20 Important Lessons You Can Receive From Nature


Previously we have already discussed how many things nature gave us and how many things people can learn from it. Now we are going to tell you about 20 important lessons that nature can teach us. Having learnt these lessons you can improve your life, you can make it better and happier.

1.  Nature Has An Endless Patience

There is no doubt that nature is patient. Looking back at the history we realize how much harm and damage mankind caused to nature. But still we have an opportunity to use and enjoy nature with its resources. Since patience is very important trait of character we should develop it in ourselves and in this case nature can be a good teacher for us.

2. Even During A Storm Nature Is Peaceful

One of the most important things we can learn from nature is an ability to stay calm even when our life is full of stress, tense and nerves. You should remember that sun always comes after the rain.

3.  All Things Have Their Purpose

I believe that all the things in our life do not happen by accident. There is a purpose for everything. It is impossible to live your life without facing certain difficulties, problems and challenges. Sometimes we think that some things, which happen in our life, do not have any value, they are useless, they change nothing and that is why they just do not matter. Sometimes we want certain things not to happen at all. But not everything depends on our desires and it is obvious. So the understanding of a fact that every little thing has its purpose will help you to endure blows of fate and not to feel crashed because of troubles.

4. Natural Change Of The Seasons

Nature is not the same all the time. The change of the seasons brings changes in nature itself, in its appearance and in its flow of life. The changes in an individual’s life also influence his character and his behaviour. Changes are natural for everyone and everything in this world. So you should not be afraid of them, cause they will happen whether you want it or not.

5.  Natures Reminds That God Is Always With Us

God created everything in our world, He created the world itself. So when you feel down, when there is no one who can support you, you should remember that God is always with you. He is everywhere and in everything. So you will never be alone.

6.  Nature Is A Source Of Inspiration

Nature is so much beautiful. It is full of amazing things, it inspires us, and it gives us strength and desire to live. And it does not demand anything instead. All we have to do is to appreciate everything that nature gives us and to take care of it.

7. The Trees That Bend And Move Survive During A Storm

After a storm we can see a lot of broken or damaged trees. Their firm bark does not allow them to bend so eventually a wind breaks them. The same happens in our life. Sometimes being unable to control circumstances, we should show flexibility and adapt to them. In such a way we will avoid the risk of being “broken”.

8. What Does Not Kill You, Makes You Stronger

There is such a decree of nature: the harder you struggle, the stronger you become. The same is in our life: the more troubles you overcome in your life, the stronger your spirit and your will becomes.

9.  Nature Proves That You Do Not Need Money For Good Things

Plautus once said – “The day, water, sun, moon, night – I do not have to purchase these things with money.” I guess no one could say it better and Plautus is absolutely right. This is a universe truth: the most important things in our life are free. You do not need to pay for happiness, love, care, friendship and so on. Even when someone tries to buy these things, he ends up failing. Nature teaches us that money is not everything. Just look around and you will see how much you have without having paid a single cent for it.

10. Nature Is Content With Itself

Very often we hear people complaining not only about everything that surrounds them, but also about themselves. Nature is perfect as it is, just as every human being. There can be a lot of situations when we are not satisfied with our actions, our words and even our appearance. And all these can ruin our self-confidence what can lead to many undesirable consequences. So if you want to live in a harmony with the world, first of all you should learn how to live in a harmony with yourself. Be content with yourself, love yourself!

11.  Nature Comforts

Everyone needs to be comforted sometimes. Even people who have very strong will look for comfort time to time. And nature has this unique ability. Facing troubles people instinctively turn to nature and it can bring us comfort and peacefulness we need.

12.  Nature Reminds Us Everyone And Everything Is Beautiful

Nature is beautiful in its every little thing. It shows us that beauty exists everywhere. Even in a desert a tree may flower. The same can be applied to people. We all are beautiful. We all have our unique beauty. We just need to learn to see it.

13.  Nature is Powerful and Wise in Its Silence

There is a proverb “Speech is silver, silence is golden”. Nature exists and develops in silence. So you should think twice before say something, because there are situations when words are not appropriate and it is better to keep silence.

14. It Is Hard to Break A Trail

We all know that it is always easier to follow someone than to become a leader who is followed by others. It is quite difficult to make your own choices and decisions, especially when you are just beginning your “life journey” and there is huge world in front of you full of joys and challenges. But you should not be afraid of risking. If you have a good background and strong support you will succeed in breaking your own path in life.

15.  Nature Can Heal Itself And Everything Around It After A Storm

I believe that this lesson must learn everyone. Not all people can continue their “struggle” after a failure. And even less people are able to struggle further and to support others at the same time. Usually we do not that care about everyone else when we live hard times. So if we try to help not only ourselves, but others as well, it will be easier to survive in this world.

16. Nature Says That Bigger Doe Not Mean Better

Elephants are afraid of the mice. This example is ridiculous, but it shows us that the small things can be much more essential than the big ones, and the size does not matter at all. Seemingly tiny things can contain a whole universe inside them.

17.  Nature Thrives on Freedom

Freedom is the essence of nature and it is an important part of a human being. When you feel captured and seized, you do not feel passion for life. In freedom only your spirit strengthens and you want to live, to create, to love, and just to be.

18.  Nature Is Full Of Simplicity

Very often we see that the perfect things are very simple. So nature convinces us that simplicity is the key to perfection.

19. Nature Is Healing

Well, first of all our modern medicine takes a lot from nature to cure people. Secondly, nature has an ability to heal our soul. So nature can give us both, body health and soul harmony. And let’s not forget that a sound mind in a sound body.

20. Nature Is Diverse

There are a lot of life forms coexist harmoniously in nature. In human world unfortunately not everyone lives in a harmony. We all are different, and because of these differences the conflicts may occur. So people should try to find compromises and thus their lives will be less stressful, more peaceful and happier.

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