Gay Marriage Essay. Pros and Cons


Gay marriage is already a reality. Is it a mockery of nature or way of expression? At the moment marriages between persons of the same sex are recognized in 11 countries: Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and South Africa, and also in some States of Brazil, Mexico and the United States.  In this argumentative essay on gay marriage, I will try to understand is it normal or not? This is a pretty hot topic, but not everyone can write such an essay. But coursework writers will do it for you perfectly. Ask these professionals to help you.

Before writing my essay on gay marriage I have to determine the attitude toward homosexuality in general. Modern science and, in particular, sexology, agree that homosexuality is not a disease and not a deviation, but this is one of the forms of a person's sexual orientation that is an equivalent of heterosexuality and bisexuality. It is impossible to "catch", it is not connected neither with the sex nor with gender, and is not caused by upbringing and environment, but by genetics and characteristics of biological development, including the influence of hormonal factors. The exception is situational homosexuality when same-sex relationships are based not on sexual preference, but of necessity, for example, man or woman spend a long time in a single sex environment where there is simply no partner of the opposite sex. Let’s do the pros and cons in this gay marriage persuasive essay. And our services have enough material on different issues so we can do the best paper for you.


We all know that not so long ago, the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision that there is no difference between traditional and same-sex families, and has declared that gay marriage a fundamental human right.  By the way you can find more interesting information about it in same-sex marriages essay. Americans argued for the legalization of gay marriage in the United States and praised the decision to legalize fully gay marriage as a progressive step towards greater freedom.

  1. The first argument of this pro-gay marriage essay is that it is normal. The norm here is largely determined by culture, rather than innate human nature. Throughout the history of our species and in different societies the institution of the family has taken the features that would have seemed appalling and immoral. For example, many of the modern peoples of Oceania and Africa have such type of family, where the child is raised not by a father (who usually doesn't even live with child’s mother), but by an uncle of the child who lives together with children’s mother. Other peoples of America, Asia, Oceania and Africa had the tradition to marry simultaneously several sisters. Marriages, which we would call incestuous also not so rare.
  2.  Harmony in the relationship. Psychologist Gregory Herek, analyzing the examples of dozens of couples ‒ homosexual and heterosexual and came to the conclusion that basic psychological characteristics are quite similar: both partners there and here have to each other the same set of emotions. The orientation doesn’t affect on the partners and their ability to create harmonious emotional space.
  3. The new reality. The change of society is not a reversible process. Everything changes and, perhaps, it is a step toward a new round of development. Marriages were invented too.
  4. Experiments. The legalization of same-sex unions it is an experiment with unknown consequences.
  5. Conjugal rights. Why do gays need marriage? In particular, the marriage gives them the right to joint property, alimony, inheritance, insurance, preferential taxation and crediting, the right to a name, the right not to testify in court against a spouse, the right to act as trustee on behalf of the spouse in case of disability, to dispose of the body of the spouse in the event of death, jointly adopt and raise children and so on.


  1. There are traditions. Throughout human history and virtually in all civilizations, marriage has always been a union between a man and a woman. So as a union between a man and a woman has always been the foundation of human society and guarantee its continuation, the government has decided to put it under special protection in order to ensure its prosperity and stability. Society has always put a lot of emphasis on this alliance, protecting it by law and tradition. The fact that this principle has existed for years, means that it has a huge meaning. People who lived in old times were far from stupid. If today we say that we do not accept this truth, we arrogantly dismiss the accumulated wisdom of thousands of years.
  2. There is the lack of the opposite sex in education. For the harmonious education of children, they need parents of both sexes. Otherwise, the children will have the shift in worldview to one side. The traditional family is the best place for raising children. Social studies showed that the traditional family leads to better results in the upbringing of children and gives to children a special “social benefits”. These families direct a sexual relationship between husband and wife in such a way that it brings a huge benefit to family members and society as a whole.
  3. Children in same-sex families feel uncomfortable. Supporters of gay marriage often obstreperous from the question, how comfortable it will be for children in such marriage. Unfortunately, they can be discriminated by this form. Do you know the types of discrimination? Essays on discrimination describe in detail this problem.
  4. Same-sex intimate relationships lead to deadly diseases. For anybody today it is not a secret that the homosexual lifestyle has the main enemy, the fear that accompanies everyone who gets stuck in this way of life. This enemy is AIDS and various venereal diseases which pursue ruthlessly all those who are involved in this lifestyle. In September 2010, The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that is part of the government structure and is under the Ministry of the Health of the United States which is located in Atlanta, gave the official statistics regarding the state of health of homosexuals in the United States. Despite the fact that only 4% of the male population in the United States includes homosexual contact, they account more than 50% of patients with AIDS among the entire population of the United States. This suggests that homosexuals have a greater chance of getting AIDS. In this case, it is important to take into account that many others simply don't know that they are sick with the disease. This statistic is tragic and I just want to warn people in my against gay marriage essay!
  5. There is no protection from propaganda. Under legalization, there will be a lot of talks and will be unwitting propaganda in schools and on television. If homosexual unions will get the legal status of marriage, the school will be obliged to teach children that homosexual relations are morally acceptable.

My position on this issue is that we should be loyal. Everyone chooses his own path in life, and whatever person would choose, unless it prevents to society, we have to support. Everyone should define his attitude to this question by himself. I hope that my gay marriage argumentative essay will predispose people to the right conclusion.