Good Vs Evil Essay: Life Is Full Of Middle Tones


I don’t remember the times, when I was a small baby and spent all my time lying in the cradle. My mom told me that I was funny and smiled all the time. She convinced me that she read me the fairy tales daily and I gave reaction, when she started reading me the funny chapters. I smiled as if I had understood what she was reading about. When she read about the battles, the wizards, or angry wolves, I began to cry. I just remember that only when I grew up a bit, there appeared a perfect tradition in our family to read me various books. What were they about? Many of them have already evaporated from my memory and the only thing, which I still remember is the main concept, which all the fairy tales were based upon. I remember that all the positive characters were always the winners, while the bad ones were punished with the society’s ignoring and dispraise. All my favorite heroes were strong, honest, and never told lies. All those, who brought me unpleasant emotions and who visited me in the nightmares then, were the awful personages. Good vs evil concept was always the ground for the literary stories and I am sure that it will never be changed.

Not just Black and White

All people from the early stages of their lives are taught by their parents to identify which deed is bad and which one is good. All the books are written in such a manner in attempt to make people grow with a right vision of the world, which is divided into two equal parts: good and evil. Is it really so and the world is just of black and white colors? Is there any border, where goodness finishes and evil begins? Are people really divided just into two types and there is no balance between them? My reflections made me start thinking that if each of us hadn’t had both good and bad features inside us, the whole world would have been divided just into the saints and the complete devils. The practice showed me that it was not so.

I always wanted to know who is authorized to establish the frameworks for all the living beings and who is able to say ambiguously which action deserves approval and which one should be concerned as a disgraceful. In fact, nobody was able to give a laconic definition of good and evil. These two notions really depend on the context and the results, which they cause. Do you need some proofs? Think about fire, rain, or war. Fire, which brings people heat, may destroy the whole villages and bring the inconvertible consequences. Rain is a super useful phenomenon too, which is sent by the Heavens. It makes the plants stay alive and bring us fruits, though if the rainfall is too heavy and continuous, it destroys the settlements, washes the houses out, and inflicts the people’s deaths. The war is not a less contradictory phenomenon than the previous ones. It is able to make a person become a hero for one nation and a murder for another one.

The world can’t be divided into good and evil like the colors can’t be divided into black and white. There are milliards of middle tones between them. Good coexists with evil and none of these notions can be met in its pure form in the real life.

Perfect Examples

The dualism of good and evil is well seen in everyday life. Just look around. Do you see this cat, which has caught a tiny bird? One may think that it is a ‘killer’, which swallowed a helpless bird and didn’t let it any chance for salvation. Try to think deeper: if the cat doesn’t hunt, it will die within several days. Such a situation is pitiful for the bird lovers, though for people, who like cats, such a behavior is an absolutely normal thing.

Maybe my example is too childish, but I think it is very illustrative. If you try to analyze the life with all its variations, the literature with all its stories, or the natural phenomena, you will see that all of them can be examined from various points of views.

You may contradict me and ask about the criminals, who commit terrible crimes. Are they good too? Can those, who kill people easily and coolly, have some good and kind seeds in their souls? I am sure they have! A person’s heart can’t be a total malice. Even if an awful crime is committed, we should find the inner forces inside us to forgive its performers and strain after not punishing a guilty person and making his life awful too, but doing everything to awake his soul. I am sure that doing people good will finally result in the desired results and bad people will disappear from our planet soon.

People should be altruistic and think more about others. They should forget about their desires and sometimes put them on the back seat. An ability to have empathy inside us is the main condition, which may help us to exterminate the seeds of evil inside our souls and help the seeds of good to take roots.

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