To Be A Childfree Is Normal


The choice to be a childfree is normal, but because of this choice people have to endure a lot. Recently people have learned to control their reproductive system without harming the health. And then there appeared childfree people who broke the centuries-old pattern. It turns out that people can live like that! The life without children is not worse and can be even better. In this essay I will prove it and here you will find what advantages and disadvantages can face people who are childfree. Use our website if you have a problem writing essays. There you will contact with an advanced essay rewriter who turns your existing content into unique essays.

Who are childfree?

Childfree are people who live without children. Such people can be divided into two groups. The most famous researcher Jean Veevers did it in a next way:

  • Those who do not like children;
  • Those whose life is just fine without children;

How many of them in the world – nobody knows. In general, there are from 5% to 30% of childfree people depending on the country. But to count just ideological childfree people is impossible, because it is necessary to separate them from those whom circumstances have not allowed to have a baby. And also the attitude of the person can change. In one of the studies, people were interviewed with a break of 6 years and a quarter of respondents changed their views over time.

Why do they do it?

The main reason is that they just don’t want to have children. Why? There a lot of options and this decision is totally up to them. Thus, we have gradually come to advantages of life without children:

  1. No additional liability and problems. The birth and upbringing of a child is a long and laborious process. When a woman gives birth to a baby, parents will face a huge responsibility for the life, health and harmonious development of the child. And not every person is ready to take this responsibility for many reasons that are visible only to him or her.
  2. Free time. Instead of spending time with the baby, people can travel across countries, to study foreign languages and cultivate personal skills. In other words, people are not limited and completely free in their actions.
  3. Career growth. This reason is typical for women. It cannot be denied that the birth of a child adversely affects career growth of women. Paying a lot of time to the family and to the baby, anyway, there will be a decrease in the career.
  4. A good physical shape. Of course, we are talking about a woman’s body. Pregnancy and childbirth rarely don’t leave consequences for the health and physical form of women: there is the excess weight, stretch marks; the condition of skin, hair, teeth could become worse because of a lack of vitamins and minerals. By the way, not only pregnant women have such problems, how to keep smile brilliant essay is for those, who need some tips in this issue. Of course, in most cases, these unpleasant consequences women can avoid or minimize. But they have to put a lot of effort. And not every woman is willing to do it.
  5. Money. The maintenance of children is expensive, sometimes very expensive. Stories of families in which children are born in spite of meager finances – the best contraceptive and visual propaganda for the childfree.
  6. Psychological problems in the family. People often feel a headache because of a crying baby. That is why a person becomes irritable and family members quarrel a lot. And also the first few month parents will not sleep enough, and it impacts negatively on the organism.
  7. Fear. There are a lot of fears: childbirth, pregnancy, change of status, changes in relationships, financial difficulties and hundreds of myths surrounding childbirth.

It is bad to discuss someone else’s personal life. This applies both childfree opponents and people who are free from children. But whatever it is, it would be useful to mention the disadvantages of living without children. If you need more information about this issue, then ask our professionals about it. You will find them on our website, and also you will find there all the information about services and price.  

  1. Loneliness in old age. What could be worse in old age than the feeling of loneliness and the realization that you are unnecessary? Probably nothing. Those who hold childfree positions, in most cases, rely on their relatives, social services or hired workers (nanny, aide, medical nurses). But relatives have their own care, social services are indifferent to people’s problems, and nurses are not always doing their job well. And so it is the risk to remain alone in old age.
  2. Partial self-realization. For any person, men or women, a realization in various spheres of life is very important and realization oneself as a parent perhaps is one of the most important. Even with success in other fields, whether it is a personal life or career, there can be a feeling of incomplete self-realization because of the voluntary renunciation of the birth and upbringing of a child. It, in turn, contributes to the development of the different complexes, psychological crises and most importantly to permanent dissatisfaction.
  3. Conflicts in the family (relationship). For a supporter of the childfree, it is quite difficult to find a close person who shares his beliefs. To build relationships with a person who doesn’t support this position in life is impossible – such a relationship has no future. Sooner or later in the family will be a stage when the couple decides to have a baby. And if one of them does not aspire to it, there will be conflicts in the family, which in most cases lead to divorce.
  4. Health problems. Scientific studies have proven that women who did not give birth and didn’t breastfeed were much more at risk of developing a breast cancer and the essay on breast cancer mentioned this.

It has long been observed that the birth rate is inversely dependent on the level of life. The highest birth rate is in the countries that provide high-level conditions for the existence. In addition, the modern woman, as a rule, doesn’t want to be a housewife and wants more to self-actualize not only as a mother. So, to be childfree in our modern world is normal. It is neither good nor bad; it is an individual decision, which concerns the personal and intimate life. Do you agree with that? Hope you liked this essay.