Essay About Advertising: Science Or Art?


Our world today is absolutely different from the world of the previous century. People used to watch movies without interruptions, to see the roadsides free from posters or letterings. But then our society was shocked by the huge mass of advertising texts and plots that were coming from everywhere: television, radio and even from the walls of the buildings. That is why many people think that advertising is a new phenomenon, which has appeared in the 20th century, when proposal for some products has exceeded demand. However, it is not quite true. So in this essay on advertising we will try to figure out what advertisement is, what goals it has, what its forms and so on. There are many advertisement essays, but we tried to gather all the necessary and important information about advertising in our advertisement essay. And we will begin the essay talking about advertisement from the scientific point of view.

What is advertisement?

Advertisement is information spread via any way in any form using any means. This information is addressed to indefinite number of people and is aimed at the attraction of attention to the advertising object, creation or keeping interest to the object and its promotion on the market. An object of advertisement is a product, manufacturer or seller of goods, the results of intellectual activity, or an event (including sport competitions, concerts, festivals, games, bets, etc.) to which advertisement draws attention.

Advertisement is a form of impersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services. Advertisement is impersonal forms of communication implemented via paid means of information spread. Advertising is leading element of marketing communications, it is the form of impersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, products, or services, and it is paid by definite customer. Also it is a set of measures that directly or indirectly help to achieve the goal of the producer.

Advertisement goals

The main goal of any advertisement is increase in the volume of goods and services.

Secondary advertising goals. The aims of the advertiser are a set of interrelated and interdependent results of the advertising campaign. According to this, the goals can be defined as following:

  • increasing (forming) the demand for products;
  • a clear for the consumer indication of the goods positions on the market segments;
  • propaganda of consumer properties of the goods;
  • promotion of the trademarks;
  • increase in market presence;
  • contribution to creation of sales channels;
  • increase the prestige of the firm;
  • the final and the most important goal is increase in the number of sales.

The advertisement function is providing the customers with information about products and services through various information tools.

The main means of advertising:

  • intercompany advertising;
  • enterprise prestige advertising;
  • advertising for sales expansion.

There are also types of advertisement according to the demands of advertiser:

  • information advertising;
  • persuasive advertising;
  • reminiscent advertising;
  • confirmatory advertising (it assures the clients that they make right choice);
  • antiadvertising. Antiadvertising is aimed at emphasizing of some negative consequences of using certain goods or services.

Advertising activity

Advertising activity has persuading or informational character and is always aimed at influencing consumer behavior and / or view of a wide audience. Advertising activity is one of the marketing tools, and it can be used in combination with such methods as sales promotion, individual sales tactics, or business connections.

Advertising study (advertising analysis) involves the following:

  • study of consumer motivations;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of advertisements;
  • analysis of advertising tools;
  • analysis of advertising and marketing communications (advertising texts, slogans, visual advertising).

It is considered that marketing is basically advertising. Advertisement is external and obvious demonstration of marketing activities. However, advertising is one of the ways to convey to the target audience information developed by marketers.

Advertising: science or art?

Advertisement is a constant companion of the trade during many centuries. Where competition is (and in trade it is almost always present), there advertising is present as well. That is why even in ancient Egypt there were people professionally engaged in advertising, so-called heralds. For certain payment they drummed up customers strongly praising goods. The term “reclame” (advertising) is derived from the Latin word “reklamo”, which means “cry / shout”, “call”. Such heralds were also present in ancient Greece, and also in the Roman Empire. Moreover, some ancient advertising text carved on the rocks or written on papyrus are survived.

Today advertising has become an essential part of our everyday life. People talk about it when there is nothing else to discuss, jokes are composed about it and in large quantities. This is a sure sign that there are no people in our society who are not affected by the influence of advertising.

So what is advertisement? In the literature, this phenomenon is defined in different ways, but the essence is the following: advertising is an important element of any company's marketing strategy that produces goods and provides services, and its main goal is to encourage consumers to purchase.

Of course, any advertisement should contain information about product and company that produces or sells it. But today the information only is not enough for success: any product or services is offered by several companies at the same time. So the advertising text should attract attention, it should be catchy. How it can be achieved? Everything is simple: by provoking certain feelings and emotions at the consumers – pleasure, convenience, confidence, novelty or amazement. Humor works very well: it not only neutralizes the irritation that human feels when favourite movies or interesting broadcasts are interrupted to show promotional videos, but also humor makes advertising video or text catchy. As a result many of us, without realizing this, start talking advertising slogans and of course, actively buy certain goods.

Having thought thoroughly you will understand that advertising creation is a science, and its product can be a piece of art, like the works of great masters of painting and cinema.

Sometimes advertising industry creates masterpieces that it is impossible to ignore them and remain indifferent. So advertising involves great part of creation and creativity.

At the same time making advertisement advertisers take into account such parameters and nuances, even the smallest, about which ordinary consumer even does not think. Who would think about the fact that creating an advertisement the target audience, psychology, marketing research, expert opinions etc. must be taken into account?

In this case it would be wrong to make choice between science and art. It is impossible to create qualitative advertising product without scientific base, and master’s work is always art.

So what do you think: is advertising science or art?

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