Texting And Driving Essay: Driving Blind


A lot of teens are dreaming of being cool and driving their fathers’ cars themselves. What can be more attractive than a young man, who is cruising about the city and driving the expensive car boldly? Getting the hands on the parents’ auto and buying his own one then is the cherished dream of nearly every young man. Unfortunately, not all of them remember that any transportation vehicle is not luxury and comfort only. When you take the wheel, the first thing, which you should remember about, is that any of your careless movements is able to inflict the tragic consequences for both the driver and the other road users. My argumentative essay on texting and driving will explain all the truth about the risks, which are waiting for everybody, who is going to take a little drive.

When I entered the University, my father kept his promise to give me some driving lessons. I thought that I needed just a couple of them, because I was sure that whirling the wheel was the only movement, which a driver should be able to do perfectly. The only thing, which I understood at once, was that the theory was much easier than the practice itself. My dream to become a skilled driver broke up on the great number of rules, which every driver should follow with no question. It was too difficult for me. When I got in the non-serious accident and crashed against a tree, the following thought went through my mind:  driving was a too serious business, which was able to do irreparable damage. I was a too poor driver. I thought that the world was in safety until I was at home, so I decided to wait for some time and not to hasten to become a driver myself.

Cell Phones and Driving

Being aware of the traffic rules is not enough to drive well. There are a lot of distracting moments, which are able to put both the driver and the pedestrians in danger.

A long list of the things, which may distract a driver off the road and make him lower his guard, comprises: texting, speaking on the cell phone, talking to nearby passengers, reading, switching of the radio waves, drinking and eating. A lot of people are pretty sure that the biggest trouble, which may happen at the wheel, is caused by a drunk driver. In fact, texting while driving is the main reason, why the biggest part of the accidents happens.

The enormous popularity of the electronic devices let people communicate wherever they are. The habits to be on the phone at school, at the office, or at the shop, result in getting of low grades, being late for work, or buying not all the necessary products from the list.

The statistics shows that in 2015 25% of the car crashes happened because of using of the phones while driving. 97% of young men don’t doubt the fact that texting is a too dangerous thing if to do this while being at the wheel, though nearly 45% of them didn’t stop doing this. Why are people so indifferent to their lives? Unfortunately, most of the drivers are sure that such a catastrophe as a car accident will never happen to them and they know perfectly how to be multitasking. The researchers are sure that only 2% of those, who are composing the messages while driving or doing any other manipulations with his phone, are really able to switch their attention between the phone and the road. There is even no desire to think what happened to another 98% of the drivers…

Every Second Counts

Each new message, which comes to a driver, makes him take his eyes off the road. If you don’t know how much time a driver needs to compose even a short reply or just to read SMS, here is the answer: a person spends minimum 5 seconds on texting. Of course, one may think that it is too much to get into accident, though even one second may be enough to plunge to death. Those, who are driving blind, create an extremely dangerous situation on the road, in which even the innocent people may be hurt or even killed.

Despite the statistical data, 77% of the teens are pretty sure that texting and driving brings no harm. 55% of young people just smile and say that texting while driving is super easy and they do this brilliantly.

More than 1,6 million accidents happen because of texting and driving each year and more than 10 teenagers die on the road daily. The researchers are sure that driving while being drunk is not as dangerous as being distracted.

I don’t think that anybody will dare to doubt the fact that using of the smartphones and various other devices while driving not should but MUST be banned all over the world! Even if anybody is sure that it is his own business whether to text at the wheel or not, and the law, which forbids to use the phone, restricts the freedom, in fact, it is not so! Every person, who appears on the road, must remember that any of his actions may provoke the very tragic consequences.

Not all the countries consider texting while driving the crime, for which the drivers should bear responsibility. In fact, the penalty for using the phones while driving must be adopted everywhere and they must be very strict! Any driver, who is going to take the phone into the hand, should remember that it may cost him minimum several thousand dollars and maximum several years behind the bars.

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