Christmas Essay: the Holy Day Brings Merriment


When the new and super bright star appeared in the sky, everybody understood that the Son of God was born. The prediction of the angel Gabriel came to life and Virgin Mary bore a baby from the Holy Spirit. God blessed Mary and the very important mission was laid on her: to carry a child and give birth to him. This child had to come to the Earth to save people from the miseries. Everything happened as it was predicted and on December 25th, Mary bore a baby, and he was given a name Jesus, and soon everybody got know that he was not a man, but God. Jesus Christ was born!

It was more than 2 thousand years ago in the distant Bethlehem, where Mary and her future husband Joseph tried to hide from the prosecutions of Herod the Great, who ruled Judea.

When Jesus was born, the angel appeared again and said to the shepherds, who saw the appearance of very bright star in the sky, that a Savior was born in Bethlehem in a manger. It was the day, which divided the history and life of the whole world into two parts: one, which had been left before the Jesus’ birth, and the second one, which was started with his coming into being.

Christmas Today

On the eve of Christmas every house is changed into a luminous palace, which is decorated with thousands of lights and attracts the overall attention. The whole streets are shining daily and nightly and if to look at the planet from above, it is sparkling like a giant disco ball. The Christian part of the world is going to celebrate the greatest religious holiday – Christmas. The warm, decent, and devout atmosphere reigns inside every house, where the housewives are cooking the festive dinners and where the children are decorating the Christmas trees with colorful balloons. Everybody knows that the Christmas Eve is the day, when even the intimate dreams may come true. The magic Christmas night is the only period in a year, when everything is really possible! The flavor of food, which is grilling and roasting, the smell of fir-tree, which is spreading all over the house, and the atmosphere of a fairy tale’s presence in the heart of every family member are the main messengers of the Holy Day.

My essay about Christmas has not just one aim. I am going not only to tell about the origin of this bright holiday and its meaning for the Christians. I want you to sink into the atmosphere of Christmas night, to remember about your childish memories, when you were waiting eagerly for Christmas and Santa Claus, who had to come into your house from the distant Lapland and bring you so long-awaited presents. Are you ready to return to your childhood and imagine the old fireplace, your happiness, and the longest Christmas night, which you spent impatiently in waiting for the gifts? My essay on Christmas will bring you back to these unforgettable days.

Good Traditions

Christmas is celebrated on December 25, and everybody, who confesses Christianity, starts preparing for this day long before this holidays comes. Jesus Christ, who came to this earth to save the humanity from sin, troubles, and moral decadence, was born on this day thousands of years ago. The story of his birth, the persecutions of his family, and the signs that this child was sent by God, are known to everybody. Billions of people hold the memory of Jesus Christ and believe in his help from above.

The Christmas carols are sung all over the churches, people from nearly all countries of the world feel happiness and wish each other ‘Merry Christmas!’

Everybody knows that the green tree and the presents are the main components of Christmas celebration. Where these customs came from?

The tradition to decorate the evergreen tree on this day had very distant roots. A fir-tree was always considered to be a symbol of the everlasting life, overall love and worship to God. As Jesus Christ showed the people of the Earth that it was really possible to live forever and that there is another life after the death of the body, a fir-tree became the main symbol of Christmas.

I remember when my parents brought home a large Christmas tree to decorate it than. It was the biggest joy for me because I knew that soon there would be a lot of presents from Santa under it. The tradition of giving the presents appeared long ago too. Thousands of years ago Jesus made the main gift to all people of the world and saved them. The presents, which we gave each other, are not so significant as this of Christ, though they are the symbolic reminder of a necessity to help each other, love each other, and take care of people, who need our love and warmth.

My mom always took me to a large shopping centre, where we had a Christmas shopping every year. We spent our time gaily and came home weary but pleased. Mom had a long list of all our relatives, friends, and neighbors, for whom we tried to choose the presents carefully. We kept this tradition and even now, when I am a twenty-years-old girl, I adore shopping with my mom before the Christmas Eve.

Then we present the beautifully decorated packages to all those, whom we love. We see happiness in people’s eyes, we receive the presents in return, and the emotions, which this day brings us, are kept in our hearts the whole year round.

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