Essay About Music: Its Power And Impact On People


Previously we discussed the problem of poverty in the world. Today we are going to cover the essay on music. I think it is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. Of course, you may find certain music essays where you can read about its power and how it influences people and their lives. This paper, I am sure, will get you interested because it contains information, which we can also call “I believe in music essay”.

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence. What do you think about people who wear their earphones when you meet them on the streets? Surely, you know that they are listening to music. Some of them are doing it not to be bored while walking. Others may have problems or bad mood and music helps them to forget all troubles.

Although we all love music everyone enjoys it in different ways. Some people like listening to music alone dissolving completely in it. Others use their earphones to dissociate themselves from reality and color the daily routine. There are also people who love listening to live music. That is why they visit concerts. They enjoy the magic world where the unforgettable atmosphere exists, where everybody is on the same wave and they all are interconnected by the music they love.

Music is an indispensable part of our life. Do you remember any celebration without playing songs? I do not. It means that all those birthday parties, weddings and other arrangements are to be provided with music. I cannot imagine any movie where there is no melody at. Just think about it. You are watching, for example, a scary movie without musical background. It isn’t as frightful as it might have been if original soundtrack was used. We can also mention melodramas. Melodies that are used during the film help people to sense all emotions and feelings. I can even burst into tears under the influence of soundtrack. And do you even consider choreography? It would not even exist without music. Sounds accompanied during the dance make you understand the performance. All moves used in choreography occur under impact of music. Dates followed by romantic melody evoke intimacy and passion.  So, music creates special atmosphere, enriches your imagination and makes you feel deeper emotions.

We learn to love music since early childhood listening to our mothers when they sing lullabies. At that time we begin to feel the rhythm and harmony. We can differentiate between sad and cheerful melodies. I can give you the example that babies can feel through a melody as well as adults, because emotions have little to do with age. Some time ago I turned on the music not to be bored while I was cleaning the house. My son, who was 18 months by the way, was listening to it too. When a quiet and sad music was on I noticed that his eyes were filled with tears. I hurried to switch it to a more lively one. On hearing this music my son forgot about sadness and started to dance.

The world of music is amazing and exciting. Scientists are deeply interested in it and they managed to prove that it has favorable and even curative effect on a person. Musical therapy is widely used in different medical institutions and helps people of all ages. It is considered to be a remedy from stress and tiredness. Such kind of therapy can provide increasing efficiency at work, better health, pain relief and memory improvement. Music is necessary for future mothers. It helps a pregnant woman to relax, avoid depression and definite illnesses. It can develop relations between the unborn baby and outside world. A future child feels love and tenderness listening to calm melodies.

There are various styles of music especially nowadays when new genres appear more often. You may distinguish pop, rock, rap, classic, country, blues, jazz and many others. People of all ages listen to different types of music. Youth prefers energetic and lively melodies. That is why they mostly choose pop, rap and rock as their favorite. But not only young people get under the spell of music. Elderly people enjoy it with the same enthusiasm. To say the truth they prefer other kinds of music. Older generation would like to hear quiet and peaceful sounds. That is why most of them listen to classical music. It is an art displaying our life by means of sounds. Classical composer communicates with a listener by performing certain feelings, ideas or state of mind. Classical music evokes feelings of calmness, harmony, it renews pleasant memories and brings rest from fuss and busy days.

The sense of being almighty and happiness emerges after listening to a good melody. Music plays with your imagination reflecting different pictures and associations, so you do want to listen to it more and more. Its effect is as great as it can bring people to tears and laughter. So, we can definitely say that music also plays the role of inspiration. For someone it gives a motivation to act, to change something in their lives for better and to make the problem disappear. Others are encouraged to create, to live a full life. Music inspires me to write poems. Sometimes I can be stuck with the lack of words and rhymes. While listening to a specific song I get relaxed and find peace. It helps me to find everything I needed to finish my poem.

Music influences every single person. It can convey all kinds of emotions and feelings. Whether you are sad or happy, aged or young, have problems or not, you listen to a melody. It makes one forget about all troubles and feel better. It is indispensable from most of spheres of life. Music deals with cinematography, choreography, different kinds of performances. Sounds of melody can even cure people. So, I believe in music and its strong power. It was born hundreds of years ago and it will never die!

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