Stop Addiction: Popular Alternatives To Tea And Coffee


Let’s begin with coffee first. For everyone, and especially for coffee lovers, this information will be very useful.

Coffee is truly amazing product!

  • Insects do not appreciate this divine drink; they can not stand even its smell. If you scatter dry ground coffee beans in the places favored by ants, you can easily get rid of them. They will leave looking for other more peaceful place. And if you set on fire used ground coffee, its smoke can repel flies and wasps.
  • Coffee can also help you with your disobedient cat. If your pet uses every place it likes as its toilet you should do the following: mix ground coffee with dry milled orange peel. Spread this fragrant mixture over the places which you cat uses as a toilet and then enjoy the result.
  • coffee grounds is also used as a shampoo from fleas. Wash your pet with ordinary flea shampoo and then rub its fur with coffee grounds mixed with water. Thoroughly rinse your pet and in such a way you will not only get rid of the fleas, but also your pet’s fur will become soft, silky and fragrant. It is easy to do this procedure with a short hair dog, but if the hair is long, you should rinse it very properly and maybe even a couple of times.
  • Used coffee will help you to clean your fireplace or a stove. Before start cleaning the fireplace or the stove, you should put there wet coffee grounds, it can protect you from ashen dust.
  • Coffee is a perfect component for sachets. Just put such an fragrant bag in the wardrobe with clothes and linen, and your clothes not only will smell nice, but they will be saved from uninvited insects, such as moths. It is not difficult to make the coffee sachets. All you need is to put some freshly ground coffee in a linen bag.
  • Coffee can help you to remove scratches from dark wooden furniture. You need to dilute coffee grounds with hot water to the consistency of gruel and then rub it into the scratches. Of course coffee must be very finely ground.
  • You can mix coffee with glycerin (proportion 1:1) and wipe black leather items, such as handbags or gloves; you can refresh the product and give it a beautiful gloss. Also you can just wipe any leather surface with soft cloth or cotton swab moistened with a very strong coffee.
  • Sometimes new leather handbag has not very pleasant smell. You can get rid of it by spreading ground coffee all over the handbag and leave like this for a couple of hours of for the whole day, it would be even better. Do not forget that this option is suitable only for bags made of dark leather.
  • Used coffee is a perfect fertilizer for plants that love acidic soil. These are rose bushes, and azaleas, and rhododendrons and lilies, as well as many evergreen shrubs. Feed them with coffee grounds, they are very fond of it.
  • Coffee wonderfully cleans ashtrays, it eliminates the unpleasant smell. Pour into a dirty ashtray some coffee, wipe it with a damp cloth and rinse.
  • Coffee not only eliminates the unpleasant smells, but also does not allow them to mix. This coffee quality is used by placing a bit of dried coffee grounds in the refrigerator
  • Moreover coffee is excellent colourant. With its help you can paint almost everything – from hair to eggs (Easter eggs I mean). Even our grandmothers used to rinse their hair with coffee.

Now a cup of tea maybe? But do not hurry to through away used tea leaves or tea bag in the trash. You already know that a lot of products is not just food, so as tea is not just a drink. Let’s see how we can use tea at home.

  • The most widespread use of tea bags is as a compress to make tired eyes relax. Soak tea bags in ice cold water or just put them in water and leave it for a while in the fridge. Tea not only removes the redness and swelling, but also soothes tired eyes.
  • Tea will help you when you have a bruise. Put a freshly brewed, but cooled down black tea bag on the injured place and bruise will disappear much faster. For better result we recommend you to make the 20 minute compress twice a day.
  • Tea can be used as a remedy for sunburn. Wet tea bags relieve sunburn pain, and if burned the whole body, take a bath of tea.
  • Also tea helps with razor cuts. Wet tea bag can reduce and soothe aching razor cut.
  • It is useful to wash you face with green tea if you have acne.
  • If you have problems in the oral cavity tea helps as well. Painful sores in the mouth can heal up without any help, but if you want to make the process faster, soak a tea bag in water, and then bite it and hold for a while. Getting on the sore places, tea will ease the pain and quicken the healing. The same method can help you to stop bleeding from pulled out or lost tooth.
  • Use tea to make your breath fresh. Strong tea rinsing reduces bad breath.
  • Use tea in sauna. When you spill tea on the stones in the sauna it fills the steam with the smells of herbs. Choose the tea herbs according to the purpose. If you want to make the steam useful for the health, you should take into consideration the following: green tea improves skin condition, if it has scratches, sores or hives. If you want to relax and reduce stress, use tea of chamomile, valerian root and yellow or black tea.
  • Tea helps with sweating of the feet. Perform the following procedure before going to bed – put your feet in warm tea for 10-15 minutes, and then wipe them with the towel.
  • Tea perfectly absorbs odors. Use this tea feature to eliminate the unpleasant smell of hands after peeling fish or garlic. You can also deodorize the refrigerator and trash using tea bags, just put them there. And putting tea bags of lavender or other herbal tea into the pockets of car seat covers, you get a natural air freshener.
  • Put used dry tea around your pet’s bed and you will get rid of the fleas, and smoke from the burning tea leaves can make the mosquitoes go away. The moth also does not like tea, so just put green tea in the small bags and place them on the wardrobe shelves.
  • Tea is an excellent organic fertilizer that contains a variety of nutrients. Remember that it is forbidden to put wet tea leaves to the soil in large quantities; it can cause the formation of rot and mildew of plants. Use of tea leaves as feeding efficiently stimulates plant growth.
  • If you are allergic to detergents, tea can be used for washing dishes. With the help of tea bags you can remove dirt and grease from mirrors, glass, floors, kitchen countertops and unpainted wooden furniture. Remember that after the cleaning the surface should be wiped dry, because tea is a good natural dye.
  • You can use tea to paint lace and macramé products. Strong tea gives a beautiful shade of beige to lace napkins, tablecloths, and articles of macramé. It is not difficult to do it – brew 2 table spoons of tea in a liter of boiling water, add 2 teaspoons of salt and cook on low heat for 2-3 minutes. Put there the object you want to paint and leave them for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the objects in cold water with vinegar.
  • Tea gives a beautiful color to Easter eggs. There should be about 4 tablespoons of dry tea per liter of water. The eggs should be boiled for 10-15 minutes, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar in order to make the shell colour better.
  • A lot of people know that tea can be used as a natural dye for dark hair. Mix rosemary, sage, black tea and leave it overnight. Strain and rub thoroughly into the hair. If needed repeat the procedure again.
  • A strong black tea added to the dough gives it brown colour, and makes the pastries ruddier.
  • Did you know that among other things tea makes us smarter? It is proved that contained in tea caffeine increases mental abilities.

Now you know that coffee and tea are not just drinks, they can be extremely useful and used for different purposes. If this essay has been informative for you, visit our website then. There you will find a lot of essays on any topic you want. Besides you can order essay online. In this case you will get great original essay. Do you still have questions? Our team will help you any time.