Greek Architecture Essay: Fascinating Details


Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world. Surely not everyone was to this country, but everyone heard about it. Someone probably knows about Greek mythology at least from movies. This country is wonderful. Its old history attracts people. For these reasons, thousands of tourists come to Greece every year. While walking down the streets in Greece, one will see interesting buildings, specific elements of a culture, and pieces of architecture which make someone to be amazed.

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Several Words about the Influence of Greek Architecture

Greek architecture as well as the country is very old. A person can see its influence in the most distant parts of the world. It is not surprising. Greek architecture captivates with its sophistication and grandeur. Especially it possessed a big influence on England. It was popular among prosperous people who often wanted to see a piece of Greece in their gardens or near groves. Usually they built temples in Greek style. Geographically, Greek architecture scattered its treasure all around the world. Read more about geography here:

At the beginning of the 19th century many countries including Great Britain began to look at Greek architecture, trying to bring its idea. It was super popular in America. It was actually the first style that was successfully brought to this country. Greece is the homeland of democracy. So, America easily opened the door to its architecture during the time of its independence.

Even now someone can see the reflection of Greek architecture in the USA. It does not lose its popularity.

Why Greek architecture is so popular and always interesting? It shows us how people used to live in the past, what did they like, and what they considered to be beautiful and great. Nowadays even the ruins of old Greek buildings amaze tourists. One cannot understand how people living in the past and having no modern tools managed to create such huge and magnificent things. That what attracts people the most. Indeed, its architecture is wonderful and admirable. Some people say that it is a classical architecture. There is something in it that makes Greek architecture to be romantic. It carries someone into the past and makes him/her to move, think, and behave like people in ancient time.

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Interesting facts about Greek Architecture

1. By the 6th century BC in Greece people have already created its own style of architecture. The building grew very rapidly. It seems like they made it for purpose. Although for people in Greece architecture became a common craft, they did not make buildings out of marble. First, they used bricks and wood. Thus, usually walls were made of bricks, while uprights and roof were constructed out of wood. These were convenient materials to work. So, we can make a conclusion: Greek architecture was developing as well as writing essay online service. Surely it had several stages. Each of them was an important movement. It was like a step up. Unfortunately, we do not have all examples of every stage. There is no doubt that buildings and temples were magnificent. Could you believe that someone’s eye could see all that?

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2. The period of flourishing of the architecture started in 700 BC. It lasted until the occupation of the Roman Empire which happened in 146 BC. That was a fruitful and dynamic period. All important and considerable masterpieces were built. During Roman Empire some temples and building were damaged, other were destroyed.

When Greece lost its power, and Asia took over as a new empire, it had an impact on architecture. Ancient Athenian style was declined. The new Asian style was far more complicated. It spread all over the country.

3. Experts say that Greek architecture had three main styles. The first style that appeared was called Doric. This order made buildings and temples to be noble. That is why it was the most essential and popular style. Nobody knows the true story of its birth. There are too many theories. Also, there is almost no remained example of the style. One can find humble objects of Doric order in Italy. Learn how to edit quickly architectural papers with college essay editor.

Another style was called Ionic. It differed from harmonious Doric order. Ionic style influenced architecture in 500 BC. Although the style was characterized by slenderness and nice proportions, it did not gain wide popularity. Only one of all magnificent temples in Greece was built in such order. Mainly smaller buildings felt the impact of Ionic style.

The last style was recognized as Corinthian. This order was very rich and ornate. Even though it had to become a new wide spread stream in architecture, it had not. Corinthian style could not hold its position of a leader. It was used in practice little. The Tower of the Winds at Athens reflects the order. Corinthian style was highly praised by Romans. They used it broadly. Especially, they used to mix it with other styles.

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4. Could you believe that people in Greece constructed temples without using mortar? The key tool and instrument for them was the exactness. As you know the Greeks did not use marble at the beginning. They built temples out of wood and bricks, then covered it with marble dust, polishing and rubbing it. Often people applied gilding and even some color. It is a mistake to think that temples in Greece were exclusively white. People used special tools to emphasize important details.

5. Maybe some of you knew or noticed that the Greeks had built cities near cliffs. They used it for purpose. Such a hill served a good safe place for a temple. Usually a temple is a sacred place that must be protected. They made everything possible to guard it from a war. More about war one can check here:

So, temples were built everywhere in Greece. It was always a building in the form of a rectangle with walls stretching to the front for making a porch with two columns. That was a common method of building temples during the flourishing period.

A temple was not a place of worshiping. Often architects added a statue of a god to a temple. An altar often stood outdoors. A temple was the place of storage treasure and a building where people could leave their precious offerings to a god. The Greeks used smart ways to correct the structure. Actually, they used tools for visual corrections. Usually sloping lines served for fixing defects. Indeed, Greek temples were charming. Smart people made them. They had different reasons for that. One of which was piety.

Along with temples the Greeks built gymnasiums, special buildings for meetings, shelters with beautiful colonnade, and impressive tombs.

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