My Favorite Teacher Essay: Briefly About Childhood


I still remember my first visit to school and the teacher, who waited for me in the classroom. We were small kids and we were afraid of new experience that waited for us. When I started writing my favorite teacher essay, I had no shadow of doubt who would be the main heroine of it. The image of my first teacher is always in my head. It was my first idol, to whom I still try to look up.

My short prologue is for you to understand why I want to be a teacher essay was another topic, on which I wanted to reflect and stitch it with a story about my first teacher then.

Getting Older

The day, when I had to go to school for the first time, was a real festival for my parents, grandparents, and all the relatives, who adored their little girl. I was getting older and this fact made my admirers be a little sad.

This day was one of the most important for both my parents and me, though I was in panic and understood nothing. For them, it was the day, when their beloved child started making the first serious steps. For me, it was something new and unknown. This event is pictorialized and I look through the photos of my first day at school very often. I remember my father, who was equipped with a fancy Polaroid camera. It was so cool! He made photos one by one, because he wanted me to keep this event not only in my memory but also in my album for a long time. I am thankful to him for this. These photos always bring me a lot of positive emotions.

I wanted to dedicate my best teacher essay to a person, who was a perfect professional, who loved children with no ifs, ands, or buts. Each time when I look at my first picture with my teacher, I am dreaming about such a career too. I want to stand next to my pupils and get an enormous energy boost from their smiling faces and kind hearts. I know that their warmth will help me never to feel cold.

Teacher of the Year’s Qualities

No matter whether I start writing my why become a teacher essay or any other essay about teachers, all of them should be started with the words of thanks to my teacher for her ability to give me the target in life.

A question “Are all the teachers so adored by their pupils?” will be expected for me. I won’t be surprised if you interrupt me and pose it. It’s not very pleasant to admit, though a large amount of teachers can’t be allowed to choose this profession at all. Unfortunately, the statistics shows that not all those people, who decided to connect their lives with teaching, are kind, patient, and really child loving. It is not a secret that there are even the cases, when children were killed by the teachers. Such incidents are scandalous and the government should take measures to not allow such crimes again! All the parents should be unworried, when they deliver their kids into the teachers’ hands.

Thank God, a number of such psychotic teachers is small. There are still more great teachers and their good deeds and perfect breeding of the rising generation are really useful for any society.

What qualities do all great teachers have? The Washington Post can familiarize you with them. Just click the link and you will find top 12 main qualities and counsels how to conquer the pupils’ and their parents’ love. Do you want to be a teacher? Have you already chosen your profession and you are going to take a prize and a title “A teacher of the year”? Should you write the qualities of a good teacher essay but you don’t know how to start it?

The main qualities about which I wanted to mention in one of my teacher of the year essays are:

  • love;
  • kindness;
  • calmness:
  • stress resistance.

What is your opinion about the teachers? Do you have any counsel for those, who decided to choose this difficult but honorable way in life? Share your thoughts with the others in your teacher essay. Who knows, maybe your advice will help somebody to make the right choice.

I Give My Word of a Teacher!

I finished my why do you want to be a teacher essay. I reread it several more times. I was satisfied with the result. It told about my first teacher, about her lessons, her kind heart. I mentioned my parents, who tried to teach me to be big-hearted and not to let my anger offend people. I really wanted to be a teacher, though I knew that teaching was not just a job. It was a style of life, it was a special state of the soul, and it was a destiny. I knew my fate was predestined and I hoped that I was able to make this world a bit better than it was yesterday.

I was a person, who didn’t like to choose the easiest way to success. I knew it was possible to buy a favorite teacher essay or any other paper on the Internet and not to waste my time. I just had no right to act in such a way. It was pleasant for me to tell about my choice and to remember about my first teacher. My essay was my individual method how to pay my respect to the years, which she dedicated to us.

If your time is limited and you can’t spend it on your essay writing, don’t worry! The online writers will do it instead of you and their papers’ quality will be as good as mine. A lot of my friends do like that and they have no problems with their marks. A wide range of services can be rendered on the Net today and it is not a crime to command them. I give my word of a future teacher!