Essay on Honor: Definitions and Examples


The notion of honor nowadays differs greatly from what it used to be in the past. It concerns mostly men. Wars and deaths were results of someone’s desire to revenge for hurt honor. This topic is rather interesting. To make it clear, we would like to show you several examples of honor in literature. You will read about your favorite characters, and the way they settle the point of honor. Even if you have not known about the book and main heroes that we are going to discuss, we are sure you would like to know about them better later.

Do you know what is honor? In the honor definition essay we have to figure out what people say about honor nowadays. Remember that someone will never find a single explanation of the idea. All people will speak about the same thing in other way. It depends on one’s age and experience. But sometimes a 6 year old child may say about serious matters more than an old gentleman.

Honor is the complex of such qualities as faithfulness, justice, truthfulness, generosity, dignity, and forgiveness.

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1. Honor is the element that gives someone respect. It makes other people look at you. For example, soldiers are always welcomed with applause, with deep respect and with a smile on a face. Imagine how Olympic champions return home with awards. Hundreds of people meet them at the airport. The whole country is proud to have such honored people.

2. Honor is not something big. It is not a perfect thing. When a man gives a sit to an old lady or to anybody else, it is also a deed of honor. It is essential to know how to show honor.

3. Honor is the aspect that gives you strength to forgive others. A husband saw his wife with another man. He knew their relationships lasted enough time. Suddenly the wife understands she is doing wrong and repents of what she has done. Her husband’s heart hurts, but he makes a decision to forgive and start everything from the beginning.

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4. Honor is the way of how people act. It is about their values. Are you ready to give a hug to someone whom you do not know but he needs it? Honor is the way of treating other people. Not only family members but all around.

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5. Honor also means to be courageous. Remember Rosa Parks. She said “No” to suppression and started the movement. Honor makes people to do right things. It fills someone with strength to fight.

6. Dedication is the evidence of honor. A person spend his time on doing something important. Think about an athlete who is practicing in order to become the winner of a race. Our team has dedicated its life to help others. We offer cheap essay paper buying.

7. Justice is the element of honor which was common in the past. It usually touched a duel topic. Those men who were hugely disappointed by someone’s treatment could easily solve the problem by challenging an opponent to a duel.

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These are the definitions with short examples of what is honor. Average people say about this notion such simple words. Everyone can face cruelty, rudeness, and vulgarity. It is up to you how to act in such situation. Remember these qualities of honor. We think that everyone must have them. If people have at least two of these qualities, the world will become better.

Examples of Honor in Greek Mythology

In most cases one can read about deeds of honor in Greek literature. Let us pay special attention to this topic in the paper. It is the simplest way to explain clearly what is honor, and what is an act in the name of honor. We will remember you a myth about Paris and Elena.

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Peleus and Thetis had a wedding. All gods of Olympus were invited. The ceremony was charming. Guests were pleased and happy. Zeus’ daughter young goddesses Artemis and goddess of war Athena captivated everyone with their beauty. All gods both evil and good were dancing. Goddess of discord was forsaken. Nobody had invited her. Her name was Eris. She was angry. Eris decided to spoil the feast. She took a gold apple from distant gardens. On the apple there was an inscription, “For the one who is the finest.” Eris came up to the wedding table and left it there.

Gods soon saw the apple. Who is worthy to take it? The most charming goddesses the daughter of Zeus Athena, his wife Hera, and young Aphrodite argued about the apple. Nobody wanted to share a reward. Then Zeus took the apple and gave it to Hermes. He made him to escort three deities to the one who would make a decision. Paris was bound to do that.

Paris was confused unless every goddess began to promise him a big reward. Aphrodite told the man that the finest mortal woman would become his wife. Elena was her name. So, the precious apple was given to Aphrodite.

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Elena at that time was married. She by herself had chosen a husband. Menelaus, that is how her husband was called, loved his wife. When Paris came to Sparta where Elena lived, he saw beautiful woman. Goddess Aphrodite helped him to talked Elena into coming with him to Troy.

Menelaus was deceived. His honor was hurt. Now he had to act in reply. That was a big outrage. Elena was his wife and his closest person. Menelaus opened the door of his house to Paris, he pleased him with nice food and sweet drinks. In reward for that Paris stole his wife. Menelaus knew there was only one way. He started a war. Menelaus did it in the name of honor. People used to think that the shame ought to be washed. They never lived such a case unfinished. So, it was a logical continuation of the story. The college essay help online informs you that it can write many additional information about the myth specially for you.

As somebody probably knows, Troy was destroyed. This story is a good example. We hope it was plainly described. Greek myths have many similar cases. Actually almost all Greek mythology is about honor. One can read about Odysseus. This hero committed many acts for the sake of honor. He had to abandon his farm and home. Find time to read about him.

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