Pollution Essay: One Step Away From Disaster


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Air Pollution Essay

None of the today’s problems may be considered as serious as environmental pollution, which is killing life on the Earth slowly but steadily. Air, water resources, and nature around us are contaminated severely. Gases, smoke, and dust enter into the atmosphere and make the air, which each living being needs for life, unbreathable. Those, who are pretty sure that evaporation of harmful gases is not deathful, should see things in a more realistic light: by contaminating the atmosphere, we shorten our life time and make its quality even lower than unsatisfied.

The effect of air pollution has already become a crying problem. Respiratory and heart diseases caused by it mortify millions of people in the pride of years and prevent new individuals from coming into this world at all. Such words as global warming, acid rains, and depletion of ozone layer, which seemed to be just the movie producers’ figments of imagination several decades ago, are now the disasters of our time, the growth of which nobody is able to stop.

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Water Pollution Essay

Two thirds of our world’s surface is covered by water, though if one thinks that it is of crystal purity, a terrible disillusionment will wait for him. Oceans and seas, rivers and underground sources of drinking water are contaminated with humans so much that it becomes impossible to use this water with no preliminary treatment. Not only swimming in the sea has already become a dangerous fun, but just a simple desire to take a gulp of tap water may lead into trouble.

Chemicals that are used in agriculture, sewage, rubbish, and all the other waste products that are spewed out into the water don’t make our world cleaner and our health stronger. Add the acid rains and polluted rainfalls, which fall on us, and the horrifying picture will make your body shake with fear.

Each water basin, each continent’s coast, and water world are deeply contaminated by the human wastes. Water pollution is a growing problem and unwillingness to solve it may lead to very many animals species loss and our planet dying-out.

The way out of this circle, which seems to be vicious, is still open. We just need to understand the global consequences of our everyday activity and stop leading such a way of life as if there wouldn’t have been any next generations after us.

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Noise Pollution Essay

Today’s life can’t be called just noisy. It is super loud from time to time. When the dogs’ barking, neighbors’ music, and traffic whir from the passing-by cars and trams start annoying you and cause a terrible headache, habitual noise is tending to be turned into a noise pollution.

One may rebel against such a statement and say that our life and environment around us is impossible without noise. What is about the natural sources of sounds such as wind blowing, water flowing, and wild animals’ cries that are very loud from time to time? Noise is everywhere, though when it becomes too strong and ear-shredding and its notes start being unnatural, our ears suffer from excessive overloading.

In fact, noise is everywhere. Even a common intention to spend your evening sitting in the comfortable armchair in silence may be turned into a torture for you. Beeping of electrical appliances at home, cracking of timber floor, and dripping faucet are able to drive you mad. It is needless to mention the power of noise, which is produced by plants, factories, and heavy vehicles operating. Sometimes it seems that our heads become twice as bigger and one more sound is able to evoke explosion.

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