Mice And Men Essay On Friendship


It is an amazing work of the Great writer John Steinbeck. Just a hundred pages have such a lot of sense. It is a wonderful book and timeless classic. To read Steinbeck is a great fun! That is why I decided to write Of Mice And Men theme essay. I wrote it with the help of the best essay writer. If you also need such a help, then ask for it now and your problem will be solved.  

A little about the plot

I start of mice and men friendship essay with a brief summary. Imagine the American South during the Great Depression. Two drifters and hired workers George and Lennie move from farm to farm in search of seasonal work. George is calm, thoughtful, a hard worker, an ordinary guy, strong, strict man who is caring about an unscrupulous friend. Lenny is a healthy strong giant with a kind heart who doesn’t mean any harm, at that time when people are capable of inhuman cruelty and impatience because Lennie is mentally deficient. People can be even cruel with children. On our website you can find the argumentative essay on child abuse. Lenny is the child who trapped in an adult’s body. He is timid, naive and not able to fend for oneself. His main dream is to pet and feed the rabbits. Some time before, he was stroking mice but for some reason they died. They were too small and fragile for the hands of Lenny. Even not every puppy can withstand his arms. But rabbits are bigger, so this big child all days and nights is dreaming how he will have such a fluffy and soft lump that can be put on his knees and he will stroke it for pleasure. These two guys are like brothers. They are always together. They protect and care about each other. They have nothing – no money, no home, only a couple of cans in the bag and strong hands that can do any hard work. Lenny is unusually kind, but because of his illness is very far in development and sometimes brings troubles to oneself and to George, not realizing that he is doing something wrong. That is why these two friends do not stay long anywhere. But the dream of these two wanderers is so strong that they are looking for ways of earning money again and again and about that my Of Mice and Men American dream essay. Finally, they find work on the rich farm, they save money, find like-minded people and even a suitable cheap ranch. They are promised to pay well, but George and Lennie immediately wary of the situation in the house: the master’s son Curley is married a coquette who never missed a chance to flirt with each worker. Curley is too much irascible and immediately asking for trouble. George cares for Lennie who despite remarkable strength cannot stand up for himself, and warns him to stay away from Curley. But one day one trouble happened because of what the dream is no longer possible to fulfill. The end is completely ambiguous. What courage and responsibility people must have to carry this heavy burden and to break the big dream by oneself? But the most difficult is to appreciate George. On the one hand, he committed treason against the only devotee and loving his person. However, perhaps he saved Lennie from further suffering, knowing that he wouldn’t survive in this cruel world. Anyway, George is worthy of admiration. And it is difficult to judge Lenny.

Steinbeck strikingly conveys the atmosphere of poverty and hopelessness, people live by one day, earn and spend money and they have nothing other than today’s concerns. But George and Lennie are not such a people: they save money, want to be someone in this cruel world and live in peace without the constant searches for work, working only for themselves to have their own farm and raise rabbits.

Now I want to talk about the merits of the book in this essay Of Mice And Men.

  1. The first thing that admires: the ratio of the volume and profundity. Just wonder how Steinbeck was able to show clearly the drastic changes in the personality of the man in such a small story. It is an amazing talent!
  2. The second thing that should be mentioned is the intrigue in the story. Until the last few pages, I was not sure how the story would be ended. It is a very rare case for such small books.
  3. And, the last feature of this work is the final. Everyone will interpret it differently and understand who is right and who is wrong.

John Ernst Steinbeck

John Ernst Steinbeck is an American writer-novelist and the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. He became famous for his books about life during the hard time – the Great Depression. John Ernst Steinbeck was born in the city of California state and was the only son and third of four children in the family. In secondary school, John was a good in subjects such as English, literature and biology and he also was published in the school newspaper. In high school, Steinbeck started writing short stories and sent it to publishing houses not leaving a return address. After graduating from school in 1919, he, at the insistence of the parents, entered Stanford University. He studied at the department of journalism. For earn a living John did not study for a whole semester, working as the seller in the shop, as a laborer on the farm, then as a loader in a sugar factory. As you could understand education is quite important in our life. My previous essay about education is exactly about its value.

In 1930 Steinbeck married Carol Henning and settled in the country house in Pacific Grove, the rent for which was paid by his father. The success to Steinbeck brought his third novel “Tortilla Flat” (1935), which became a bestseller. In 1937 came Steinbeck’s novel “Of Mice And Men”. On this extremely popular novel George S. Kaufman wrote the play in 1937, which had a success on Broadway. Due to the commercial success of the novel, Steinbeck had the opportunity to travel with his wife in the first trip to Europe. They visited England, Ireland, Sweden and USSR.

The most famous novel of Steinbeck was “The Grapes of Wrath”. Published in 1939, this book quickly became one of the most popular. It received rave reviews and the Pulitzer Prize in 1940 at the same time the novel caused a storm of controversy.  In 1941 Steinbeck divorced his first wife. After that he went to New York with a singer Gwyndolyn Conger. They married two years later and from this marriage he had two sons.

In 1962, Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature “for the realistic and poetic talent combined with gentle humor and sharp social vision.”

In the summer of 1966, the son of Steinbeck drafted into the army and sent to Vietnam. At the suggestion of President L. Johnson Steinbeck himself goes to Vietnam and spends a month and a half there. His reports and articles from Vietnam were published in the newspaper and justified the war. It puzzled even his friends because in private conversations the writer treated it negatively. Steinbeck had two strokes in 1961 and 1965. He died in 1968 in his apartment in New York of a massive heart attack.

So, at the end of my essay on Of Mice And Men I can say that the book is very easy reading, but deep, truthful, it is about the affection and friendship, cruelty and mistakes, about the dream and about the choice, about the problems that are familiar to everyone. It is an honest story with a strong ending. I have discovered one more wonderful author for myself. So, if you want to get good grades for an essay, then ask our professionals to help you. Please, be sure that they will note all your suggestions and answer all of your questions. You can read more about this kind of services here.