The Great Gatsby Essay. Love or Life?


In this essay on the great Gatsby we will deal with the life of main character of the masterpiece. Is it all as tragic as it seems? The great Gatsby is one of the best works of the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The main purpose of Fitzgerald is to debunk the American dream in the novel. What is the "American dream"? In the Great Gatsby American dream essay we can determine it as the desire of the lightning success and get rich quick. And most importantly, happiness and wealth are identical for people who profess the tenets of this "American dream". Fitzgerald proves that the person who all his life put on the material goods does not become happier about it, but on the contrary, loses its own self, his spiritual world and as a consequence the desire to live a full life. The author shows the tragedy of a man who all his life aspired to wealth, which in the end led to his death.

Who is who?

Let's start our Great Gatsby essay with the main character. Gatsby is a typical hero of a novel. He lives by the laws of romance, as is evidenced by its unconditional service and devotion to his lady of the heart, faith in spiritual sincerity and purity of his beloved, the willingness to sacrifice for her. A native of North Dakota, the son of poor farmers, James Gatz, as the author writes "invented a Jay Gatsby in full accordance with the tastes and notions of a seventeen year old boy and remained faithful to this fiction to the end". Once he got on board of the luxury yacht, the splendor of which so struck the imagination of farmer's son, that he vowed to himself to become as rich as the yacht owner. The other momentous event of this youth was the passion of a young aristocrat Daisy. Instilling a love for "the beautiful lady", he decides to become rich, fame and take a heart of Daisy. Turning from the ordinary James Gatz in businessman with the alleged education of Oxford, he arrives in New York. There his insatiable worship of wealth become quickly successful, the expression of which is the palace in a prestigious area of Long Island and almost every day he throws lavish parties for local celebrities. Gatsby himself at the beginning of the novel is a rather mysterious person. Both guests and neighbors don't know what the purpose of these parties. It is also unknown the origin of the capital of the owner, mysterious Gatsby, but it obviously does not bother anyone. Many friends of Gatsby were spreading gossip about him like he was a German spy, the nephew of the Hindenburg, and even an escaped murderer. Nobody knows that all these grand parties of an eccentric rich man are for attracting the attention of his first and the biggest love Daisy. Now she is the wife of Tom Buchanan, the nearest neighbor of Gatsby. In the end, Gatsby achieves his main purpose in life and secretly takes hold of Daisy, just as he acquired the fashion closet, elegant car and a luxury palace on the coast. But the final of rapidly-ephemeral rise to wealth and happiness absurdly tragic: he is killed by husband of Tom Buchanan mistress. The tragedy of life is that he was alien to that class to which he dreamed and tried to join. The Gatsby is doomed to loneliness. He was alone in life when he was abandoned by his guests stood on the shore and at evenings wistfully gazing at the distant green light at the house of Buchanan. And he was lonely after his death that none of the countless “friends and acquaintances”, including his "beautiful lady", did not come to take his last journey. So, after reading this Great Gatsby analysis essay, analyzing all the events in the life of the main character, his origins, purpose of existence, the path to it, the attitude of the woman, the attitude of others, we found out the main reasons for the collapse of Gatsby.

Reverse side of the coin

To the ordinary reader it may seem that life is so unfair to Gatsby. He quit, and the most important thing that a girlfriend had betrayed him. Dreams will not come true. BUT! Let's analyze. Gatsby is a common thug and a crook. This is what we learn when Tom Buchanan inquired about it and told about it to all. Hence it becomes clear whence all the Gatsby’s riches came. Of course he is a smart man. No one disputes that. But he is a dishonest. This is a fact! He lives not fair to others, but it doesn’t care the reader, after all, the main thing that Gatsby is in love and he is a romantic. So the audience forgives him only on the basis that he has a dream. What happened in the end of the book? Gatsby along with Daisy killed a girl. Gatsby is also guilty. He shouldn’t let the girl behind the wheel in a state of depression and drive at high speed. So the blame for the death of the girl lies on both of them. The fact that they did not stop and left the place of incident confirms that Gatsby is not so good man. So we see in fact that he is an “unworthy man”. He could guess that the blame will hang on his "beloved", especially because there were plenty of witnesses. She must be punished. Gatsby died because of it. The only one who is more or less decent character is Tom. First, he does honest business. At least, book and film didn’t say the opposite. Second, he is really honest and honorable to Daisy. He gave her the position in society, a comfortable life, gave love and care.

There are a lot of Great Gatsby essays in the internet. But we hope that you draw conclusions and understand from this essay that "Great Gatsby" is a story about the "exemplary" American boy who is confused and who is not fortunate in life. Gatsby was at the First World War, he was courage, strength, steadfastness. The son of poor parents had paved since childhood the way to society for building his own career, worried about his future. F. S. Fitzgerald is trying to prove that the "American dream" is tragic, because its problems are unsolvable. It debunks this popular societal myth about the success of each and every, about the ease of a "way up" in American bourgeois society. The ideal image of the "American dream" fades and then gets distorted. And then will be distorted a picture of the personality in the light of the national ideal. Greed of success and social connection absorb man, but he like the "Great" Gatsby believes in the illusion to end.

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