Main Problems Of Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage pregnancy is one of the most worrying topics among other social problems. Here, we are going to speak about several main issues, which people can face. I am using such a general word `people`, as when we are speaking about the teen pregnancy, we are speaking not just about a girl, who got pregnant, but also about her parents, about the boy, who got her pregnant and of course about the unborn child. Teen pregnancy is very complex and need to be understood from a lot of different aspects. While I was getting ready to write argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy I had to study statistical data, even though it`s not always accurate. We can refer to National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy, which provides annual data on the U.S. pregnancy rate among girls between 15 and 19. Also, we can check a huge amount of teen pregnancy essays, as people are concerned about this topic, they are willing to write about it and even sell their essays online later. Thus, the amount of information and sources is enough to get general knowledge on this topic.

The rate of teen pregnancy goes higher and higher every year, especially in developing countries. The reason is that developing countries have lower level of life, more narrow access to information, lower level of medicine and obviously less opportunities for teenagers to fulfill their needs. On the other side, in developed countries, teenagers can have much more possibilities to bring their ideas to life: take part in certain areas of social life, have wide access to information and of course higher level of education, which make them more enthusiastic about life and learning process and the last one is higher level of medicine.

1. Medical problems

Here it goes, the first main problem of teenage pregnancy is, of course, medical reasons. Teen parents have very high medical risks and should be very careful. Prenatal care is very important and should be delivered regularly and adequately. Not getting sufficient prenatal care can lead to premature birth, high blood pressure, low-birth-weight baby. Also, it`s very important to take all sorts of appropriate vitamins for teenage mother, as they may differ from the ones that adult mother needs. Folic acid is critically important for the future mother, ideally it should be taken before pregnancy, that will help a child to develop supposedly well and will help to prevent possible defects. Of course if the pregnancy wasn`t planned, as it often happens in the case of teen pregnancy, folic acid must be taken during the pregnancy.

2. Financial problems

The second and not less important is financial security. Teenage family may face financial problems connected with medical care, living conditions, employment issues and so on. Financial support of medical care is on the top, as it refers to two people, a mother and a child. Mother should be provided with sufficient amount of appropriate food, vitamins, medical treatment if needed and, of course, regular check-ups in order to prevent probable difficulties. Health insurance might help here in order to be always protected and safe from any risks. Undoubtedly, medical insurance is impossible without money. After giving a birth, child should be provided with comfortable, warm and safe living conditions with extremely high level of hygiene. As we know environment has an influence on us since our birth and we carry this memory during our life. Thus, it`s very important to provide a child with essential living conditions, which apparently needs to be bought and paid for. To provide for his family, teen father needs to find a job. It`s perfect, if there are parents willing to help and they don`t need to be asked for help. In most cases, parents of teenage family don`t want to take any part in supporting their young kids who are suffering from financial problems. They are behaving this way in order to give them, a life lesson, but they rarely understand that their kids don`t need life lessons from their parents, the best teacher is life itself. The only thing they need is support and understanding, no matter what. This is the only way, kids can grow up healthily both physically and psychologically.

3. Psychological problems

Let`s move to the third problem, that teenage family might face. Giving a birth in the age of 15 or 16 is very hard, because parents are still children themselves and they need support and a big push from their own parents to move on. Thus, It`s very important to have comfortable psychological conditions. What does it include? Comfortable psychological conditions include support from their parents, in case you don`t have any, it might get you in a problematic psychological state, which is inadmissible during pregnancy. Feeling of abandonment and loneliness can have an influence as on the mother of the child so on the unborn. Mother`s psychological state is extremely important as it is closely connected with the child`s future. Scientifically proved that children have memory in mother`s womb, thus it`s very important to provide mother with the most comfortable conditions. Memories that children had in a womb, will follow them during their lives: consciously or unconsciously.

4. High level of abortion

The last problem which I would put on the top of importance is high level of abortion. When a 15-year old girl gets pregnant, the first feeling is fear. She is afraid of everything: if her parents will support her, if her boyfriend will accept a child, if she is able to give a birth to a new person and, what it more important, if she wants to be a mother at such young age. She is looking for answers inside her, but of course her fear tells her `No! `. Then she starts searching for possible ways to get rid of the child, this way she is going to get rid of all the fears at once. She is visiting the hospital, where there is a high chance some doctor will be found, who will agree to complete abortion for such a young girl. Abortion is very controversial topic, and I am not going to rise it up here, in teen pregnancy essay, as abortion is a topic for another essay. It should be just noted, that people were divided into two groups: who support a right for abortion and who are completely against it. In this essay on teenage pregnancy I would like to look at abortion from the medical side. The harm from the abortion can be unbearable for young organism. Obviously, there are high chances, that this young lady might not be able to have kids in the future, which happen way more often than we could imagine.

Thus, one of the most workable things that can prevent a teen mother to have all these problems at once is support. Support from her parents first of all and perfectly, support from the father of the child. Parents should understand, life is unpredictable, there are different situations that we should deal with. Common mistake is that parents can`t forgive, thinking that their kids should be perfect and the best. No, it`s not, they should be the way they are, genuine, with their own disadvantages and life troubles. Parents should provide decent upbringing on the first stage but then, they should learn how to let their kids go into the world, practically, let them go.

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There were four main problems that teen mother can face. There is a solution to every problem, but here, there is only one real solution, as the teenagers aren`t responsible and financially stable yet, the only way to overcome current situation is to provide teenage family with the support. They need both psychological and financial support at the beginning of their lives. No doubts, children will respond with the same kind attitude to their parents in the future.