Composing A Rose for Emily Literary Analysis Essay


In the previous post we discussed writing an observational essay. Today we will talk about another type of essays — a literary analysis.  As an example we will take an essay on A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner. As a high school student you will be asked to compose A Rose for Emily literary analysis essay as a part of your English language program. There are no strict rules how you must write your essay on A Rose for Emily. When preparing your A Rose for Emily essay you can try to identify a theme, the way it represented and its role, or instead you can write A Rose for Emily character analysis essay, where you will have to focus on the protagonist of the story. Writing literary papers such as A Rose for Emily critical essay can be a challenging business since you will have to spend some time reading and analyzing the story before you can start outlining your essay.  In case you don’t possess such amounts of free time for doing it, we are happy to offer you our assistance. You can place your order at any convenient time for you and receive the prompt excellent results. Take a look at this free sample essay to get an idea how we work.

Writing literary analysis essay

The structure of a literary essay is similar to any other type. As a rule your paper must have five paragraphs — an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. An introduction must include a thesis statement, which will be supported in each of the three body paragraphs. What separates a literary essay from argumentative or observational one is the need to analyze a work of fiction or non-fiction. You don’t need to summarize the plot of the story or try to retell it. Your job will be to analyze the meaning of the plot, to identify the theme, main elements of the story or its characters. You have to choose only one aspect for your essay and work towards it. You cannot cover both characters and theme analysis in a single essay. So pick your subject and make sure your writing is consistent with it. You can find more recommendations about writing literary analysis essay in this file.

A Rose for Emily literary analysis  

A Rose for Emily is a short story written by an American author William Faulkner. It first appeared in The Forum magazine in 1930 and is still considered to be Faulkner’s best short work. Due to its tone of gloom and subtle terror it became an epitome of Southern gothic literature.

Southern gothic literature has its peculiar features and themes that are very well presented in this short story, such as grotesqueness, death, perversity and imprisonment.

The main characteristic of all gothic fiction is grotesqueness. But Sothern gothic literature never uses grotesqueness for its own sake but only to illustrate some aspects of life in the American South. And the main character of the story, Emily Grierson, is a great example of such grotesque. She is a symbol of old decaying morals of the South. The narrator calls her “a fallen monument”. This expression describes her status in the local community where people regard her as “a tradition, a duty”, a daughter of once respectable rich man. She was believed to think of herself as superior to other town folks and too good to marry one of the locals. The time went by, things changed, people moved, the houses were demolished and modern ones were built, but the house of old Emily Grierson still stood there “lifting its stubborn and coquettish decay above the cotton wagons and the gasoline pumps” . She resented any change or intrusion into her life and as we learn later for a reason.

The personality of Emily Grierson becomes truly grotesque when we learn about the reasons why she kept all those years to herself. Here is where the classical gothic themes of death, perversion and imprisonment come into action. After our heroine dies, the curios town people go into her house and make a horrifying discovery — an old decayed corpse of her lover in the bed. The pieces of the puzzle finally come together and we understand why she bought the poison from the pharmacist and where her lover was gone many years ago and why after her death the servant went out of the back door and never came back.

In the last paragraph the narrator tells how the people discover some even more gruesome details. Apart from keeping a long dead body in her bedroom, Emily Grierson kept that body as her lover. This event serves as a great example of understated violence that is so often presented in Southern gothic fiction.

Short stories of William Faulkner are considered to be great example of Southern gothic literature. All the elements and themes of gothic literature, such as gloomy mood, understated violence, perversity and imprisonment, are masterfully and subtly woven into the canvas of the story making A Rose for Emily an epitome of Southern gothic literature.

In this example of a literary analysis our thesis was — A Rose for Emily is an epitome of Southern gothic literature — and we tried to support this statement with arguments presented in the body paragraphs. When you will compose your essay it will be up to you what you decide to focus on, on character analysis or on theme. If you have read the story but still not sure what to write about, use this essay writing techniques that will help you to invent some ideas. But if even after learning the techniques you still cannot bring your thoughts on paper or simply don’t have time for if then our custom essay writing services is the best choice for you.