Essay on A Streetcar Named Desire: Summary And Themes


Last time we talked about composing a literary analysis essay on a short story A Rose for Emily. Today we will learn a bit more about reviewing a literary work taking A Streetcar Named Desire essay as an example. We will discuss the summary of the play and its main themes — the information you will be able to use in your essay on Streetcar Named Desire. Writing A Streetcar Named Desire essay might be a very time consuming assignment since you will ideally have to read the whole play. But if you don’t have that much time to devote to preparing A Streetcar Named Desire essays, there are two ways you can deal with it. First way is to read this post, which will give you enough information and ideas for your future essays on A Streetcar Named Desire. The second way is to seek help of professional writers and editors by simply placing an order for A Streetcar Named Desire essay at our web site. The work will be done within a day and it will save you a lot of time and energy as well as money. If you have never ordered your essay online you should read this post about modern way of essay making.

Writing about A Streetcar Named Desire

As we already learned from a post about writing a literary analysis essay, this type of an essay has the same basic five paragraphs structure as any other type: introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. It is important to remember that you should not talk about plot in your essay. If you are a high school or college student it is already assumed that you can manage to understand the plotline. What your teacher or professor expects from you is to see between the lines — to identify the theme, symbolism, motifs of the story. It is great if you are able to find all of those major elements of the fiction piece but for your essay you must concentrate only on one of them. You will have to confirm your choice in the thesis statement (which appears at the end of the introductory paragraph). For example, “the main theme of A Streetcar named desire is relationship between men and women.” In this case every paragraph of the body of your essay will have to support this idea by giving examples from the story.

Every work of fiction has many themes, symbols and motifs and every reader perceives them in his own unique way. Therefore don’t be afraid to pick a wrong theme for your essay. Your choice will tell the reader of your essay as much about you, as about the story itself. From the below reading you will be able to learn enough information to compose your own literary analysis essay on A Streetcar Named Desire but for more extensive information about characters and plot read this article.


A Streetcar Named Desire is a play by an American playwright Tennessee Williams.  It was written and set on stage for the first time in 1947. It had great success both in the USA and in Great Britain and subsequently was made into a movie. It tells a story of Blanche DuBois, who after losing her family’s estate Belle Reve comes to live with her sister Stella in New Orleans. Stella is married to a working man named Stanley Kowalski and is expecting to have a baby from him. Blanche is shocked by their apartment and the conditions they live in and constantly expresses her dislike toward Stanley calling him rude and common. Stella tries to convince her that they are happy together. Blanche tells her sister that she temporarily had to leave her teaching position because she was so upset about the loss of the house. Later Blanche meets one of Stanley’s friends Mitch, who is gentler and more courteous than Stanley and the rest of his buddies. A romantic relationship develops between them during which Blanche convinces Mitch of her conservative views and her naiveté. But Stanley who also took dislike to Blanche ruins their romance by telling everyone the truth about her. He had discovered that she was dismissed from her job because of getting into intimate relations with one of the pupils and that she had gained a very bad reputation in her home city because of her promiscuous behavior. Stella refuses to believe in this but Mitch confronts Blanche and despite her begging for forgiveness he leaves her. Closer to the end of the story when Stella goes to the hospital to have a baby, Blanche and Stanley stay alone in the apartment. They have another fight and it is implied that he rapes Blanche what leads to her psychotic meltdown. She falls even deeper into her fantasy world and delusions about a millionaire who is going to take her for overseas vacation. At the last scene a doctor and a nurse arrive to take Blanche to a mental institution.        

Reality vs. Fantasy

The opposition between reality and fantasy is one of the main themes of the play. Blanche is the main object of this opposition. It is expressed in her desire to take her fantasies for reality. She is constant denial about her real age. For example in the scene where Mitch confronts her about her lies, he asks her why she never meets him during the day and only appears under dim light. She also uses alcohol as way of escaping the reality. She keeps drinking secretly but tells everyone that she rarely has more than one drink. Her real state of things — ruined reputation, loss of house and money — is in sharp contrast with her idea of herself. She thinks herself superior to the rest of the people who surround her and to the place where she has to live, saying that she is trapped there and cannot wait to get out, when in reality she has nowhere to go.

Women dependence on man

The other theme of the play is women dependence on man. In case of Stella it is expressed in her life with Stanley, who is often rude and violent toward her but she needs him to survive. While Blanche despises Stanley and tries to save her sister from him, she does not imagine her way out of the problems without the man’s help. At first she relies on Mitch to marry her but when the plan fails she submerges into her fantasy world expecting a millionaire to take her away from that horrible place.

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If you need to compose a literary analysis essay on the famous play A Streetcar Named Desire then the above information should be useful for you. We discussed some elements of writing literary analysis essay and basic information about the play — the summary and main themes. It must help you to plan your own essay. In case you have troubles with finding time for writing, you might need to work a bit more on your time-management, then this article has some helpful advices for you. Before you outline your essay read this article, which will teach you in more detail about structure of the essay. But you also can always rely on our assistance in writing and editing your academic papers; don’t hesitate to write to us here.