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Saint Patrick's Day 2018

The holiday weekend are well behind, the St. Valentine’s Day is over, the joy of the presents for the International Women’s Day had gone out, and the adulthood has dropped you at the endless work routine again…

Believe us, the professional assignment writers from bigessaywriter.com suffer from the life-work monotony just as you. As much as we'd love our work, we start seeing pages and pages of academic writing in our dreams periodically, and this is exactly the moment to take a day off and organize a little party that never killed nobody.

What do you mean: «Nothing to celebrate»? In today’s multicultural world, where the boundary lines between cultures are mostly unclear, and theme parties are at the top, it would be a real crime not to use the intelligence and creativity, and the Internet to find a perfect reason to celebrate the planet Earth’s cultural diversity (this essay also does: http://bigessaywriter.com/blog/cross-cultural-experience-essay-is-it-just-about-languages) by joining some nation in celebrating their ethnic holiday(s).

Don’t know where to start? Why don’t you follow in the footsteps of big essay writer’s team who will bring you to Ireland with this step-by-step guide to St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Although March 17 is just around the corner, you still have the time to throw a great little party. Hence, move your stuff around, get a grip, and go for it!

St. Patty's Day must-do list

✓​ Buy Irish whiskey. What does it mean to be Irish? Drink whiskey, of course. Maybe, the stereotype? Probably, yes. However, this time our website to order any essay online 24/7 thanks God, St. Patrick and Irish people for such a perfect stereotype to fulfil. Moreover, in this stereotype an average Irishman drinks like a fish, though you won’t get off a bottle of whiskey, after all, it's no good turning back halfway. Therefore, get a jump on the local supermarket’s shelves grabbing the biggest trolley.

St. Patrick's Day 

✓​ Put on a Leprechaun’s outfit. Oh, really, we have to teach you everything? First, the green color is recognized as the main symbol of Ireland! The forty shades of Ireland’s green will easily overshadow any «Fifty Shades of Grey» (fans – look away now). Second, what Irish holiday goes without the leprechauns? The saddest in all of Ireland! Hence, you must go to the nearest shop to buy the several pairs of green tights to distribute to your friends. Although, the men’s right to wear tights is still hotly debated, who cares about the public opinion at the costume party? What do you mean you aren’t going to put on the green tights? Maybe, you’re just a party killer?


✓​ Do papercutting. Encourage your buddies to make the gigantic shamrock! Stockpile the green cardboard, three pairs of scissors, and bottle of whiskey to inspire the imagination. Kill two birds with one shamrock: make your party more «Irish» and make your Facebook friends jealous of your awesome new photos on the background of this strange green thing. Aside from that, the team of bigessaywriter.com considers this another excellent occasion for getting another drink.

Saint Patrick's Day

✓​ Learn a couple of Irish drinking songs. The drinking songs are an integral part of the Irish culture, thus, don’t you think you get off that easy? If you start planning the Irish party, you should go all the way to stick to the traditions. Learn the lyrics, find the accompaniment, all in all, practice to sing them together with your drinking buddies to win the applause and drink on the house during the next pub crawl.

St. Patrick's Day drink

Every living soul at your party has already had the chance to enjoy your hospitality and taste a drop of old Irish whiskey? It’s high time to tell everyone your incredibly long and boring interpretation of the St. Patrick’s Day historical background. Those, who won’t be attentive enough, can be proclaimed as Englishmen and drummed out of the party!

Bigessaywriter.com expands your cultural horizons hence never resist an impulse of an explorer! Be curious, check our blogs section to stay up-to-date! Happy St. Patrick’s Day