7 Tips on How to Write an Essay on Soccer

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7 Tips on How to Write an Essay on Soccer

                Previously, we analyzed the specifics of writing an essay on sports. Today, we will deal with how to complete a writing assignment about soccer game. Soccer essays are easy to write once you grasp the basics of dealing with this task. You may be assigned with writing a history of soccer essay or simply an essay on soccer game. Either way, you need to know how to intertwine in your essay soccer game peculiarities with its history. Essays on soccer consist of different parts in which you might include such aspects as why this kind of sports is played on grass, what makes a good player, what special skills are necessary for playing soccer and whether or not it is easy to play this game. All this will form the basis of your essay on soccer. You should also keep in mind that every essay about soccer should include some information from the history of the game to make your paper more descriptive and consistent.

                Here are some tips on how to write essays about soccer:

  1. Before you start writing your essay, you should investigate the topic fully enough to be able to write a well-composed essay. You may know that soccer is a game played by two teams, each of which has eleven players. The game is played on the rectangular field with two goal posts at every end of the field. If the ball goes through one of the two goal posts, it generally means that one of the teams has scored. Players can score with the help of any part of the body except for arms. The goalkeepers are permitted to touch the ball with their hands. There are some other aspects of soccer that you might wish to investigate to include them in your essay. You might also mention that currently soccer is being governed by the FIFA organization. It remains the most watched game across the world and is currently played in about 200 countries globally.
  2. The second step to take while writing a soccer essay is to investigate the history of the game. The soccer game was started approximately 2000 years ago. The origin of soccer is traced to China, even though people from Italy, Greece and certain parts of Central America are also believed to have contributed into the history of the game. Everyone knows that the modern form of soccer was originated in England. The rules for the game were also formulated there. For example, the rule concerning touching the ball with hands. At that time the rules were not universal and many clubs used different rules while playing soccer. When the Football Association was established back in 1893, the soccer rules were standardized. Today, they are established by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) that was founded in 1886. These facts form a brief history of the game and can be included into your soccer essay.
  3. It should also be mentioned that in modern days, football is played professionally involving many teams across the world. However, soccer is played by amateur players in different parts of the world as well. Many famous clubs have been formed in Italy, England, Spain and other countries. Soccer is currently played in South American as well. Players participating in these clubs are paid for the game. Thus, soccer has become an international game that is played in various corners of the world.
  4. The next question to be answered in your essay concerns the specific rules of the game, including its aim. The aim of soccer is very simple. You need to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal. The only thing that stops you is the players of the other team and the goal keeper himself. The latter is allowed to take the ball by hands, which means that you have to find a resourceful way to get past him/her.
  5. Another question is what skills a player of soccer needs in order to achieve greater efficiency. In fact, the basic skill you need while playing soccer is to control the ball, get it past other players, move quickly and shoot at the goal net trying to get past the goal keeper. You should also be able to take the ball from another team and keep it in possession.
  6. Another important issue to be reflected in your essay is who can play soccer. It should be noted that both men and women can play this game, and young people are also allowed to participate in various soccer competitions. Many people encourage their kids to play this game as a way of exercising and keeping fit. Soccer is good for health, so many parents want their children to play it even if they do not become professional players in future. This game is easy to play and many children pick up the rules of the game quite easily.
  7. In the final part of your paper, you may mention some qualities of a good soccer player. These include being able to work in a team, passing the ball as well as getting into specific space and locating another player. All these abilities make a good soccer team player. A good player should anticipate the progress of the game and predict the moves the other players are about to make. A really professional player should be skillful in more than one area. All this is important for playing soccer efficiently and with much skill.

If you follow the above steps of writing a soccer essay, you will be able to compose a well-structured paper to meet the demands of your instructor. Don’t forget to proofread your paper before submission for it to be mistake-free and polished to perfection. You should also keep in mind that it is important to avoid plagiarism in your essay. This will ensure that your paper will deserve a high mark. However, if you want to avoid the necessity to write a soccer essay, you can order one on our website. We will ensure that your paper is delivered to you in a perfect shape right before the deadline. Order now!