High School Essay: A Nightmare Or A Dream Comes True?


Having to wright a high school essay is generally a nightmare, not only for the students who have to write it, but also for the teachers who have to read it. The majority of students have no desire whatsoever to write an essay, nor do they have an aptitude for this kind of homework. Generally, the high school students hate homework and wish it didn’t exist. The dislike for homework can only be justified by laziness and irresponsibility, but there are always those few students that do their homework with great pleasure and never give a second thought to not doing it.

The task to write about your feelings and emotions is always frustrating, especially if you like to keep all your thoughts to yourself. Some students consider writing a personal opinion essay as crossing their boundaries and interfering with their private lives. We cannot choose not to write something just because we do not want to: school is not about the desire to study; it is more about the responsibility to gather as much knowledge baggage as possible.

Then there comes a time when every student is given an assignment to compose a life after high school essay. This is mostly given to those who are about to graduate and who need to find their path, their future occupation. This kind of homework is given purposefully so that everyone could think about their prospects and plans for the upcoming future. There is nothing more depressing than the fear of the unknown. This is the way in which the teachers try to help overcome this fear. A student needs to decide their future and stand strongly by their words. What they also need to do is read. This is the best time to read as many books as you can and to enjoy them because you want to and not because you have to.

This is a food for thought as well as the work of imagination. There are two options here: you either write about what you are actually going to do or you may write about what you would like to do if you had a chance. The thinking and reflection of this kind help to come to a solution and find a way to make every dream come true. You may start considering the impossible, but it will become closer to your heart every day, and just maybe, some day, you will say that finally you’ve got what you’ve been dreaming about your entire life.

There is always a chance that you do not know what a high school is and that you have been homeschooled your entire life. This is not a bad thing, but you totally missed on the fun of it, although you’ve probably received all the necessary knowledge and learned the required skills. You can always be asked to write about your favorite teacher, which is mildly uncomfortable and totally inappropriate in relation to other school staff. It is no secret that everyone wants to be special and favorite.

High school essays may actually include writing about the school life. An essay about high school is, probably, the most difficult of all to write, because you may be able to make something up about your life at home, of your future, but here you have to tell all the truth. Various topics that include reliving your good and bad high school experiences may make you queasy and uncomfortable. However, you need to remain positive. Remember that you are not special; meaning that if it happened to you, it means that it had happened to someone else before you. If we think about it further, a conclusion may spring up that we never tell the original stories about the original feelings. We are merely plagiarizing, repeating what someone has said before us. If you have no desire whatsoever to write anything, you can look up how the online essay works, or yet better you can contact us and get a quick response.

If you feel like a queen of a king at school, then it means there was someone before you who occupied the throne and ruled the little kingdom of the hormonal teenagers. It is possible that there are those luckier than you, they have clearer skin, richer parents, better clothes, slimmer legs. Although it does not seem this way yet, but it is unlikely that those people will keep their good fortunes throughout the life and you already know what you want and just have to work on it a little harder.

Essays about high school remind a bit of a confession: you tell about everything you’ve done, and everything that has been done to you. You express your likings and disliking; say what advantages and disadvantages you see in the school system. The problem is – you can never win with this type of essay. You either offend one side while praising the other or vice versa.  Everything cannot be perfect and people understand that, that’s why there is no worry about getting into trouble for writing the truth as you see it.

We all know when we get our first day of high school essay and no one likes to write about it, with a minor exception of those, whose school days always go perfectly. These days are always lame to the point where you stop carrying how you look and what you are wearing and just start having fun. There is always a chance that you will get over your trauma when you write about it, because, after all, when talk, spill it out, we start feeling better because we have some kind of a closure. But if you still have jitters when you think about writing something, then check out our samples and see what we have to offer when you need help.