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Whom do you consider the best fortuneteller? Nostradamus? Vanga? Or maybe George Orwell? Today we can objectively evaluate his predictions.  His dystopia "1984" was published in 1949 and, unfortunately, some of his dreadful forecasts are still present in our contemporary world.  Therefore, the task to write an essay on this writer is very popular at the colleges and universities. You can investigate this issue on your own or order a paper on our site providing professional custom writing service. The brave character and the unordinary destiny of this writer are worth learning. He was the one who spoke openly about the doublethink principles and the paradoxes of his time. His creativity is imbued with the awareness of social discrimination, opposition to the totalitarian regime and commitment to the democratic equality. Orwell is one of the admirable writers, whose books are still popular. Nowadays he is even more well-known than in his lifetime. Fortunately, the modern progressive governments reject the totalitarian regimes. The democratic principles imply the freedom of thought. Therefore, Orwell’s books are not forbidden anymore. The eternal issues and bright images, described in his masterpieces, attract the readers all over the world. Apparently, this author wins the hearts and minds of our contemporaries. Don’t hesitate to take up this challenge – write a paper on George Orwell. If you are not sure about your grammar, order online essay proofreading services on our site.

George Orwell essay - tips on writing his biography

Looking for the facts from this writer’s biography you will face a lot of dubious information.  Some facts can seem controversial to you. He was an enemy for the totalitarian governments due to his ideas and thoughts.  Yet, he was suspected in connection with communists. The debates around his personality testify to the boldness of this writer. Some facts had been hidden, some of them could be invented. However, our team providing custom college essay writing services has selected only confirmed data for you.

  1. George Orwell is a pseudonym. The real name of the writer is Eric Arthur Blair.
  2. The writer’s homeland is India still he spent his entire adult life in Europe. Orwell grew up in an authoritarian family. His father was the official, who controlled the production of opium in India.
  3. When George lived in France, he earned a living by washing dishes in the restaurants.
  4. His favorite genres were fiction, politics, and journalism. He is famous for his dystopian novels, essays, articles, and critique.
  5. George Orwell is the author of the term “cold war” firstly used in 1945.
  6. The author didn’t plan to write a novel “1984” as a description of the Soviet Union. The dystopia was conceived as a collective image of the over-totalitarian regime. The truth is that the Soviet Union had the most suitable political system for this plot at that time.
  7. J. Orwell was a democrat. He spoke out against totalitarianism, tyranny, and despotism.
  8. The writer was married twice. His first wife Eileen O'Shaughnessy died in 1945. However, the family managed to adopt a boy Richard Horatio. Sonia Brownell became the part of the writer’s family in 1949.
  9. There is a statue of Orwell near the entrance to BBC Broadcasting House. However, the torture room #101 in the Ministry of Love, mentioned in “1984”, got its name due to the real conference hall with the same number in the premises of BBC.
  10. The prototype of his phrase “two times two equals five” was a Soviet slogan “Make the five-year plan in four years.”
  11. Orwell had never been to the Soviet Union. However, he devoted a lot of books to this country.

What do you think looking at George Orwell’s portrait? The students often receive the task to describe this writer while studying Literature. One can collect the information about George Orwell from the official sources of information or order a profound UK essay on our site. Don’t ignore this assignment, as it is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with an exceptional person. His strong, desperate transparent character will impress you definitely. His books vividly demonstrate the writer’s ideas and views on life. 

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Don’t forget to mention the following features of the writer while characterizing his personality.

  • The main thing, Orwell believed in, was the verity without any compromises. He didn’t consider any middle tones The writer appreciated the truth and the proven facts. He despised nationalism and populism that used the feelings of offense and revenge.
  • Orwell considered the pacifism to be a privilege, a part of fascism.
  •  He wasn’t afraid of the difficulties. He had a very severe school of life, being a soldier and a beggar. He had experience living in rough conditions. The writer preferred an ascetic lifestyle, spending his last years on the island Jura. He used candles instead of the electricity and made the furniture on his own.
  • He promoted the ideas of equality and justice Orwell tested the poverty on his own, living in the slums. He viewed the basic human decency as the essential condition for a cultured civilization.
  • His life was full of contradictions. He fought for the certain ideals and social regime, yet he was disappointed in many of them. Orwell took part in the Civil War in Spain. He represented the communist party of this country. The novelist was a hero of his time caring out his civic duty He was discouraged by the ideas of the revolution, as they appeared to be a myth. Therefore, he looked at the USSR with sorrow, from the position of the revolutionist. During the World War II, he stood up for the anti-fascist coalition. Nevertheless, he criticized the political regime of the Soviet Union.   
  • Orwell was an honorable kind of guy with firm convictions. He fought not for money or wealth, but for the free ideas, available knowledge, and gospel truth.

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George Orwell: an essay on famous novels

Have you ever read any novels by this ingenious author? This writer managed to turn the political prose into real art. The first part of the nineteenth century was rough and painful. Numerous civil and international wars tore the world apart.  The satire was one of the instruments to reveal the cruelty, injustice, and desperation. Our authors, providing qualitative custom writing services, advice to read at least one of his books. Check out the following reviews and pick the novel you like most.

We get acquainted with the writer from his autobiographical work “Down and Out in Paris and London.” The writer had made his first serious literature attempts in the nonfiction genre. This novel describes the author’s harsh period of life in Europe. While editing essays, term papers or even dissertations on George Orwell, our team noticed that not everyone knew the first name of this book. In fact, the initial title was "Dishwasher's Diary." Several editions refused to print it. Therefore, the novel was published only in 1933.

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“Homage to Catalonia” is devoted to the recollections about the Spanish Civil War. The novelist honestly revealed the horrors of those time, using newspaper quotations, figures, evidence. It was so truthful and grievous at the same time that the first publisher denied printing it. It is evident that every war is a sorrow for the humanity Sometimes people are not ready to know the reality. However, the novel was finally issued in 1938.

Have you watched a cartoon “Shaun The Sheep”? Do you think it has something in common with “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story”? All kidding aside, our unique academic assignment writers suppose that Orwell’s masterpiece has a more profound sense. It is a satirical fairy story describing the evolution of the animals: from unlimited freedom to the dictatorship.  In this way, the author shows the degeneration of the revolutionists’ ideas. As we see, there were no equal animals on the farm.  In fact, fairness was a phantom idea.

"Animal Farm" was firstly published in 1945. It was written in an accessible language. Therefore, the novel was translated into many languages.

It is supposed that "Animal Farm" describes the totalitarian regime of Russia. The book covers the events that led to the Revolution of 1917 and the next few years after this war.  According to the novel, the pigs established a new regime on the farm. Other heroes, such as cows, sheep, horses, donkeys tried to overthrow the pigs. Still, the dogs (servants of the regime) prevented them. Any changes on the farm led to harmful consequences. If you don’t want to read the full text of this book, order a profitable online essay writing service on our site. Our authors will provide an informative review of this novel.

This book is a classic dystopia, consisting of ten chapters. The first part of the book describes the leader, who encourages animals to fight against the humans. The second part tells about the clandestine fight of the animals. Being desperate and hungry, they rebelled against their owner Mr. Jones. The author describes the rules of the new regime. In fact, almost all the animals had to work very hard. As for the pigs, they moved to the master's house and enjoyed the comfortable life in the house. They started communicating with the humans. Eventually, the difference between the pigs and their neighbors – people is blurred. The ordinary animals realize their nullity and unhappiness. The story has a predictable somber ending.

The bright symbolism is a characteristic feature of this book.  The team of our company, specialized in custom writing services, investigated this novel and revealed the following parallels between the heroes of this novel and the real historical figures.

  • The farm is the main scene of the novel, implying the territory of the USSR.
  • People (neighbors of the farm) symbolize other countries surrounding the USSR (farm).
  • Pigs are the rebels. Old Major is a prototype of Lenin.
  • Mr. Jones represents the Russian Empire.
  • Horse Boxer symbolizes the hard-working people of the USSR who had to surpass the standards all the time. The labor is the only main value in their life.
  • Donkey Benjamin is a reflection of the Russian intelligentsia. He is the one who evaluates the reality objectively.
  • The sheep are the embodiment of the semi-literate population. They don’t think about any actual events, don’t analyze the facts and, as a result, don’t have their own opinion.
  • The destiny of the hens is similar to the life of the peasants in the USSR. The government expropriates the products of their labor.  
  • Raven Moses is a reflection of the clergy.

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An essay about George Orwell: “1984”

Do you think you live in hard times? Read “1984” and compare your life with the existing of those people. This book was published in 1949. It was the time of the ruins left after the war. Hungry and tortured people surrounded the author at that time. And to make things worse, Orwell was suffering from tuberculosis while writing “1984”.

«The Last Man in Europe» was the working title of the dystopia.  Nowadays we can’t explain the name of the novel for sure. It is assumed that “1984” means the encryption of the year 1948. It is the time when Orwell wrote his dystopia.

The first circulation of this novel was only about one thousand. The thing was that the USSR helped Great Britain to fight against fascism at that time. “1984” was called an anticommunist canon. Apparently, the British government didn’t want to criticize its ally. The situation changed with time.  After the Orwell’s death, the official number of the published copies was more than one million.

The events, described in this novel, are often associated with the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, nowadays we can compare this novel with some contemporary totalitarian governments. The brightest example of this regime is, apparently, Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Partially, the features of the authoritarian regime are still present in Laos, Vietnam, and Cuba. 

This classic dystopia tells us about the world at the end of the twentieth century. The author predicts the Third World War, which divided the world into three main parts: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia.

Winston Smith is the main hero of the novel. Working in the Ministry of Truth, he can clearly see the essence of the totalitarian system, its injustice, falsifications, deception, and phantom ideas. He also takes part in rewriting the past events according to the tasks of the government. However, Winston isn’t fully imbued with the principles of the current ideology. Being disappointed in the politicians, he wants to change the current regime. Nevertheless, his wish seems to be impossible. And what do you think about the protagonist of “1984”? Share your thoughts with our best American essay writers. We appreciate your opinion and feedback.

The totalitarian government controls all the spheres of life in the country. There is a powerful system of the surveillance: monitors, listening devices, spies. What makes people more obedient, is a cruel system of punishment. Still, all these aspects don’t scare Winston. Anxiously hiding from all the cameras, he starts to write a diary. He describes the reality of his time and his feelings. Smith meets Julia, who also supports his bold ideas. They fall in love with each other. The couple finds a place for dates, where nobody can observe them. Later they begin to study a book about the philosophy of the revolution. Unfortunately, they don’t manage to evade the punishment. The police find them reading the illegal literature. The tortures are inevitable. The totalitarian system destroys all the ideas and thoughts of the main hero. Julia and Winston betray each other, claiming that they believe in the power of the totalitarian dictator Big Brother in the final.

The fact that makes us shudder is that we can recognize the modern reality in this novel: double standards, Newspeak, Ministry of Peace provoking wars, falsification of data.

Our team, providing essay revision online at a reasonable cost, investigated this novel and revealed the particular features of the totalitarian government. We decided to draw a parallel between the events described in the novel and the modern world.

  • The Truth Ministry in “1984” continually upgrades the history, adjusting to new circumstances and changes in the political sphere. The truth of the past time is eliminated continually. All the papers saving the historical data are destroyed. The heroes of this novel don’t know the real facts even about the previous day. It’s not a secret that in our age of information, the concealment of the facts still can exist in some countries.
  • The TV screens are the means of supervising the citizens in the dystopia. The government also gives orders via them. Thus, the people received the tasks, were informed about important events, and even did physical exercises with the help of these screens. Nowadays, social media, laptops, and smartphones with cameras can be associated with these things too. The authors of our site, that writes an essay for you, have already investigated this problem. While studying this issue, they have noticed the following patterns. Firstly, there is a technical opportunity to spy on people through the cameras on the gadgets. Secondly, the mass media can impose certain opinions, increasing the power of propaganda.
  • Two minutes of hatred in “1984” imply a short video, showing the cruelty of the enemy. The foe is described as an absolute evil, the reason for all the troubles and faults. These affairs fuel the aggressive moods among the people. Even children have to see these sharp cold-blooded pictures. All these events harden the souls. One of the main laws of the novel is: “War is peace.” While reading the dystopia, we can also notice suggestions that the war was invented artificially by the government. Its purpose was to intimidate the citizens. Today, unfortunately, people don’t only see these minutes of hatred online, on TV, at the cinema, in the games of the virtual reality They also become innocent victims of war conflicts or terrorist acts.   
  • Depersonalization. The heroes of “1984” use the word “comrade” instead of “Miss” or “Misses.” Men and women are equal in their government. There is even a Junior AntiSex League that denies any natural relationships between a girl and a boy. What is more crucial, is that people can’t have their own ideas. In fact, they don’t realize their identity Any dissidence is forbidden. Everyone is like hypnotized. There is no private life, but group activities only.  The contemporary sects are the somber echoes of these above-mentioned events.
  • Literature destruction is vividly shown in this dystopia. The government doesn’t want to save the beauty of the language. The politicians diminish the number of the adjectives, deny the shades of the expressions. Special machines produce fiction and other literature. All these actions cause linguistic impoverishment. As a result, a new totalitarian language Newspeak is invented. Look at the modern social media, conversations on the chats, blogs, forums. In most cases, the emoji and abbreviations are used for the communication. Don’t they look like this simplified language described in “1984”?
  • Existence below the poverty line.  Orwell describes proles (proletarians) living in the disgusting conditions in his novel. However, almost all the people suffer because of the goods deficit and the taxes that account for one-fourth of the incomes. Each person deserves a normal life. The novel “1984” describes the situation when all the rights and freedoms are taken from the people. Luckily, nowadays the developed governments have appropriate social policies. Yet, the same is not true about underdeveloped countries such as African tribes, for instance. Our company, providing exclusive custom essay papers, knows these facts for sure. Our authors have already written thousands of papers on this issue.
  • Denying of common sense is, apparently, the most crucial problem of the society in the dystopia. The meaningless songs, radical ideas, stupid enthusiasm prevent the development of the intelligent and cultural community.  The people remember the little things, still, they can recollect nothing about significant global events. However, the shortsightedness can be the feature of the modern political leaders. In most cases, it deals with the isolated totalitarian countries.
  • The person’s life cost nothing in this novel. Everyone who broke the cruel rules was mercilessly deleted from the history. He or she wasn’t mentioned in any lists or historical documents anymore since the crime. Our team, specialized in writing essays, has investigated a lot of contemporary political regimes. We noticed that nowadays the person’s life is becoming the most significant value for most of the governments.

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The novel “1984” is enlightening, beyond all doubts. What conclusion can we make from this dystopia and other books by Orwell? Unfortunately, so many facts appeared to be the cruel reality of modern life. The features of the totalitarian regime are still present in the contemporary world. The truth is the main enemy of the tyranny, as the leaders of such governments replace it with the phantoms and lies. All the totalitarian countries forbade Orwell’s book. Moreover, in some countries, his works are still forbidden. Being a provocative person, this great author wanted to reveal the truth of the cruel world. His concept was to highlight the importance of knowledge and awareness.

Nowadays the youth has many opportunities. The future depends on young people. There is always a choice: to fight for justice or go with the flow, listening to the propaganda. Our team of professional writers wants to support the youth. We invented our project not only to provide ready essays but to make people think about the surrounding world. We regularly post thought-provoking articles on our blog. Read them and ponder over the most crucial issues of our time. Don’t let the events from dystopia “1984” come true. Don’t be the one who follows the rule from this novel: “Ignorance is the strength.” Develop your knowledge and skills. Live like if Big Brother is not watching you and doesn’t exist at all. Don’t forget the history, deal with proven sources of information. Analyzing the facts, you can reveal the truth about modern problems.

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