Call Of Duty In Heroism Essay


While talking about heroism and heroes, the first thing, which comes to mind, is a feeling of infinite love towards a country. It is impossible to risk your life without having love to motherland inside your heat. The next motives such as self-sacrifice, call of duty, and desire to save the whole world come then. Heroism is always explained as some act of bravery, when a doer forgets about his safety, pays no attention to danger, which threatens his health and life, and rushes to spring to defense.  

To Be a Hero: What is it?

A lot of children and adolescents are sure that the heroes are the personages from their favorite cartoons and animated films. They consider Ninja Turtles not the mutants but the heroes. They are sure that Spider Man is the acme of perfection, and all the deeds, which Batman commits, may be regarded as the examples of heroic behavior. Children, who live in peace and know no wars and terroristic acts, are sure that a real hero has a look of a fantastic creature, which is endued with tremendous force, clinging fingers, and witty mind. An ability to scan the minds of people belongs to this personage too.

In fact, heroism may be displayed by a person, who has no extraordinary qualities and who is quiet and calm. Any person, who can’t stay aside of other people problems, who can’t allow the enemies to occupy his motherland, and who is not able to let the neighbor’s house be swallowed up by fire, may commit a heroic deed and be written in the history of mankind as a hero.  

I know that it is not necessary to enter a burning house, or to kill the enemies, who aggress against your home. Just a usual case, when you see your girlfriend off, is able to make you a hero. Just imagine that the street criminals commit an assault on you. If you don’t get scared and run away, if you don’t leave a girl face to face with the offenders and let them clean out her pockets, if you show your firmness and fight them back, if you don’t think about your life and you have an aim to restore justice, you may be congratulated then. Ta-dah, you are a real braveheart and you are able to take care of others more than about yourself.

Heroism is not an inaccessible height. Even if to count that some heroic acts may cost life and some of them are just the small grains, which are not seen with naked eye, each of us should continue doing the little things. They are able to help kindness grow bigger and bigger.

Heroism may be of different levels and my heroism definition essay proves this. Did you save a homeless cat from being swallowed by the dogs? Your deed deserves applause. Didn’t you pass by a stranger, who felt badly? If you gave him your hand and called 911, you became a hero for him. Did you find a tiny bird, which fell from the nest? I am sure you didn’t leave it to die right on the street. If you took it home, you saved the life and you became a hero. I am pretty sure that those people, who bake bread day after day to provide the others with new aromatic loaves, commit heroic deeds. I know that those, who teach children in schools, are real heroes too. I know that all those citizens, who forget about their private life and stay at their offices late at night to finish the necessary projects, invest their efforts into our common welfare.

My Superman

I don’t know whether it is fortunate that I have a person, who became a hero not only for me but for the entire nation. I think that if he stayed alive, it would be possible to beat my chest and say that my friend is a hero. Unfortunately, he died while he carried out his sacred duty and tried not to let his county’s honor be spotted. He was the only one among my friends, who felt that he couldn’t keep watching over the tragedy, which descended on his home and people, whom he didn’t know in fact. He didn’t wait until his own family got into trouble, like a lot of men did. He took a decision to join the military forces and made an effort to assure a peaceful life for his fellow citizens. A lot of people prefer to pretend that such a trouble doesn’t concern them. They are sure that their country will get out of troubles itself. My best friend was another person, whose call of duty was really bigger than his love to himself.

Unfortunately, I can’t change this sad situation now and the negligibly small thing, which I can do for him, is to dedicate my definition essay on heroism to him. I promise that I will keep his image in my memory, I will pass it to my children and to all those, whom I know. I will do my best to remember his act of bravery forever and I will try to live my life worthy. None of us has a right to spoil our chance to be happy, which was given to us by such ordinary guys like my best friend. He is more than Superman for me.

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