American Civil War Essay: Brief History


Any war is a horrible stage in the life of a nation. People say that civil war is the hardest time. This is the period when people of the same country take weapon and use it against each other. How can it happen that people that used to live in peace with each other turn into enemies? This is the global issue and problem. The world history knows many cases of civil wars.

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Any war is a society sore. The USA did not become an exception in the world’s history. This country indeed had difficult times. Most of people know about it from books and movies. In this paper one will find one more interpretation of those events. We are not going to emphasize someone’s attention on the armed conflict itself. We would rather meditate on main causes and key battles of this fighting.

Main Causes of American Civil War According to Different Experts

The reasons that put the base to civil war were extremely complicated. Numerous experts in history suggest their own causes and facts. Remember one thing: each person sees any situation subjectively. So, here someone can read general explanation of the war between the North and The South in America.

1. Abraham Lincoln became a new United States’ President. It happened in 1860. He managed to gain the right of being the first Republican leader who won election. His support was great. Immediately a big number of regions abandoned the Union. All those states declared themselves as a separate nation. The reason for this read in the next paragraph.

2. Slavery is an indisputable, most obvious, and brightest cause of why America was divided, and why war happened. Abraham Lincoln itself was against enslavement. In the North part of the country slavery was not legal, but it was a basement for rich people in the South part.

The idea of new government was to destroy slavery. People from the South were certain that in this way the government threatened their rights provided by law. Southern people were afraid of slave emancipation. They thought it would split the economic system. Do you remember that the main source of wealth was cotton production?

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3. Social difference. Some experts assert that one of the causes was the opposing views in economy structures, political principles, and customs. The break-up started in 1800. Since then the North managed to wipe out slavery and make the region industrialized. Slaves supported agricultural work in South states. They were main source of labor power.

The church was also divided because of the split in views according slavery. The country was cut into Northern and Southern religious denominations.

4. Tax issue. The idea of the North government was to raise the import goods tax in order to protect its industry. On the other hand, the South wished to have a free trade with the world. It was the crucial question which was solved only when Southern officials got their seats in Congress.

5. The Rights of States. There was a different vision of the life of each state. The South demanded the freedom of any state to choose whether to stay as the part of Union or not. They wanted to see the Constitution as a flexible set of principles.

Northern government refused to accept the notion. To prove their statement, they remembered the idea of eternal joining that “fathers” of the United States acknowledged.

Key Figures and Battles of the Major Civil Armed Conflict

In the American Civil War essay we cannot forget to mention that it was the bloodiest conflict in the history of the U.S.

1. Fort Sumter Battle. On April 12th, fighting began when Fort Sumter was attacked by Confederate army. The Fort belonged to the Union. The siege lasted for about 35 hours. It was ended when Union soldiers surrendered.

People from the North had a vain hope that not all Southern states supported Confederacy. They believed that there was a huge number of people who actually were ready to defend the North.

Thus, the war started. President Lincoln had to ask volunteer armies from each state to help. His request failed. It triggered off four states to split off and unite with Confederacy. For these reasons, 11 Confederate states were fighting against 23 states of the Union.

2. Bull Run first Battle in Virginia. That was another significant fight in 1861, July. There are several interesting facts about the conflict. People from the North believed in their power and military advantage. They considered that the win would be easy. However, Southern soldiers absolutely took the combat. The key element of their win was Thomas Jackson. This man was a big tactician.

3. The next Bull Run Battle was bigger than the previous one. Again, it became an embarrassing Union’s collapse. The same happened to the Peninsula Campaign that was the major bloodshed affair of the Union.

4. Maryland’s battle was the major fighting on the territory of the North. It came in September 1862. The struggle indeed became the bloodiest fighting during the whole time of the war. Although it took 23 thousand lives, the result was positive for the North.

5. Confederacy won the Chancellorsville’s battle, but they lost their military leader Jackson.

6. The battle of Gettysburg took place in 1863. The fate donated victory to the North but took away abundant number of lives. It was huge loss. Abraham Lincoln addressed to society and soldiers. He prepared the speech of respect to died soldiers.

7. Five Forks Battle was decisive. It brought an end to continuous fighting with the falling of the capital of Confederacy. By then, roughly 600 hundred thousand people had died. The influence of the South had weakened.

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