Essay About Education. Choose Your Path In Life


Many people think that you should study only a limited number of years, only in special educational institutions and only people who are formally engaged in teaching can teach you. However, it is not so. We must study always, everything and from all people. Now in my essay about education, I will explain why it is so and how to do it. Also, you can try best custom writing service if you don’t have time to write essays. Our writers understand how busy students are, so they are always ready to help.

I will start with the fact that we learn something from the birth. In the first years of life we have learned to walk and talk. And our tutors are not the teachers, but our parents. Our parents are people who carry us almost all the time of life. And, oddly enough, we learned well all of that. But it was not only in infancy. If you carefully analyze your life, it becomes clear that most of your skills were learned not at lessons, but simply observing people's behavior and copying it. We are not taught specifically how to behave in society, but we watched other people doing different thing and we learned how to behave. We have an essay that describes in details tips of personal development. Read it and you will get invaluable advice.  

College education

Now I want to focus on education at the college. Do we need that? Let’s look at my importance of education essay. The first thing I would like to pay attention to: will you fly on a plane knowing that the pilot was not studied in flight school, but have flown a thousand hours on the game simulator? Will you trust to do the operation to the person who didn’t read anatomy, but for 100% sure that he needs to cut somewhere here? Will you trust to defend yourself in the court to the man who never went to law academy, but read at home 3 books on the law? Probably it is not. Very well the theme of the need of a diploma is disclosed in college goals essay. If we draw an analogy with work of software developer, then we understand that they need to do a simple job, for example, to write a press release, make a prototype for PHP or to put a theme on WordPress, and it is not necessary to be a professional and indeed to have a Master’s Degree. But as soon as the level of difficulty of the problem increases (and consequently the level of responsibility), everything becomes not easy as it seemed at first glance. In addition to knowledge of the platform, language and tool people need to understand the domain area and have a historical knowledge that he or she will be ready to use in critical situations.

The founders of Google, who developed the most effective search engine, did not invent search engine from scratch. They learned how was working the existing system and improved there the sorting of results. And, as a result, they bypassed all competitors. So, at first, they were studying the existing similar products and only then made the product. Of course, "inventors of bicycles" will never create a product of this quality.

People go to university for having a high-paying and highly skilled job, for being able to buy a house and a car, for having everything, though not always. I hope that importance of college education essay convinced you.

Teenagers have to know it

How do the lessons of sex education influence the behavior of adolescents? Now, in this sex education essay, I will explain in detail this type of education. According to research of American experts, teenagers who receive school sex education, less often experimenting with intimate relations at a young age. So, thanks to school education, 71% of boys more rarely have sexual intercourse before age 15 years. The same applies to 59% of female students. According to the study, where took part 2019 teenagers of the age 15-19 years there was showed that the chances that the young man will use a condom the first time having sex increased 2.77 times if the school has classes on sexual education. As for the girls, exhortations of school teachers have no effect on their desire to use contraceptives. However, many teenagers are still in the power of myths. Some guys and girls believe that the first sexual intercourse in life cannot cause pregnancy and that they can prevent the conception of a child by drinking beer. So, I'm sure that sexual education for adolescents should be taught in schools.

Become a polyglot

The next point is a bilingual education essay. In the US schools there are gaining popularity of bilingual education. More and more schools begin to understand what the benefits of bilingual education are, as for English speakers and for those whose native language is not English. The training program that involves teaching math and reading in 2 different languages are introduced in public schools to increase the number of bilingual students. According to the Department of Education of the New York City, there are about 180 of such programs currently in the city. 25 programs were created 2 years ago; this autumn was running 39 more. As a second language can be selected Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish. In Utah, 9% of students in public schools participate in programs of bilingual education, and in Portland, Oregon there are 10% of students. In other States, such as Delaware and North Carolina are also being developed such programs and their implementation in public schools.  So as you understand from my argumentative essay about education, any education will be useful in life.

Well, you are going do homework and can't remember all this pile of information? Then you need to work on some of your habits. First, you will certainly have to make an effort, but after a while, you get used to the new rhythm of life, and learning will become for you a usual process. In all essays about education, you can find useful tips that can help you to prepare.

  • Learn to allocate your time. Make a schedule and allocate a specific time for study. So you will be able to improve your grades. The time allocated to study depends on how much you need to learn, whether you learn at school or at the college, and the lessons that you need to learn. Follow a structured schedule. Plan your day: when you need to eat, how much time you will need to pack up your things, how long is the trip to the school/college, when will you get back from classes.
  • Find your own pace. Understand at what pace you are comfortable to learn. Some homework will take less time, some more. You need to allocate your time effectively and study at a pace in that is more comfortable for you.
  • Get enough sleep. Allow enough time for sleep. Sleep well at night, so that you have the power to study, especially if you have a test tomorrow. You might think that the best idea is to learn at the night before the exam, but it is not! Start to repeat the material a week before the exam and go to bed early at the night before the exam.
  • Clear your mind. If endless thoughts don't leave you alone, briefly describe these thoughts on paper and then proceed to learn. This will help you to focus on study.
  • Remove all electronic devices. This is what bothers you the most. You always receive messages and notifications from social networks, so turn off the sound on your mobile phone and put it in a bag so you are not distracted.

To summarize my essay, I can say that a comprehensive development of man, the manifestation of multiplicity, the path to spiritual and financial prosperity is the work on oneself. And since students are not yet able to know completely all the things in the world, you may use our service and our writers will help you to write essays on a given topic.