will be numerous quotes, excerpts and thoughts to develop. This is valuable information. It is a pity to keep it away. Get your blog. Write book reviews on what you have read, share quotes. Make up the reading list, scold the bad editions and praise the good ones. Facebook will perfectly suit this purpose; no special writing skills will be required. So you will have a place to store quotes and excerpts, and your friends have a couple of reasons to love you even more.

9. Reread notes

Make it a habit to reread your book notes. If you pinch the book into several pages, you will have half an hour to sort through your book stocks. Knowledge likes repetition. So the key ideas will always be at hand's distance from their practical application.

10. Presentation on the read

In order not to forget the plot of some book, do tell your friends about it.

Do you like reading?

If you like to read and read fast enough, most likely, it will be easy for you to choose a book for reading. People who read a lot can read one book after another not particularly bothering with the choice. Reading can take a lot of time, so if there is no spare time for it, the books for reading should be chosen carefully. Our essay writer UK team has prepared a set of effective criteria for choosing books:

  • Interest - the most serious and weighty element in choosing a book. If the book seems interesting, most likely you will have enough motivation to read it and stay satisfied in the process of reading.
  • Reviews – people who have already read a particular book can leave a good feedback about it. Certainly, you should take into account that tastes differ, so do not consider this opinion as an objective one. If negative reviews prevail, it is worth considering.
  • Necessity – some books need to be read according to some school lists. Though if they are part of a learning program, they are worthy.
  • Benefit – choose books depending on specific benefits that they can bring to you: which knowledge experience it will give in the end.
  • Readability – the reading process can be enjoyable on condition that books are readable, this will speed up the reading process and ensure productivity.

Do not you like reading? It is high time to change it

If you do not like reading, it is high time to think about it seriously. There are many reasons why it is worth reading and even more reasons why reading should not be neglected. Only those people who have a rich experience and vast knowledge are interesting to talk. This knowledge can be found in books. Certainly, knowledge is everywhere, but there are not so many qualitative and reliable sources. It is a big pleasure to talk with well-read people, but it is even better to become such a well-read person that the society can be proud of. Research shows that reading is one of the primary qualities of successful people.

Motivation for reading should be derived from the benefits that reading brings. If you do not feel inspired by the idea of new books, look for it. However, if you do not strive for development, it will be very difficult to turn reading into a habit.

How many books are needed to read to become an intelligent person?

Some people read books without digging deep into content, while others make certain notes. Everything depends on the purpose of literature. In school and other educational institutions, teachers insist that all learners should read a lot since this has a favorable effect on the mindset, thinking, and professional skills. If you want the amount of your knowledge to match the number of books you read, you should be able to read and understand what you are reading.

There are those who often boast of reading a lot. Should you be jealous? It is good to be a developed personality, but some knowledge does not have to be possessed. Choosing the direction for development, you need to choose a reading approach carefully. There is a choice to get a lot of superficial knowledge or to go deep into the study of a certain issue. It is quite difficult to study everything thoroughly, and it takes a long time. In any case, the reading process itself develops quick reading skills that can be useful in life. The more books you read, the more knowledge you get, since all books are one way or another aimed at shaping and developing.

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