Night Elie Wiesel Essay: The Holocaust. Opinions. Real Story


Elie Wiesel was a wonderful man. Although life wanted to destroy him, he managed to survive and deliver a message of freedom to all his fellow-citizen. The book “Night” is a great contribution of this writer to the world literature. Humanity should know the truth. People often become too cruel. They close their eyes. They become blind to everything. Wiesel’s work opens the eyes of people. His sincerity touches many hearts. Even nowadays it is so painful to remember the events which happened in the past during the one of the cruelest wars in the world.

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Elie Wiesel Essay About The Holocaust

During the Second World War Jews were killed in huge numbers by Hitler and his followers. This period lasted almost 6 years. Hitler was an adherent to Theory of Evolution. According to the Theory people are divided into classes. Some of them belong to upper class some to the lower class. On the scheme of categories Aryans are one of the first classes while Jews are on the bottom and are considered not human beings but almost apes. For this reason, Hitler as a faithful follower of the Theory of Evolution knew what he had to do.

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The word “holocaust” means burning. That was a period when Jews were burnt and kept in concentration camps. This period Elie Wiesel has described in his book “Night”. Nazis killed Jews in many other ways. They gave them no chance to escape. However, they did not manage to kill all Jews. Many people survived and stayed alive. One of them was Elie Wiesel. Further, Jews migrated to the USA, some European countries, but others were inspired to go and inhabit the place of their ancestors’ living. You can find more detailed information on war and its horror in paper about war on this page:

During the War Hitler killed not only pure Jews but also those people who had Jews in their generations like grandfathers or grandmothers. A person was killed, if one of his parents was Jew. The Holocaust was a systematic massacre of Jews. Surely, Germany has already paid for the deeds of the previous generation. Still, Jews keep in memory the events of those days. There is a museum in Israel which “speaks out loud” about the Holocaust and pain of all Jews.

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How People View “Night”

It is the book about war. We have already told in Elie Wiesel Night Essay that the author experienced the treatment of Nazis in concentration camp. Although everyone knows that the Second World War took place and that it was a very harsh period, some people very criticize the work of Wiesel. We have prepared for you different opinions. Some opinions have been expressed by professional critics while others are just views of common readers.

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1. This is the truth which one should not trust. How could it be truth when literature which we read at school does not speak about those events in such a form? This book opens the eyes of people. Nowadays we live in time of freedom. We can freely speak and express our views. Now it is time to know what happened during the Holocaust. Even though it is difficult to read the story of the Jewish boy, it changes so much in our lives.

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2. We should keep ourselves and our kids far from this book. The author is too sincere. His story becomes very real when we read it. If you are too sensitive and emotional, it is better to avoid reading “Night”.

3. How it is annoying to read all these pages. It so tiresome and actually does not have any sense. This book is the next book about the killing of Jews.

4. This is a little story which says that sometimes people become less valuable than animals. No one should pray and ask God why it happens. It was a night for chosen and only several of them saw the light at the end.

5. This book is not expressed through feelings. It is a cold-blooded establishing of facts.

“Night” Is Real Story

“Night” is a very short story of a 15-year-old boy. It is the story of the eyewitness. It contains so much love and pain. It is almost unbearable horror of human cruelty. The boy loses all his family. Elie Wiesel has to live alone feeling the smog of burnt bodies of his mother and sister, with his dead father, and with his memory.

Nazis squeezed not only bodies but souls. People who stayed in concentration camps had two aims: to eat and not to lose the one who was near. Some of them took care only about food. Human cruelty was unlimited.

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The author describes the smog and prisoners. People fight for living. German guard is always hanging above prisoners. They give them no comfort. The boy thinks all the time about God and why He is keeping silent. Many critics say that Elie has lost his faith in God, but it is not true. Elie once has told that he has never lost his faith.

In one of interviews with Wiesel the author of “Night” told that he did not understand why God let things happen. Further, he was always argued over different things with God. Check our Essay On Faith. It will explain many things to you.

Jews in the period of Holocaust lived in order to get an extra spoon of soup and chunk of bread. They ate snow instead of water and were glad that their shoes were so dirty that nobody saw them. Otherwise, someone could take them away.

In “Night” the life throws the main hero to different camps and in the hands of different people. Some of them are cruel and others are good. They even show empathy. Read our essay on empathy here:

All in all, the boy manages to survive. This is the story of hunger to life, struggle, and despair.

 Although this topic is almost unending, we have to make a stop. We hope that Night By Elie Wiesel Essay have told you many necessary things. Read this book “Night”, if you know nothing about the Holocaust. Be ready to face very emotional and true story. People must know truth.

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