The Pain Of A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Essay


A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings is a novel of the Colombian writer, Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez and was written in 1968.

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That seems that everything in the story is fantastic, but it is actually very real. Around us, many people who wish to earn money on the miracle and just as many people who are willing to pay this money. But none of them notice the miracle, the most important one. And after reading this story I began to raise my head to look at the sky – what if I see somewhere big wings. But I would not want an angel fell from the sky into our world. It is better to be a free bird, than a bird locked in a cage for the amusement of the people. Maybe that is why miracles sometimes bypass our world. People are cruel too often and if you read the empathy essay the world will become better. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is a very deep work. That is why I decided to write this A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings essay.  

An angel in the hell

This is a poignant story about an angel that accidentally fell to earth. He looked not as people used to draw angels in their imagination. He was old, bald, with broken and plucked wings and even didn’t know the divine language – Latin. He didn’t do miracles, he was wrong, but still an angel. From all over the world stretched the endless procession of hunters to stare at the wondrous miracle that was locked in the Pelayo’s coop and sly Elisenda stuffed her pockets with money, turning the angel in the bait. People had curiosity, misunderstanding, doubt, fear, and then they went to the angel to be treated by him, each with their own problems and people wanted a miracle. But no one cares about the angel. It was hard for him to live in that house. And he couldn’t heal people. In describing the feebleness and helplessness of the angel, the author emphasized the lack of compassion in people, their cruelty and savagery with which they treated to this amazing creation. Those who believed in his healing power also roughly treated with him. The author told us about the behavior of ordinary people in a society in which got an extraordinary person that didn’t have the appropriate appearance.  

Conventionally, I can divide the story into three parts:

1) The advent of the angel. The first part talks about miracles. When the angel was found on the shore, he was taken for the sailor at first or the victim of the shipwreck of the vessel. Unusual was only that he had wings. The rest of the miracle turned out to be quite ordinary.

2) Life in the coop. In the second part we see people who found the angel and began to profit at his expense.

3) The angel flies away. And at the final part the angel, who fell to the sandy beach, acquires sufficient strength to escape from his exploiters and at the same time benefactors.

So, do people need real angels? May angels be simply the old creature who needs care? If they have wings – they are definitely angels. But how do angels look like? They are beautiful, fragrant, radiant and wise. Perfect, in general. But if they are old, frumpy, bald and sick they are bad angels! Wrong angels! They must sit in the filthy chicken coop, while it will not fall apart. Believers are rarely having a faith, which is so important in this case because who can say for sure that the man with wings is an angel and not a strange sailor or resident from abroad? No one can count on respect, though has wings and it will be only an occasion to take a look.  What is the idea of the story? In the behavior of the old man I saw the allegory of the attitude toward old people in general. Who needs helpless old people? What is the issue? Just to show cruelty to old aged people. Just to use and throw out. That’s all. Read this persuasive essay about bullying, I hope you will learn a lot from this. I think by this story the author encourages people to be kinder, perhaps, even heartier. Anyway, all the works of Marquez are heartbreaking.

Colombian writer

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the Colombian writer-novelist, journalist, publisher and politician. He is the winner of Neustadt Prize for Literature (1972) and Nobel Prize for literature (1982). Also, he is a representative of the literary direction of “magical realism”. At the age of eight after the death of his grandfather, Marquez leaves Aracataca and studying in the orphanage in Zipaquira. Here, he tries to write at first. In 1946, Marquez entered the Law Department of the University in Bogota.

The first Marquez’s story was published in 1947, but the author did not think to make literature the main line of his study. But the career of a lawyer also didn’t attract him very much and soon he refused it and turned to journalism. In 1954, Marquez moved to Bogota, continued to work in the newspaper taking part in political activities and in July 1955 as a correspondent of the newspaper “El Espectador” he arrived in Europe. From Rome Marquez moved to Paris. A coup that occurred in his homeland forced him to stay in the French capital. Here Marquez created a story “Nobody Writes to the Colonel”, the first version of which he ended up in 1956, and a separate edition of the book coming out in 1961. “Nobody Writes to the Colonel” is a story about loneliness and stoic man against the absurdity of existence, poverty, hunger and weakness, bureaucratic indifference, about his unwavering faith in the triumph of justice. After that he had many great works.

He died on April 17, 2014 at the age of 87 at his home in Mexico City. In the regard of the writer’s death the Colombian authorities declared three-day mourning. The President of Colombia – Juan Manuel Santos left a message on his page in the social network where he expressed his solidarity and condolences to Gabo and his family. Last time writer appeared at the public in March 2014 when he left his home to communicate with journalists and fans who were celebrating his birthday.

Garcia Marquez is a brilliant writer. He conveyed so subtly the human nature, the cruelty of the people towards the weaker man. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is a magical story about us, about people, about our expectations and fears of the supernatural.

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