To Kill A Mockingbird Essay. Life Through Child’s Eyes


The novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" written by Harper Lee, has won recognition and became one of the best American novels of the twentieth century. It has been translated into many languages. This work exuded success.

They say that to kill a Mockingbird is a great sin; it is one of the most harmless birds. An American writer Harper Lee who won a Pulitzer Prize has been amazingly accurately depicted the adult world through the eyes of a child in her famous novel. Do you want to order essay? Then use our cheap custom writing service and ask our professionals to write To Kill a Mockingbird persuasive essay. This service has enough material on this topic to create a perfect essay for you.

The author of one novel

She was born on April 28, 1926, in the small town of Monroeville, in the South-Western part of Alabama. Little Harper was a real madcap and together with her best friend Truman Capote (another future famous writer) did not give rest neither to the parents nor to the three older brothers and sisters. She was only 5 years old when she snuck into the courtroom and witnessed the biased attitude against Afro-American people, which unfairly were accused of rape. The girl could not much understand the legal nuances because of the age, but the manifest injustice will remember for a lifetime.

Harper went after school at Alabama University to study law for defending the rights of oppressed people in the future. But, realizing that to defeat the system it is needed to change a mass consciousness, she left University and began her literary career. Harper Lee published several short stories, and then wrote the main work of her life – partly autobiographical novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which expresses the accumulated feelings of childhood, memories and thoughts about human injustice. The book was published in 1960 and quickly turned out the bestseller. Over time the novel became mandatory to study in schools, and the writer was not only awarded the Pulitzer Prize but has become a living classic. It was her personal accomplishment about that you can read in our previous essay.

A very long time, Harper Lee was called the author of one novel, as she refused to publish other works. Only in 2015 was published a new book “Go Set a Watchman”, which actually was written almost simultaneously with the legendary novel, but the author didn’t want to offer it to readers. Since the first book was published Harper Lee almost never gave interviews and was not involved in public life. She was cool to her popularity, often refused public appearances making exceptions only for students of Philology, who wrote essays on To Kill a Mockingbird or another novel. At the end of life, the writer led a secluded life. She suffered a severe stroke in 2007, after which she saw and heard very bad. Her social circle consisted of an older sister Alice, after the death of whom Harper admitted only friend and lawyer Tonja Carter. So, in the next point of this essay on To Kill a Mockingbird I want to tell a quick retelling.

Almost not a fictitious story

The 6th place in the list of “200 best books” according to the BBC, the Pulitzer Prize, a compulsory literature in American schools, honorable place in almost any list of the best novels of all time - these impressive laurels belong to the first and only (until 2015) work from Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”. This expression is now symbolic and popular and this is the reason why I decided to write an essay To Kill a Mockingbird.

On the first pages of the book, we meet a little girl named Jean Louise Finch, but everyone used to call her Scout. All the time she spends with her brother. They have their own kids’ tricks. Amid the quiet and peaceful life there is unfolding a human tragedy that entails a number of new mistakes. Louisa’s father is Atticus – he is a lawyer. In my Atticus Finch essay I can describe him as honest, incorruptible man, who was sincere in his profession. He behaves the same at home with his children. Most of all, this character impressed me by the honesty, he is able to explain to children everything by an accessible language, without leaving and he doesn’t shrink the slippery. And he, as any parent, has to answer on difficult children’s questions: about people and their actions, about family, about characters and relationships.

The title “To Kill a Mockingbird” is associated with a specific situation that occurred in the storyline. Atticus buys his children special air rifles for exercise in sports firing. And he warns children that this gun can accidentally shoot a Mockingbird. Every day children become smarter. They begin to talk about problematic situations, to find a way to resolve them. Throughout the novel, Harper Lee makes it so that everyone clearly saw that the world of children changes significantly with time. For example, if we talk about the father, they considered him a worthless man, and even ashamed. But then the guys convinced that he was once an excellent marksman, and more other things about him.

The theme of racism

In multicolor America, even now there is the theme of racism is acute and sensitive issue and I describe this in the To kill a Mockingbird racism essay. This theme becomes dominant in the novel. That is why the book is part of the mandatory school reading in the United States. Human prejudice, the idea of the superiority of “White” over “African-Americans” people was cultivated in the minds for centuries, and it took too much time to break racial stereotypes. All people are equal, regardless of what is your skin, eyes, hair and height. On our website you can read the essay about racial discrimination. Then, a few decades ago, the category of “African-Americans” had no rights, even human: the word of decent African-American man always stood lower in importance than the word of a scoundrel with a white skin. And society – is the executioner in the face of not only the jury but also of spectators who are ready to condemn a man to death, based only on racial prejudice. Tom Robinson in the book the most disenfranchised, but a decent African-American man and Bob Ewell was the “white” scoundrel. The honest lawyer Atticus is on one side and human prejudices of the jury – on the other. No matter that there is no separation by race at present time, but there are other parallels: poor and rich – the main one. It can be found in any country, in any society and at any time. Harper Lee said that it is important always remain a human, not to be afraid to have a position, to be able to fight for truth. This book has it all, as in our life: simple and difficult, funny and touching to tears, but most importantly that this is a story about ordinary man, not a superhero, not a rich man who is not afraid for the sake of truth and faith in his beliefs to oppose the crowd exposing to danger oneself and the family. And Atticus Finch will forever be my hero.

The first chapter was interesting for me, and after that it was a little bit bored. I even wondered why this book is considered so important (it is often mentioned in American films). By the end, I realized that the story is deep and thought-provoking. It has revolutionized the lives of many, including mine. I think that literature must be like that. If the book touches you, makes you think, educates, shows human values against the background of dishonor and weakness – this book is a brilliant. I hope you liked my To Kill a Mockingbird essay.