Essay On Drinking And Driving: Road To Nowhere


An average citizen doesn’t know the statistics of death rate, which is caused by driving in a drunken state. Various national programs and campaigns have the only aim: to make people understand all the gravity of the situation, which they provoke while taking to the wheel with the increased level of alcohol in blood. Before to start working at my drunk driving essay, I studied the Internet thoroughly and the data, which had been found, made my hair stand on ends: every day, nearly 30 Americans die in the accidents, which are inflicted by the alcohol-impaired drivers. More than 1,2 million people all over the world die annually. Such statistics is really terrifying and if all the necessary prevention measures aren’t taken, the world will roll into the abyss.

I think that it is necessary to talk about the problems with drinking alcohol as often as possible. The reporters should inform about all the fatal cases, which are provoked by alcohol; the teachers should remind children about the harm, which alcohol causes, daily; the parents should do the same and moreover, they should show the proper behavior and healthy lifestyle to their kids. As to the students, they should be involved in the process of making our lives free from the ardent drinks too. They should be given the tasks to reflect on the topics, which are connected with the alcohol, look for the awful statistics of deaths, which drinking causes, and compose various drunk driving essays, underage drinking essays, and many other papers on the related topics. What are the topics, which should be covered on a first-priority basis? My drinking and driving essay will give you some good ideas. Keep on reading!

Underage Drinking Essay

Underage drinking is not just a family problem. It has already become of the nationwide dimensions, because the statistics, which is prepared by the American scientists, shows the terrible facts. Every year more than 4,000 adolescents under age of 21 die and in all these cases the deaths are caused by alcohol.

  • More than 1,500 die in car accidents;
  • nearly 1,300 fie from homicides;
  • nearly 250 die from poisoning and fatalities;
  • nearly 500 die from committing the suicides.

American law doesn’t let people, who are younger than 21, drink and buy alcohol at all, though the statistics shows that children from the age of 12 to 20 drink more than 10% of ardent drinks, which consumed in the USA.

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Drinking Age Essay

Argumentative essay on drinking age may also help you to score a success. When a child reaches the certain age line, he is allowed to buy and drink alcohol on legal grounds. Each country of the world has its own view of life and the drinking age may differ according to the certain factors. Some of countries let their citizens start drinking at the age of 16, while others ban consuming alcohol at all. The drinking age in the USA is 21, though President Obama has already signed the act, which can make this age lower. Is it right to start letting children drink from the age of 18 or not? What are the arguments which made President take such a risky decision? You may tell about all pros and cons of such a decision in your lowering the drinking age to 18 essay. If this task is a bit difficult for you, the professional writing service is able to help you.

Teenage Drinking Essay

Try to discuss the reasons and the consequences of teen drinking. Why are children so careless and don’t think about their health and life at all? What are the main motives, which make them take a bottle in their hands and put it into the mouth then? The numerous psychological magazines tell that children try to show their independence in such a way, experience new emotions, and simply become a bit more relaxed to communicate with the peers easier. The statistics shows that in 2013 nearly 95% of teens at the age of 12 – 14 drank alcohol. A reasonable question comes to mind: where could they get the alcoholic drinks if they were not able to buy it because of the operation of the law? The answer is simple:

  • they were helped to find alcohol by the relatives;
  • they found it at home;
  • the careless salesmen sold them alcohol without asking to show their passports.

The consequences of drinking in such a young age may be harmful and ruin some lives forever. Children, who start drinking at the age of 15 or earlier, are more addiction-prone. Besides, they may get problems:

  • at school;
  • with the law;
  • with health;
  • sexual activity;
  • unwanted pregnancy;
  • car accidents;
  • with memory and mental activity.

Nobody should forget about getting involved into various illegal acts, using drugs, and committing awful crimes under the influence of alcohol.

Of course, nobody is able to forbid people not to drink and even if the government does this, there will always be some persons, who will break the law. If drinking alcohol can’t be banned and rooted out from the people’ minds, each of us should take the certain measures to make the risks for people around fewer.

How to prevent the development of alcoholism and make children not start drinking? The task to bring up the healthy generation belongs to both the teachers and the parents, who are able to cooperate and explain the kids about the influence of alcohol on their health, their lives, and future achievements. The statistics shows that those children, the parents of whom play the active role in their lives and whose parents don’t drink alcohol at all, are not predisposed to alcohol dependence. Dear parents! Please, make the necessary conclusions and don’t let your children spoil their lives!

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