Meet The New Era of Taylor Swift’s Music: Reputation Release


Taylor Swift's Music

Among top glorious and desirable music performers, Taylor Swift takes one of the leading positions being idolized for her one-of-a-kind voice and startling style. On 10 November 2017, this lovely lady is planning to release the sixth studio album, which is expected to be as stunning as the previous five. Our low-priced best essays online company has decided to trace her path to success.

Before moving on to the main event of the 10th of November, let our best custom writing services outline Taylor’s music childhood. Her music career started at the age of 14. Initially, Taylor was seeking glory as a country singer. And over time, she did encounter success after dropping out the debut album in 2006. Since then her talent became indisputable, and this is the reason why now she is recognized worldwide. In 2011, Forbes claimed her one of the top-earning music women and Times included her name in the list of 100 influential people in the world. What makes Swift so distinctive is her being an independent songwriter. Not many present-day musicians can boast of authorship of their songs. However, Taylor could, and this pride would be well deserved since despite being on the stage more than 10 years she finds new directions to grow further.

Keep pace with the last news:

The autumn of 2017 will be special because it marks the new epoch of Taylor’s career. The first talk of the new sixth album was initiated on Taylor’s Instagram on August 23, 2017. That day, she posted the album cover and claimed the date of release. One day later, fans, including our free online essay editor team, were thrilled with the opportunity to enjoy the album’s lead single ‘Look what you made me do’, which by today has already been viewed on YouTube more than half a billion times. The video for this single was presented at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards and set up a new record beating Adele’s video ‘Hello’ which got about 28 million views within the first 24 hours after its release.

A little over one week, on September 3, one more song of Taylor’s sixth album was out. This time, Swift’s admirers were pleased with the first track of Reputation titled ‘Ready for It…?”. The video accompanying the single was released on October 27. It is not less powerful and impressive than the previous one. This is the reason explaining Taylor’s high position in the world of music. Her videos are not simple visualized music but truly remarkable pictures, which are not possible not to watch. Besides, Swift is famous for her friendly relations with fans. At present, she is one of the most followed celebrities on social media. However, Taylor keeps on being reserved with journalists and interviewers avoiding discussions about her private life. To her mind, this will not favor her reputation. Many have noted that she is one of the few stars who are reluctant to participate in sexualized photo-shoots though this does not prevent her from being considered as a female sex symbol (find out more about the most influential people in essays about American culture: ).

Despite the high financial success, Swift is a potent figure in charity issues. She donated to numerous organizations and helped many victims during natural calamities, such as Tennessee and Iowa floods, Hurricane Sandy and so on. In addition, being an accomplished and distinguished figure in music, she supports those who are on the threshold of their career by pledging millions of dollars for building education centers such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Taylor makes extra efforts to struggle with children’s illiteracy by contributing much to education programs and providing books to New York City schools. In 2007, she triggered the campaign against online child abuse (read more about essays on child abuse).

Despite her ardent dedication to songwriting and undeniable musical talent, Taylor Swift has already obtained the public image of a social activist and philanthropist. The day before the beginning of her sixth music era, while all American fans hold their breath guessing what their Queen of music has prepared for this time, our company of cheap college editor services wishes her future success and new achievements on the stage.

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