Beach Descriptive Essay: Source Of My Inspiration


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Start Like this

The sand is the granular natural material, which is composed of tiny particles of rock and mineral particles. An ocean or any other water is just a large area, which is filled with salt water. The Sun is the most important source of energy for the Earth. The combination of these natural phenomena composes a perfect place, where you may spend the whole day and not get tired of such a pastime. It is a place, which is able to make you forget about all the troubles, which are in your heart, and spend the whole day gaily. This place is the beach, which makes each of us come back here again and again and sink into the cool water, sunbathe on the hot sand, and enjoy the life, which can be felt here in full. It is amazing, though the beach is able to make all the food, which you brought with yourself, several times tastier! It is able to make you prettier by making your skin of bronze or chocolate tone. The beach is able to do wonders and anybody is able to confirm this fact.


I am a student of the second course and now I have an opportunity to come to the seaside daily. My parents bought a small house on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and we moved here four years ago. I fell in love with this place, this sand of light color, which helps me to escape from the reality and switch off, and this gentle water, which is as tender as my mom’s hands.

My head is always filled with various thoughts. I really have a lot of them, because I am a student and this business kills a pretty amount of my inner resources and time. I am always thinking over different plans and projects; I am in constant searching of the genial ideas, which don’t visit me easily. I try to find the shortest way to my collegiate problems’ solving and the better place for this is the coast of the ocean. Besides the fact that I spend all my time on studying, I can always find some spare hours to spend in loneliness on the beach. The buzz of the ocean influences me incredibly. If the seagulls’ screams may be joined to it, the noise, which is inherent to the beach only, brings me into the state of ecstasy and inspiration. The problems start vanishing and my future starts opening the new perspectives for me, which seem to be as endless as the horizon of the Atlantic.

Bitter Experience

Frankly speaking, my love with the ocean was not always so pure and mutual. My first meeting with it could cost me life, though the beginning of this fatal day was an absolutely ordinary and it forecasted nothing bad. My parents showed me the ocean from the highest point of the beach. When I saw the giant and long strip of blue water, which took nearly half a part of the view, which was opened to me, my heart started beating twice as fast. The emotions from the scenery were mixed: I felt frightened from the power of such a quantity of water and at the same time I wanted to sink into it as soon as possible. I was forbidden to do this without my parents’ control, though when they fell asleep under the warmth of the sun, I rushed to the water, jumped in it, and my nose was filled with water at once. I was covered with the wave. I was frightened to death and I was wallowing and crying. I was just five but I still remember the bitter taste of water, which was in my mouth, in my nose, and in my ears.

My father saved me, though a terrible fear of water haunted me even in the bath. No, it didn’t mean that I stopped going to the sea. I did this each summer, though I preferred not to come close to water. I just spend my time lying in the sun and enjoying such a worry free life.

The news that we would move to the coastal city didn’t make me feel optimistic. When we came to the new place of living, I came on the beach three months after. I should prepare myself at first and try to understand that I had to get acquainted with the ocean again. Finally I did this and this boundless great watery space became my best friend, which helps me to find the forces to move forward every time, when I am sure that I am exhausted.

I come to the beach every evening, when the sky is painted with quiet and at the same time bright colors, when the wind is gentle, and there is almost nobody here. I get a portion of positive emotions and go back home. I live within several minutes of walking distance from this place and a luxury to be here is always available to me. Now I know for sure that I won’t be able to live in the place, where there is no ocean so near.

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