Pride And Prejudice Essay. How To Marry Well


I guess I will not be original if I say that “Pride and Prejudice” is one of my favorite books, and I can reread again and again because it is one of those stories that never gets old. I’m sure I will return to this novel. That is why I decided to write an essay on Pride and Prejudice. I wrote it with the help of college essay writer. If you don’t know where to find an essay writing service with the best quality, use our website.

All we need is love

So, let’s start Pride and Prejudice essay. The plot is very simple. The story is about unexpected news that Netherfield Park will rent a young man whose name is Bingley with an income of four or five thousand a year and everyone become worried because of it. And most importantly is that he’s single! This event also brings in the excitement Mrs. Bennet, who immediately decided that this is a good case for her daughters because she was sure that Mr. Bingley will fall in love and then marries one of her five daughters. At the ball, Bingley meets one of the daughters of Mr. Bennet – Jane. But their history is not the main here! Bingley arrives with his friend Mr. Darcy who is handsome, rich and very proud. He is immediately recognized as arrogant and unpleasant person. His friend Bingley suggests Darcy dance with one of the girls, and Jane’s sister Elizabeth attracts his attention. And from this moment begins the story of Elizabeth and Darcy. So, love. It is the love story that attracts more readers to open the book and dive into the wonderful world of Jane Austen.

In the novel, there are a lot of different characters, and about everyone it is interesting to read. Jane Austen thought over the characters to the smallest detail. Some of them realize their mistakes, while others remain ignorant and nothing changes them. It is an easy and pleasant novel. This book left so many bright feelings. It was not boring for a minute, even though the plot is interesting it is not dynamic. There is no intrigue and the mystery that is puzzled. There is just showed the feelings of the characters, description of the relationship, whether friendship or love, family relationships, the mores of that time. I liked the thoughts of the characters, which still do not lose their relevance. And to this day the novel does not lose its popularity and many people reread this book even now. The characters are different and very interesting. I decided to write Pride and Prejudice essay prompts about the Bennet family. There was a not very smart mother Mrs. Bennet who is like a zombie constantly repeats one phrase: “we need to marry off our daughters”.  Very funny father Mr. Bennet who humbles with his exceptional family that consists only of ladies. Daughters are one “better” that other. Jane is the epitome of kindness; she is about 23 years old, the eldest and most beautiful daughter of the family. But then Jane is distinguished by the ability to hide her feelings. And it brought her many sorrows. Mary rejoices her wit and erudition. Kitty is a coquette who absolutely does not think about her life, constantly flirting with officers. Lydia is a person who is madly irritated me with her behavior. I can’t say anything good about her. I think she deserved such a fate. And after such life, maybe she will understand the absurdity and stupidity of her action. And there is two more character about whom I want to tell more detailed. It is Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

Elizabeth Bennet is pretty and not stupid in contrast to her younger sisters and mother. She is cheerful and not devoid of common sense and applies to everything with a sense of humor (probably she got that from her dad), openly expresses her thoughts and feelings. Although in some moments she annoyed me because sometimes considered herself and her thoughts about life better than others. Also, it was very difficult to convince her. She often judged people by first impressions. She attributed the vices of some people with amazing ease, without even thinking to find justification for them, considering these shortcomings humiliating. However, she was able after some time to admit her mistakes. Precisely because of that she is different from other girls she attracted Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy – is a polite young man but too proud. At first glance, it seems that he is uncommunicative, harsh, but on closer acquaintance, it becomes clear that he is very thoughtful and generous. I liked the fact that he’s not pretending to talk about love. But in the end, he admitted his mistakes and did not depend on the opinions of others. And he did everything for the happiness of Elizabeth and he even didn’t know if the feeling was mutual.  And in the end, they changed each other for the better and it changed their whole life. And if it is interesting for you, you can read my previous essay on life changing experience.

The novel describes the complications of the relationship between young people because in the early 19th century it was not easy to arrange a personal life. All decorum and rules of etiquette must be observed, and girls from the lower circle who hope for happiness with a wealthy gentleman were very brave. But love conquers all the conventions and breaks the boundaries! My essay on prejudice proves it. By the way, if you like books about love I have one more interesting essay for you. Read my essays In Love of Alain de Botton.

“The first lady” of English literature

From Pride and Prejudice essays I got know that Austen began work on “Pride and Prejudice” when she just turned twenty-one. At first the novel was called “First Impressions”. But the publishers of the manuscript didn’t accept the novel and it was postponed by the author for many years. “Pride and Prejudice”, first and foremost, is a deeply realistic depiction of the characters and manners of English society.

Austen sometimes admires Darcy. She admires his intelligence, strength of character, ability to love, but it doesn’t prevent her from convincingly to show how much the prejudice, arrogance and pride possess him. Elizabeth is certainly one of her favorite characters. Jane Austen is able to convince the reader in the nobility of feelings of Miss Bennet, and in the originality of her mind, and in prudence, but then shows how often she mistakes, because it is difficult for her to break her pride.

The entire text of the novel is imbued by the irony. It paints the dialogues, defines the hidden meaning of casual observations, suggests assessment of the actions and the attitude of the writer towards people. So, the stupidity of Mrs. Bennet becomes obvious from the first pages of the novel in one short dialogue of matronly lady with her spouse. Austen didn’t “copy” the life, but very strictly adhered to what she saw around him. For fear of clichés in language and style, she avoided the banality of melodrama and subjected to merciless ridicule the pathos and sensitivity.

This is a story about how pride and prejudice prevent people to have an adequate idea about each other. And also about how terrible can be the members of your family – tactless, stupid, with exclusively middle-class interests. But love can overcome this and Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy will be happy together. Hope you liked my Pride and Prejudice critical essay.