Essay of My Life: One Episode


I had never thought whether it was easy to tell about yourself or not, though when I was given the next task at college and it was to compose an essay about my life, I started thinking neurotically what to talk about. Within several minutes my problem was solved!

What to Talk About

My life was not too eventful and that’s why I was at my wits’ end. Of course, I could search for some bright moments in my memory, though I wasn’t sure whether they were good enough to describe any of them in a narrative essay about life or not. I thought it had to be something fantastic, something unexpected, something new… What should I talk about if I was a common student and my life was full of collegiate problems, which I tried to solve daily and nightly? I doubted that it would be very interesting for my readers to get acquainted with my schedule, in which there was really no time for any happy moments. I did nothing but homework.

No, I didn’t want to complain and make the readers sympathize with me. It was my choice to become a student and I understood well that it promised me several years of life, which I was not able to manage. The fact that I was not alone warmed my heart. When I thought that there were several millions students all over the world and all of them had the same destiny as me, it became a bit easier for me to go through the hardships.

I looked at the monitor with an empty .doc file and thought. My life essay was still empty but it waited for me to start typing the long-awaited text.

Happy Childhood

I was sure that nobody wanted to know about my problems. Frankly speaking, I had no desire to mention about them at all. I was rather optimistic person and I preferred people to feel happy next to me. Making them sad was not for me. Suddenly I remembered how much fun I had, when I was a child. My mind started working quicker and soon I understood what I should tell my readers about.

My collegiate life was not very interesting and consisted mostly of similar days and sleepless nights, though when I studied at school everything was much funnier.

My father had a very rare profession. Unlike my friends’ parents, who were engineers, drivers, and doctors, my father was a clown! He worked in the circus and he made children of different age laugh every day. I liked his performances more than an ice-cream! He was a comic by nature and it was not just his work but his vocation. Most people are sure that the clowns, who are super active and funny before the audience, are gloomy and silent at home. It is absurd! My father was a mega positive man, who liked children and the last were crazy over him too.

He made me laugh each time, when I started feeling sad. He talked to me in a funny manner and his transformed voice cured me from all the troubles.

My birthday parties were the most interesting and cheerful! My dad’s colleagues came to us and made the fantastic parties! All my friends were in ecstasy over their jokes, hundreds of colorful balloons, measureless portions of ice-cream, and they waited for my next birthday from the moment, when the previous one was over.

My dad showed me life in its better light and said that I should always feel inspired whatever I did. I tried to follow his advice, but, unfortunately, I didn’t follow in his footsteps. Despite my positive attitude to life, I was not such a great comic and actor as my dad. The profession, which I finally chose, was more primitive and popular. Frankly speaking, I haven’t met any clowns since my childhood. It’s really cool, when your profession is so rare and original.

Choose your Way!

I decided to be a surgeon and entered the Medical University. My future profession is complicated enough and you may understand why I should spend so much time on studying. The errors of the surgeons may cost a life. I forbade myself even to think about such moments. I must become the best doctor and commit no mistakes at all. I think my optimism, cute mind, and quick hands may help me to build a perfect career in the future.

Now you understand why I hesitated so much while choosing the most interesting event of my life. My present life consists of medical books, skeletons, and organs, the info about which I must tell by heart even at night. Despite such a rhythm and a total absence of time, I like my life. Of course, I am not able to think about this very often, but when I have a couple of free minutes, I understand that I am a happy person.

Easy Life with

Soon my life story essay was finished. I think I am objective enough to tell that my essay on life is well-done. I don’t wait for any praise or applauses; I just want you to get some positive emotions from my confession. I want you not to stop reading my life essay after the first paragraph and read it till the end. It will be the best reward for me.  

I want my teacher to give me a high grade. It will be good for me too.

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