Domestic Violence Essay: It All Starts With Taboos


Everybody dreams about a close family, loving partner, and happy children. None of kids wants their parents to scold with each other and none of women is dreaming about being beaten by her husband. Running away from home, appealing to police, concealing of the bruises are not just the empty words for some people, who suffer from domestic violence daily. The lives of those, who are subjected to brutal treatment, turn into a real nightmare, which doesn’t disappear with the wakening. Unfortunately, the statistics encourages no optimism: the number of domestic violence’s victims is growing too rapidly.

Family Tyranny 

What is domestic violence and who are the ‘typical victims’ of this terrible phenomenon? How to identify a tyrant at the early stages of the relationships with him and not let him turn your life into an everyday battleground? My essay on domestic violence will help you to look closer at your company and not to get into a trouble then.

The psychologists, who are engaged in studying of various domestic violence scenarios, are sure that any person of any age group, any color of skin, any social status, and any religion may get into such a trouble as domestic abuse. Nobody is really protected from marrying a family despot, who poisons life of his spouse in sophisticated ways.

Domestic violence is a systematic abusive behavior and the attempts of one partner of a couple to control the life of his spouse entirely and punish him or her for any error. It is not right to think that the only manifestation of violence in such a case is causing a physical harm. Emotional violence, sexual assault, psychological intimidation, and, of course, physical attack, are the most usual methods of tortures. There are also the cases, when such a behavior led to death.

The saddest fact is that it is nearly impossible to predict whether a person, whom you are going to engage your life with, will be abusive or not. A despotic tendency may become bigger and bigger with the course of time, while it starts just with name-calling or distrust. The abuser usually tries to explain his behavior with his measureless love to his partner or his care, his desire to spend all the time together, and not let any trouble happen to his beloved. He apologizes for his actions profusely, though his anger will grow gradually.

Despite the fact, that it is too difficult to identify what a boy of your choice is hiding under the mask, try to be more attentive to his actions, his words, and the taboos, which he enforces.

Domestic Violence: Early Stages

The rudest form of domestic violence may start with:

  • trying of an abuser to capture all his victim’s attention and time;
  • being jealousy even when there is no ground for this;
  • convincing the victims that they should spend more time at home;
  • setting measures to the victims’ communication with friends and members of their families;
  • accusing in cheating and having a lover;
  • controlling money, which is spent by the victims;
  • controlling the online correspondence and phone calls;
  • controlling where the victims go and whom they meet;
  • telling  the victims that they are not able to take any decisions alone;
  • accusing the victims that they are the bad parents or not good and understanding partners;
  • force the victims to have sex without their willingness;
  • making the victims drink alcohol or use drugs;
  • doing damage to the victims’ property or personal belongings.

Domestic Tyrant: Who Is He?

Is it possible to determine whether a person may be found as a tyrant or not? Unfortunately, an abuser is not a profession. It is a state of his mind. It is impossible to say which person hides his sadistic aptitude and which one is really a good and loving man. An abuser may be a law-abiding citizen; he may be punctual and gentle, be a good professional in his field of work and have only the positive recommendations from his colleagues. While coming back home, he can let his mask slip. The real face of an abuser may be seen only by the members of his family. Periodically, he may even be an extra kind and good person, though when he flies into a rage, he becomes angry, despotic, and all-controlling. Don’t wait that he will understand that his behavior hurts you and makes you feel depressed. Such persons as tyrants never feel their blame. The only thing, which the victims can hear from their abusers, is just, ‘Hey, I had a bad day!’ The abuser is sure that such a cause is a weighty argument.

Stay alert and try to break off the relations if your partner is:

  • too jealous;
  • unpredictable;
  • omnipresent;
  • blustery;
  • cruel to animals;
  • scandalous;
  • controlling;
  • sure that a woman should be depended on her husband, while the last should have an overall power over her.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

The statistics says that every 15 seconds one woman is beaten by her partner in the United States of America. Three to four women in USA suffer from domestic violence. One may say that such a trouble shouldn’t concern the government or the society at all, because everybody lives as he likes. If a person prefers his private life to resemble a roller coaster and his home to be not a castle but a real battlefield, nobody has a right to interfere in his personal affairs. Besides, there is one aspect, which makes us keep eyes open and not to be deaf to the signals of domestic violence. Every boy, who is growing in a family, where violence towards a woman is a normal practice, becomes a family despot then. If nobody pays attention to this regularity and doesn’t try to break this vicious circle, the society won’t escape the degradation.

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