Essay on Cheating: How to Get off Scot-Free


Is cheating good or bad? This is another philosophical question that cannot be answered immediately and unequivocally. While students all over the world decide for themselves whether they should cheat or not, Big Essay Writer will share with you several life hacks how to do it right in order to get off scot-free because apart from offering PhD editing service, we also publish helpful tips on our website. Even though we do not encourage academic cheating, for us it is not a matter of your morals, but rather your attitude to time. If you think that one of your subjects is tedious and not worth spending efforts on it, this essay on cheating will help you nevertheless get a good grade.

Behave yourself

Many cheaters get punished only because they fail to look ordinarily. It is of a paramount importance to look as if nothing happens. Do not be nervous, do not cast regular glances at your teacher, do not shift too much on your seat. Your moves must be slow and confident; if you feel the need to look around the classroom, pretend that you try to remember something, but do not stare at one place for more than 10 seconds. It looks extremely suspicious when your first glance from your test paper comes straight to your teacher, so try to catch him or her only with your side vision.

Another vital thing is that you should not attempt anything while your teacher is behind you. The best tip you can learn about studying at college from essays available on the Internet is that cheating must be inconspicuous. It presupposes waiting for the right moment. Every essay about cheating in school will tell you that the time when the teacher is somewhere behind you is the most dangerous as you cannot be sure in what direction the teacher is looking. And the best opportunity, on the contrary, presents itself when your teacher starts walking forward. Once he or she passes your seat, and you can see the back of your teacher, it is your chance. But do not make much noise, which may attract unnecessary attention and make the teacher turn around.

As soon as the test is over, make sure that you get rid of every evidence of your mischief (this tip is for cheaters who use crib sheets). The risk is that your teacher will find it even after the test, and you will still get punished. Ask to go out after you hand in your paper; take your cribs with you and flush them down the toilet. Leaving them in a dustbin is too risky. Destroying them completely is exactly what you need.

Practical tips

Now we have come to the most interesting part of this academic cheating essay. In what ways exactly can you manage to succeed in your test? If old-school cribs on small sheets of paper are not for you, and you want something more sophisticated and less telltale, try out one of the next options.

Scratch your notes on a plastic surface – such as a ruler or a plastic folder. You can do it with a pair of compasses or a thumbtack. Notes made in this way will be visible only from a certain angle, which minimizes your risk of being caught. This life hack will be extremely helpful during having a math test or taking a physics exam with minimal preparation, but only when you need a ruler for work. Pretend that you use the tool, and while keeping it in your hands, read and copy everything you need. If you can manage to put the object on the desk in a way to see your notes without taking the object in your hands, you can consider yourself a god of cheating.

You will need a rubber bracelet for another cheating method. Stretch it out and write formulas or other hints for yourself on the outer side. When the accessory comes to the normal size again, the handwriting will get squeezed. It will look like a peculiar pattern, but not like notes for cheating. All you will have to do is to wait while your teacher looks in a different direction from where you seat and stretch the bracelet out to see the notes. Even if you get caught, you can always tell them that you cannot help but fidget with your bracelet when you get nervous. Only avoid demonstrating the process, otherwise they will see the hidden message!

The next tip is to pretend you have caught a cold. In this case you will need a tissue that you should carefully prepare beforehand. This tissue will contain all the information you need, written in small, pale letters (a pencil will do perfectly; only do not press in too much to avoid making holes in the tissue). Put the extravagant crib in your pocket and take it out in the middle of the test. Pretend that you blow your nose, but actually look at the tissue and memorize what you need to write down in your test. If that time is not enough, leave the tissue on the desk afterwards in a way you can see the writing. When the teacher comes dangerously close to you, take the tissue and blow your nose once again, and then return it on the desk, but this time with the notes facing down. Do not overact; you do not want to be sent to the nurse.

The last piece of advice

Essays on cheating can give you one more valuable tip: try not to make your paper perfect, especially when you are not among the best students. It will arouse unnecessary suspicion, and next time your chances to cheat successfully will become much slimmer due to your teacher’s constant attention.

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To sum it up, if you decided to cheat during a test, you should be prepared: in this case not for the test itself, but for the cheating process. Teachers are extremely good at identifying cheaters, that is why you should behave ordinarily: do not fidget too much and avoid looking at your teacher every minute or two. Cheating essays can provide you with a lot of working techniques, such as writing cribs on plastic surfaces, rubber bracelets or tissues. We wish you good luck in your tests and are waiting for your essay orders, placing which you will make your life less stressful and more enjoyable. And keep in mind that in this case you will never get caught!