Essay On India: Inside Out


Various spicy smells, which can’t leave cold even the most demandable tourists, are able to awake the appetite. The giant elephants, which have big hearts, smart brains, and measureless kindness inside them, are able to take you far away from you habitual lifestyle and concrete jungles, from which you’ve come to India. They will definitely immerse you into the fancy atmosphere, which seemed to be so far from you. The Indian women, who are wearing colorful sari, are able to change you vision of the world forever. India is still one of the most spectacular places on the planet, which attracts people to know it closer.

Essay for India can be interesting and bright as India itself. Just let yourself sink into this colored world and soon you will notice that you have no desire to come to the surface. A lot of papers on any Indian topics are brought to your attention and you have a perfect right to choose one, which you like most of all.

Incredible India

India is a wonderful country, which attracts millions of tourists annually. More than 20 million people from various countries of the world visited India in 2012. The index is really super high and if to compare it with the previous several years, it has become 30% higher. India is able to compete for its leadership with Turkey and Egypt, which are considered to be the most adorable resorts for relaxation and getting some new emotions.

The Indian Ministry of Tourism started a perfect campaign in 2002, which was given a name ‘Incredible India’ and which had an aim to attract as more tourists to these marvelous tropics as possible. The incredible India essay will be able to tell about not only the well-known Taj Mahal, the sacred river of the Hindus, which is called the Ganges, the pavilions of Bollywood, where all the fans of the Indian movie can enjoy the places of their favorite romantic scenes, and luxurious Buddhist Temples. It will tell you about the most shocking natural phenomena, which can be seen in India only. If you got interested, don’t waste your time and buy such a paper for yourself at

Day of Independence

Not everybody knows that India was under the British reign for a long period of time. Its rebirth happened on August 15, 1947. Since that time Indians celebrate this holiday every August and this even is extremely important for them. How do they do this? The flag-hoisting is the main ceremony of this day, which is held all over the Republic of India. All the government institutions’ buildings, all the buildings of private companies, people’ cars, clothes and the streets are decorated with the Indian national flag. The flag is the main symbol of the Indian unity, which shows that all the inhabitants of this giant republic are happy to feel free. It is essay on Independence Day of India that is able to describe you all the beauty of the country, which becomes even more splendid on August 15.

National Symbol

The essay on national flag of India is able to tell you more about this sacred symbol, though the main info can be given right now. The Indian flag consists of three horizontal lines, which are of saffron, white and green colors. The central white part has Ashoka Chakra, or the Wheel of Law. The top color of the flag symbolizes courage and the unity of people of different religions. The white one represents peace, cleanliness, honesty and knowledge. The green color of the lowest part shows that India is a prosperous and a happy country and that it is protected by its government leaders from any evil.

On July 22, 1947 this shape of the flag was adopted as the official one.

The More the Merrier

India is a country, which is full of extremities, or better to say of superlative degrees. The spices of India are the most piquant and hottest throughout the world; the colors of India are the brightest and there can hardly be found any other place, where there are so many various tones and semitones per square meter. The next extremity, which distinguishes India, is its population density, which makes this country take one of the main places in the list of the most densely populated areas. On May 13, 2016, its total population was nearly 1,3 billion people. Can you imagine that it is almost 18% of the whole world population? An essay on population in India has so much new facts that you will be amazed even more soon.

Developing or Developed?

The question whether India is still a developing country or it can be said that the main stages of its development have already been finished, causes very many arguments. The fact that India is still a very corrupted country can’t make it become a civilized and a well developed region, which is comfortable for people’ living. Corruption poisons the lives of honest people, a number of which is still high enough.

One more extremity of India is observed while talking about the living standards of its population. The Indian society is split into the super rich citizens and super poor ones, who live below the poverty line and have no money even for the common needs. Illiteracy, which is also a big problem for India, and the super littered streets are the aspects, which don’t let India come to the top, though it has all the important pre-conditions for its growth. An India is a developing country essay can mention more facts, which are needed to make you believe the info, which is placed above.

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