Democracy Essay: Seeking after Freedom


Writing the essays about democracy was the next task for us, which we should perform as well as possible. Each of the students was given his own topic and they had to set to work at once. There were really many tasks to execute before an essay would be composed properly. Democracy seemed to be an easy topic, though those, who got it, understood that it was not simpler than the previous ones.

I was not an exception, though, unlike my fellow students, who had to tell about democracy in America, or to compose an Indian democracy essay, I was not restricted in my desires. I was given a full freedom of actions what to talk about. I was a fortunate soul, wasn’t I?

Democracy: What Is It?

I always thought that the very word ‘democracy’ always sounded too pompous. There was something great in it, wasn’t it? Each time when I pronounced it, I heard some gorgeous notes in his word and I had a feeling that I was standing somewhere at the podium and talking to the audience, which looked at me steadily. Maybe it was my electorate and I had a mission to make them support my candidature. I felt like a President! Maybe I was a newsreader at the Voice of America and I was captivating the minds of the radio listeners with my honey sounded intonations and high words. One thing was evident for me: ‘democracy’ was the best word to attract the overall attention and do this quickly.

Democracy’ was the word, which seemed to be super broad. I was sure that not everybody understood its meaning properly, though it was always on the tip of various people’ tongues. Just try to switch on TV and stay in front of it for five minutes. I am pretty sure that you’ll hear ‘democracy’ at least for a couple of times and it is not the upper limit. This word was able to hypnotize and mass media used this maneuver successfully. My granny was the best example of this successful concept. Every time, when she had a chance to hear the word ‘democracy’, she rushed to her TV set as if she had been fifty years younger and made the volume as loud as possible. She really wanted to receive some good news about democracy, which everybody waited so much. I could do nothing but keep smiling at this phenomenon.

It was interesting for me to compare my own attitude to this word with its real meaning. I went to the Net to satisfy my interest as it was the best place, which contained the answers to any questions. If you want to know the real meaning of the word ‘democracy’, it is well explained by According to this website, democracy is a special form of government, which guarantees basic political and personal rights to people, free and fair elections, and independent courts of law.

I thought it was rather exhaustive.

My Own Democracy

Frankly speaking, I had no desire to talk too much about the terms and notions and repeat one and the same info for the twenty fifth time. It was in free access on the Net and everybody, who wanted to get it, could easily find any article about democracy and its main postulates. Besides, I knew that my fellow students would compose a pretty amount of essays on democracy and there was really no use for me to beat the air.

I wanted my essay to be about my own attitude to democracy. Have you ever thought about what you mean by ‘democracy’ and whether your own insight corresponds to the real notion of this term or not? What do you mean when you say “I want to live in a democratic country?” What rights do you lack and which ones you want to be given in addition?

I had my own democracy.

I was absolutely sure that in a really democratic country people were equal and everybody had the same rights and opportunities. I was pretty sure that any black man from the blocks was able to become a president. Stop! I wanted no blocks with poor families and pauper children to exist in the democratic society at all! I wanted no race discrimination, murders, and abuses to be in my country and any Chinese, African, or Mongol to visit it and feel freely and well protected here. I wanted no more articles about killings of teenagers and their ‘racist motives’ to appear in the newspapers and no more terrible headlines to frighten people. My democratic country should be comfortable for every person despite his skin color, religious views, and shape of eyes.

I wanted the salaries to be directly-proportional to the time and resources, which were spent on doing this or that work. I wanted everybody to live and get satisfaction from his life.

I wanted the citizens to cooperate and make our country better. I was sure that we were the only one, who had the right to build our state according to our own desires.

I knew that my essay may seem too childish and naive, though I was an optimist and I had a habit to believe in the better future. I was absolutely sure that democracy was not too far from us and very soon we would be able to cover all the holes in our legislation in order to make it ideal and humane.

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I know that any topic needs a scrupulous handling; otherwise, an essay may be not good enough. I wanted so much to make my essay on democracy fascinating! My aim was to impress all its readers with its sincerity, though nobody but you was able to estimate my talent of a writer. Frankly speaking, I am excited greatly and I am waiting for the Day of Judgment with caution, though I am ready to accept any comments.

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