Culture Shock Essay: How to Avoid It?


Have you ever experienced culture shock? Have you ever moved to another country? We are talking exactly about country, not about another town or region within a one nation. People make their own rules and traditions. They operate and live in the way that they consider to be right. But what proper for one nation is wrong for another. While a person is living at the same place, he/she feels comfortable. He usually goes to the same supermarkets, attend the same theaters and clubs. A person knows everyone who surrounds him. Once someone moves to another country, he faces problems. These are psychological problems which are caused by strange atmosphere.

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So, what is culture shock? A cultural shock could be called a complex of negative feelings that a person experiences while moving to another country. This is quite a stress for somebody. It can lead to a serious depression. Each person can undergo different levels of culture shock, from small to super emotional. But it is an inevitable thing. There are several reasons that cause this condition. The first reason is different language. It sets a border between a person and other people. The second reason is different traditions. There are countries where it is a must thing to bring something when visit friends, while in other nation one can feel calm bringing nothing. Another reason is different rules. For example, in Great Britain the traffic traditionally keeps to the left. It can be strange and shocking for the one who got used to the right side traffic. The last reason is new gestures and unspoken rules. In some countries it is very rude to show V sign or thumb up.

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All these factors make people to be disoriented, lost, and isolated. Have you ever watched “The Karate Kid” movie? The main character experiences a kind of cultural shock. He feels not comfortable and unnecessary. He hates the place where he has moved. You should watch this brilliant film if you have not done it yet.

Think about China, for instance. This country is so different. How to beat the cultural shock in this country and become a successful person?

One should understand that until someone feels isolated and lonely because of cultural shock, he/she cannot get any benefit on the new place. If you are looking for smart tips how to overcome it, you can find them here.

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How to Avoid Cultural Shock?

1. Talk to someone who had the same experience. It is very useful and helpful. Surely, it is best of all to do this before someone has packed his clothes for moving. Speak with somebody who had cultural shock. Let him explain his feelings and ways of overcoming it. Find someone who has moved to the country where you would like to stay. Probably this person will give you some advices.

Find information on the Internet, in Facebook, for example, where people share topics what really matter.

Learn more about social media here:

2. Open your mind. Do not look at the new things as a threat to your personality. The things that you face are normal for people that surround you. Do not judge them. It will help you to accept and understand new conditions. Search on the Internet all accessible information about the country you are moving to. That will allow you to be ready to run into big changes.

3. Try to learn a new language. It is a logical step. If you are interested in a country, you have at least to know on the law level its national language. It will help you to communicate with people. If you know the particular date of your leaving, it is a good chance to learn better the foreign language. Take some classes or hire a tutor. One can also use a self-tutor. You would feel better on a new place if you know the language. It is as easy as to sign in to order essay online.

4. Explore a new place. When you have already come to a country, take some time to investigate it. Spend for this a day or two, if you have time. Have a walk, find some interesting places, good shops, and cafes. Your mind must understand that it is possible to dwell in this place and that there is nothing weird about it. Cultural shock will live a person when he is getting acquainted with new people.

5. Find out new traditions. For example, in Britain it is common to say “How do you do” which has the meaning of “Hello”. A foreigner may be greatly confused by it. So, in response he may start telling a person, who actually is leaving him, how he is going. Somebody can think that it is very rude. Check how people treat each other during the meeting. Again, someone can find out it in advance. Switch on your computer and make a search. In this way you can also find online essay revision.

6. Explore rituals and customs. A person should be absolutely aware of all senses of gestures and traditional expressions. Any culture is a very complicated thing. What you believe about some tradition is true may be incorrect. One should reveal the sincere meaning. Somebody needs time for this. So, do not be in a hurry. It is not the right time to trust yourself. To avoid such misunderstanding, speak more with new neighbors and new colleagues.

7. Relax and slow down. While somebody finds himself surrounded by new conditions, he has to take things slowly. Do not panic. You will have time to do everything.

8. Get involved into fun activities. To overcome the stress one should make something that he really likes. Maybe a person likes writing. He can make online article proofreading.

If somebody likes sport, he has to sign up for Pilates or aerobic. In case a person is interested in music, he has to attend philharmonic society. Try to do the things that you love on a different territory. That will bring you a huge relief. If you do like art, read about European art here:

9. Do not isolate yourself. If you normally feel good among a big crowd of people, you should as quickly as possible to find new friends. Find out the names of your new neighbors. Do not miss a chance to say “Hello” to the man who sells you a newspaper. While doing this, you will gain favor with people.

10. Keep up the sense of humor. This is extremely essential element. It can greatly differ from the one to what you get used. You must maintain it and understand it. It would be silly if someone will tell a story which is really funny and all except you will laugh.

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