Essay Template on Environmental Issues


Essay Template on Environmental Issues

All essays, no matter what type — argumentative, descriptive or personal, have similar structure. In this post, taking one college essay template as an example, we will review the main building blocks of the persuasive essay template about climate change. For organizing your own persuasive essay template you can use this free example of college essay template.  If you don’t have time to write one by yourself simply place your order here and our professional writers will complete it within twelve hours.  But if you have already written your persuasive essay template our editors can fix and polish it for you, just read this post to find out how they can help you. In the following post you can see an example of college essay template on environmental issue and learn how to organize your own.

You will not lose if you choose classic 5 paragraphs template for your essay. We will discuss each paragraph in detail, with a sample paragraph applied to every one of them. 

Introduction Paragraph. This is the most important paragraph because on it depends whether your reader will want to continue to read. It creates the first impression that will affect the way the reader perceives the rest of your essay. The beginning part of your introduction paragraph must include the hook — an intriguing appealing statement or question that must inspire your reader to go on. After the hook comes the essence of your essay — the thesis statement. The thesis in a concise and comprehensive manner must express your point of view concerning the topic of your essay. It is a good rule to end all of your paragraphs with a transition, and the introductory paragraph will not be an exception. For a smooth transition between paragraphs you can shortly in few words preview what is coming in the next one. Below see an example of the introductory paragraph of the essay about connection between meat consumption and global warming.

“The majority of people believe that they have no power in curbing the climate change. Most of us think that it is big corporations and high government officials that really have some influence on this matter. The big factories pollute the environment while small ordinary people just suffer from the negative consequences. But in fact it is not fully true. The factories do pollute the environment but every one of us also puts his coin in the jar of global warming every day. How do we do it? The answer is simple and complex at once — by consuming meat. Our meat consumption has a devastating effect on the Earth wellbeing. This thesis can be supported by the results of scientific researches and environmental studies.”

Body Paragraph 1. It will be the most profitable for your essay and your future grade if you use three body paragraphs. Each body paragraph equals to one point that supports your thesis statement. First body paragraph must include your strongest point. Begin by stating it and continue with some examples and explanation. Closer to the end of the paragraph you have to tie the point with the thesis statement, to show how it supports your opinion that you stated in the introduction. End the paragraph with transition. If you chose to write your essay about the influence of factory farming on the environment you can go to PETA website for more information. Here is an example of the first body paragraph.

“Animal agriculture leads to deforestation. Every year the planet loses more and more layers of green because of the expansion of lands, which are used for pastures and growing crops to feed the livestock. After the land gets exhausted the factory-farms move to another patch of green leaving behind empty dead soil that will not be able to grow anything for many years to come. The destruction of forests means the loss of natural habitat for many endangered species. The deforestation for the sake of animal agriculture causes the thinning of the protective ozone layer, which directly leads to the global warming. But our hunger for meat not only strips the planet of its green and that problem will be the subject of our next point.”

Body Paragraph 2. This paragraph has the same structure as the first body paragraph except that it contains the weakest point of your argument. The example is below.

“Meat consumption exhausts the scarce water resources of the planet. The incredible amount of water is used every day for watering crops to feed the stock, to clean the filth in factory farms. One cow used for milk can drink up to 200 liters of water per day. It means that to get 4 liters of milk we spend 2 500 liters of water. Plus the tons of water used for crops that feed the livestock. It is atrocious amounts of wasted liquid in the times when water supplies get scarcer every day. This way our love of beefsteak turns our planet into the resemblance of the Mars.  But drastic water shortage is not the last problem that meat consumption causes.”

Body Paragraph 3. Repeat the same action as in two previous steps but this time applying the 2nd strongest point. See the example below.

“Animal agriculture is a direct source of greenhouse gases. It might sound like a joke but the global factory farming industry emits more greenhouse gases than all automobiles, airplanes and other kinds of transport combined.  Animal agriculture contributes to the global warming the same way the burning of fossil fuels does. It turns out that cattle animals like cow and sheep during the digestive processes in their stomachs produce methane — the greenhouse gas that is 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. And since the greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming it means that our obsessive meat consumption just worsens already grave state of the climate.”

Conclusion Paragraph. This is the last part of your essay. First you will need to restate your thesis, but using different words. After that shortly repeat all the points you made in the body of the essay and the way they tie up to the thesis. The last few sentences are up to you. You can end your essay with a question or a statement. But as well as the hook in the first paragraph it has to appeal to your reader, not to leave him indifferent, but to inspire him to pick a side in the argument or take an action. After you finished your essay it is best if a good experienced editor can take a look at it, because even the greatest writers can sometimes oversee some grammatical errors or misspellings. The example of the conclusion paragraph is below.

“The growing consumption of meat and dairy products is one of the main sources of environmental problems. It stands of the same level with burning of fossil fuels and factory pollutions. Animal agriculture leads to deforestation, exhaust scarce water supplies and produces greenhouse gas, which all in their turn directly lead to the problem global warming. Our meat consumption devastates the planet. The humanity can either choose to take action and reduce the amount of mean they eat, or fall the victims of their stomachs.”

Do you agree with the position of the author of the essay? Let us know you opinion by writing to us here. If you don’t know what subject to choose for your essay check out this post, which can give you some ideas about a good topic. If you are interested in the subject of climate change and global warming than this article might be of some aid to you.