Essay On Discrimination: Its Forms And Causes


Everyone has heard about discrimination issue. Some people discriminates others consciously, some unconsciously. You can discriminate someone without even knowing what you are doing. So we want to tell you more about discrimination and its types, so that you are careful with what you say or do.

Discrimination traditionally means infringement of the rights and duties of man on any particular grounds. Despite the fact that the system of values and beliefs of modern man is characterized by openness, various forms of discrimination remain one of the most urgent problems for the international community. In some cases, discrimination may exist de facto (unofficial), and in some cases may be fixed by law.

Forms of discrimination

There are the following forms of discrimination:

Racial discrimination. It is one of the most widespread forms of discrimination, when the superiority of one man over another is determined by the nationality. Theories of racial discrimination were used in practice for many times as a state policy. Any racial discrimination essay can give you comprehensive information on this issue. Today, racial discrimination in many countries can be expressed in the crimes committed against ethnic minorities.

Gender discrimination. Most often, such discrimination is related to the non-admission of women to certain kinds of work because of their physiological characteristics.

Age discrimination. It is also connected with the labor market, when the employees to the number of specialties are selected on base of the age criterion. Look for age discrimination essay for more details.

Religious discrimination. This form of discrimination involves the infringement of the rights of one or another religion in the territory of a country. This issue is very extensive so it can be the basis for religious discrimination essay writing.

All these forms of discrimination unfortunately are very widespread. The international organizations take certain measures to prevent the spread of all forms of discrimination. There is an issue of so-called “positive discrimination”, it means that those, whose rights were abused previously, now are given some additional rights. Nevertheless one of the most effective tools in regulation of all discrimination forms is considered to be normative documents. The Council of Europe actively uses such a tool, considering that all forms of discrimination is violation of the rights of any person and that they contradict the common European system of values. Measures taken by the Council of Europe also includes creation of a specialized committee ECRI, that deals with issues of racial discrimination. In addition, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe discusses the issues of religious discrimination and discrimination against sexual minorities during the meetings.

Discrimination in the labor field

Have you ever experienced or just heard about such a situation: you are looking through the job vacancies on the Internet on some popular workhouse site, and suddenly you see the one that makes you interested and you start reading. You are reading the demands and responsibilities and you understand that you could perfectly do this job, because you have an appropriate education, work experience in this field, you know foreign language, special computer programs, you have driver license and so on. You have everything needed for the job. But there is a “but”: it is mentioned that company requires a man, and you are a woman. You send your CV hoping for your luck, but you get refusal…

“This is discrimination!” – you resent. And you are absolutely right. Most of people understand and use this word towards racial discrimination; however, this phenomenon is also present in the field of labor relations.

Of course officially there is no discrimination in most of countries of the world. But it is officially only. In fact most of job vacancies are suitable only for the 23-25-year-old specialists, who have certain knowledge (and have Bachelor degree at least). But what, for example, should do a school graduate who wants to work and who has just entered University? Some of the physically developed young people start working at the construction, while others – in the service sector, women often work as sellers ... Agree, it is not huge but still experience. Anyway it is better than idly wander from house to house with a bottle of beer.

Infringement of the rights can be practically on any ground, including gender as well. It would seem, what is the difference, who will occupy the vacant position: a man or a woman. Of course, men and women have certain abilities inherent by their nature (for example, traditionally women are considered to be more sociable, careful, men – persistent, good businessmen), but the “exceptions” to the rule have not been canceled. Besides in most of cases it does not matter who do the job in offices. In some productions it still plays a role, but everyone can cope with making “cold calls” or moderating the site (with appropriate knowledge, of course).

Discrimination can be classified in different ways: for example, on the field in which it appears (housing, employment, access to goods or services, etc.), or on the basis of defining the group that suffers from discrimination (age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, views, economic or legal status), etc.

Speaking about discrimination in the work field, it should be noted that this kind arises both because of the objective (reduction in labor costs as a way to reduce the expenses of the enterprise) as well as due to the subjective (the prejudices of the employer) causes.

What should we do?

However, you will agree that a natural question arises: is it possible to protect yourself against discrimination on the labor market? It is hard to answer. The researchers suggest to improve anti-discrimination legislation and to strengthen the monitoring of its implementation, as well as create new structures, which will control its execution.

But whether these measures help, only time will tell.

Antidiscrimination policy at the international level

The UN and many other international organizations are struggling with various forms of discrimination. In particular, there are special international days – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, International Migrants Day, International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

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