My Essay for National Honor Society: Nobility Obligates


I want to start with a brief introduction, which will help my readers to understand all the specter of the emotions, which were in my soul at the moment, when I was announced that I had been chosen as a member of the National Honor Society. I had to tell about this in my Honor Society essay and I will do this, though a bit later.

What is the National Honor Society and why all the students of America go crazy over it?

The National Honor Society, which is also known as NHS, is a nationwide organization for the students, who are active, successful, smart, enthusiastic, and who know no limits in their goals achievement. It was established in 1921 and became the real dream for nearly all the American students. It is considered the best motivator for all the young, because a desire to be accepted into NHS makes students move the mountains. Are you dreaming about such a title too? Here are the counsels for you, which may help you to become closer to your dream.

Everything Is Possible

I looked through all the docs, which contained the recommendations for the students, who wanted to have such an honorable title. I had covered a long distance before my dream finally came true and I was given a right to wear the extra tassel on my graduation day.

How to become a member of the National Honor Society and make you parents and friends be proud of you? Is it possible to do this or it’s just a fantasy?

If you have a desire to succeed in life, you should remember one rule and always keep it in your head: never doubt in your powers and be sure that everything is really possible! Don’t you believe me and my words seem to be too fantastic? Are you really sure that I exaggerate the power of thought? My personal experience, which I described in my National Honor Society essay, will prove my theory. I hope it will make you find faith inside you and start moving towards your dream soon after my post will be read by you.

Yeah! I Did This!

There is no person, who knows nothing about the National Honor Society for the students of high schools. I guess everybody, who enters the University, follows an aim to become a member of this organization too.

I wasn’t an exception and I went mad each time, when I dreamt about such a perspective. I knew about NHS from my early years, because my older sister was given such a title long ago. I was a small girt at that time, but the thought about following my sister’s steps stuck in my head and troubled me until the age of my University entrance. I found one, which had an NHS chapter, and I started working at making my cherished dream come true. It was impossible for me to stay an ordinary student. I remembered happiness in my parents’ eyes when my sister came home and announced the news: she was chosen as the best student and her name was put on the list of those, who would become the members of the National Honor Society soon. The tears were running down my father’s cheeks and this fact impressed me to the very bottom of my heart. I wanted to make my parent feel so happy again. I knew that it was super important for them to be proud of both their children and I had no right to fail.

I am often asked whether it was extremely hard to achieve such a height. I always don’t know how to answer unambiguously. On the one hand, I was a leader by nature and I was always a very active and goal-oriented person, though on the other, my qualities were not enough and I had to be in constant self-development. It was impossible to stay at the same place for too long, I had to move forward quickly and make no stops. Yeah, it was not very easy, though soon such a rhythm soon became something ordinary for me. Maybe I will tell a trivial phrase, though one can get used to everything. It is really so.

Don’t Worry if You Can’t Cope with Your Essay Writing

My National Honors Society essay writing gave me a perfect opportunity to sink into the period of my life, which I considered the happiest one for me. I began to remember about these days and excitement invaded me again. I felt as worried and happy as I was on the day, when I was told, ‘Congratulations! You are a member of the National Honor Society.’

I did my best to compose this essay perfectly, because every member of NHS knows that ‘Nobility obligates!’ I had to be the best, I had to be an example for all those who looked at me and tried to do like me. It was not very easy, by the way, though I tried not to dishonor my reputation, which was really perfect.

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Please, don’t think that it is not a noble deed to buy an essay and not to fight for the right to compose it perfectly with no helpers. National Honors Society essays writing is really not an easy task and it may be too much for an ordinary student.

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