Roaring Twenties Essay: The Era of Changes


Every century has its peculiarities. Isn’t it interesting to know how people used to live in the past? There is the whole study that comprises global events. It is called History. In every school it is taught as a subject. It is always very useful to know serious events from the past that had a big influence. In this Roaring Twenties Essay we will discuss fascinating things of the past century.

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1920s was an unbelievable period in the world’s history. It was the era of prosperity and global changes in every field of cultural, social, and economy life. While talking about the decade, most people think about the USA only. Actually, it covered not only this country. Roaring twenties entered Western Europe, German, Great Britain, Canada, and France. Some people say that it was too much as for the aftermath of the First World War. For these reasons, the end of the blossom years came unexpectedly. It was smashed so severely. Many people suffered. What happened next most people know as the Great Depression.

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Innovations of Roaring Twenties

1. Economy. It grew very fast during those years. One can compare it to the yeast that makes dough to rise. The main role in all this played consumer goods which were sold with incredible speed. The USA started it greatly. It gave a nice push to all European countries. So, the prosperity in economy captured Western world as well. Although the World War I had a huge impact on the nearest to Germany countries, the blossom of economy happened in 1924.

When men returned home from the war, they had enough money. One should know that during any war a country rearranges factories to produce military goods. Even though the same thing happened to America, they spent not much time to change factories into producers of customer goods.

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2. Technology and new products. Flow production made it possible for a middle class to buy new products. We are talking mostly about technology. It was a luxury to have a car before 1920s. Everything changed with the beginning of a continuous production. People could afford it. That was a huge contribution to the welfare of the whole society. Dreams came true. It was a common thing to have a car. Automobile industry grew faster and faster. Such companies as Ford could sell more than 14 million of a particular vehicle model. The industry had an impact on other elements of economy, such as motel building, production of steel, and roadway building.

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The popularity of radio was the same as TV nowadays. Although it was expensive, radio had its economic influence and value. It started a new age of advertising. Hollywood did not miss its chance and shocked everyone shading an old way of entertainment. To watch a movie was a cheap pleasure. Crowds of people rushed to theaters and movie places. They were delighted by a new curiosity.

3. New foundations. Since the new technology grew, and its popularity was huge, the need in modern infrastructure was extremely large. The government decided to finance all new foundations. The automobile industry demanded reconstruction of roads into highways. It was a crucial moment.

In 1920s also started the period of electrification. Most institutions began to use electricity instead of an old coal power method. In the USA people made an immense amount of electric stations. One more essential thing was added: the telephone. Its lines connected one edge of the country with another. Every house had now its own plumbing. All sewer systems were upgraded.

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4. The growth of the population. Big cities became an attractive piece of a pie. People abandoned small towns and moved to Chicago or New York. The new way of life due to modern techniques drew much of attention. In metropolitans people built skyscrapers. Finance and insurance institutions increased in size and needed new workers. Secretarial job became available and attractive for women. They occupied offices mainly working as typists and administrators.

5. Legal rights for women. It is not a secret that by the 1920s women were fighting for the right to vote. There were different illegal organizations. Women organized meetings and discussions. Although usually all participants were punished and arrested, women did not stop to protest. So, in 1920 the government signed a document according to which women were allowed to vote.

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6. New art. Art Deco became a new stream of art that burst during roaring twenties. It influenced many countries. One can search on the Internet what wonderful things were born by the new art. Its contribution to the world culture is great. There are many fans of Art Deco all around the world. This term is a synonym to word richness and prosperity. That is why it was so popular during golden 1920s. New York’s tallest buildings were made according to Art Deco. They are the most recognizable. The main function of this style is to show the fame and power of those people who live or work in such a building.

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7. Dance clubs. Roaring twenties are associated with all new and bright things. Dance is another innovation of those years. Suddenly America was filled with dancing clubs. Classical dances were vanished by new moves. A new dance was based on African-American music. Broadway shows contributed much to its popularity. It gained wide fame among society. The new dance had a big impact on music. These two streams of art were developing at the same time.

8. Age of Jazz. Since young people wanted to dance, they needed music. Jazz gave freedom. Despite its immoral message (like old people used to say), it influenced the country. One of the reasons of its big impact was broadcasting. We can sell essay online about jazz and freedom.

People in America could easily listen to jazz on the radio. Musicians played jazz in dance clubs and dancing halls. It became an integral part of the culture.

9. New look of a woman. We remind you that women got the right to vote. Also, they obtained positions which gave them more freedom and independence. Women desired more. Previous centuries put on them heavy burdens and many things were banned for them. New era gave them a chance to change the situation. A new woman arose. Her name was a flapper. She wore short dress, smoked, and used rude words. New clothes emphasized the sexuality of a woman. It was a new and full of freedom way of life. Women wished to get what was hidden from them during many centuries. They did not want to be bound again. Women desired power in all aspects of their lives.

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