Impact of Exercises on Your Physical and Mental Health


Having to do something every day independent of your mood or weather conditions can be trying. Of course it is far more pleasant and easier to stay longer in a warm bed rather than get up and have an active start to your day. We are the generation of lazy couch potatoes, glued to the screens of our laptops, tablets and phones. Seeing no need to exercise, we forget that movement is life and we just need it to live productively. If you are interested in other publication on exercises, look them up in our blog or make an order.

In the past people had physical labor to keep them exercised and in a good shape, but now, when almost every occupation comes to sitting in an office and pressing the keys on a keyboard, the physical activity almost vanished from daily routine. Thumbs up for those who are strong and persistent enough to go to the gym.

Letting Go Of Frustration and Anger

The more athletic a person is, the less aggressive their behavior. Scientists have long since proved that physical exercise is the best way to work out any frustrations and find an internal balance. During a work-out you receive a rush of endorphins, or happiness hormones, which make you peaceful and relaxed. You have already manifested your anger in push-up and whatnot, so your nervous system is calm and there is no need to get angry again.

Now gyms are filled with people who not only want to get rid of a couple extra pounds, but also need some place to process their emotions. Therapy works as well, but who needs a shrink, when there is such a multi-beneficial place as a gym. However, it is not the only way to lessen the burden of your daily problems – you can get on a track and start jogging, which will have the same effect. Cycling, swimming, skating, skiing – everyone has their cup of tea. Just choose one for yourself and start exercising.

Stress, anxiety and depression are best battled with during an intensive workout. It makes you feel more alive and full of energy. Exercising makes your body more attractive not only for the surrounding people, but for yourself. This way you learn to accept and love yourself, thus, you get rid of depression.

Morning Exercise Is a Key to Daily Success

At first, you may not believe it is possible, but just once get up in the morning and sacrifice ten minutes of your day for a morning exercise. You will see how much better you feel after, your working day will seem much easier and you won’t be as tired as usually at the end of it. An all those benefits due to a ten-minute workout. Elderly people exercising regularly have better memory than those who do nothing.

This miraculous change can be easily explained: in the morning your brain needs a lot of oxygen to wake up, but air in the room does not do the trick. You may have notices that mountain air has better effect on you that coffee – that’s because it’s cleaner and you do not inhale almost any foreign particles with it. But there is no mountain air in the city and exercising has the effect of mountain air on your brain. It quickens the blood flow, and as a result every cell in your body receives more oxygen per minute than in regular circumstances. This is a sufficient charge for the day.

Human body works like a very complex and intricate mechanism. It needs to be wound up every morning and good nutrition is not enough for it.

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

With all this talk about exercise being therapeutic, we may have forgotten that its primary aim is to make a body strong. A well-muscled body has stronger internal organs, because they also benefit from extra oxygen. This is what a body needs along with vitamins and minerals, but do not forget – everything is good in moderation. Too much physical activity can be as much harmful or even more as the lack thereof.

Who decides when enough is enough? Naturally, the trainer, if you have one, will tell you how much you can do, what to start with and how to receive maximum positive outcome. For those who due to various reasons do not go to the gym and cannot consult a professional – there are numerous webpages that help determine your limits and advise on the length and intensity of the exercise.

Regular workout prevents diseases of heart and blood vessels. By reducing fat in the body, it lessens any chances that a person will ever go into a cardiac arrest or have a stroke. Constant movement guarantees healthier joints and the reduction of pain in the back or any other bones, for that matter. Post-traumatic work-outs are mandatory to get back a full-functioning body and to lessen the stress and pain of learning to move again. The more severe the physical trauma, the longer the rehabilitation period and the more intensive the exercise schedule.

Eat and Sleep Well

When making a great physical effort our body exhausts itself, it naturally needs time to restore. Starting to work out regularly means learning to eat healthy as well. Otherwise, you make yourself more harm than good. You must remember what you need before and after the work-out. With this approach your new active way of life will be most advantageous.

Food is not everything. However healthy and nourishing it may be, when food is not paired with a good 8-hour sleep, you are doomed to fail. While sleeping, you heal. When you rest, your brain takes care that every cell in your body restores. Going to sleep in time means that in the morning you are restored to you full capacity, both mental and physical.

Impacts of everyday exercise are generally positive, but there is always work to be done when it comes to changing a lifestyle and wanting to get all the bonuses out of it. If you would like to share your thoughts and experience on the topic, please contact us.