Writing Love Essays Helps To Deal With Depression


First of all let`s determine what`s love. Some people say love lasts three years. Is it just a variety of chemical reactions in our organism? Or should we quote some great philosophers and determine love as a feeling of the heart which can only be observed practically. The only thing which is surely true about love definition is that it hurts somewhere inside a lot if you experience unrequited love or if you have to give up your love due to some ponderable reasons. Most often, you can`t explain the origin of such pain, it can be unstoppable and unbearable at times.

 I would say that modern love is absolutely different than the one that our grandparents used to have. It`ll be definitely wrong judging which is true love and which is not. As long as a person has feelings - it is right for him and nobody is able to estimate his expression of love.

Spending hours of thinking on definition of love, I can name two things, that love can`t live without. First is respect to your partner and second one is gratefulness. If you lose one of these components, your love is ruined. There are some types of so-called `aching love`, which are ill-treated from the very beginning. I can demark the following ones: falling in love with a married man, long-distance relationship, unrequited love, loving a tyrant, being patient and obedient while he cheats on you or to endure being beaten. Love story can last many years, but make sure, your love isn`t killing you slowly. In all these cases there is no respect and lack of gratefulness. In fact, we all are human creatures and there are some feelings that can`t be controlled. These two are exactly the ones that we can`t control absolutely. You can`t make yourself respect someone, even if you try hard. It just goes from inside, some inner lever pushes you to respect or not to respect another human being. There is the same story with the gratefulness. If you are grateful for somebody without a reason, it means that you simply appreciate his existence. No matter what, you wish him happiness and joy. Thus, even if you have to let this person go his own way in order to make him happy, you will eventually do it. To be precise, you are happy when he is happy and what is important - you don`t wait for gratitude in return.  

Let`s take one type of the `aching love` as an example in order to reveal practical tips on how to deal with the painful breakup - falling in love with a married man. Who`s guilty? I don`t know the answer. How to deal with a strong pain when you have to share your love with someone else? The most difficult thing is to acknowledge that another woman has more rights to be with him than you; another woman can openly love him unlike you; her love is more important than yours. Sounds like it`s almost impossible to agree with it. Here it goes, the first tip: if you want to forget him faster you have to admit that you don`t have a right for him. It means that you can worship and adore him distantly, but the only person who has a moral right to be next to him is his wife. The sooner you accept it the faster your pain will leave you.

Second tip: be supportive and tender but let him make a decision, without blaming his behavior, without blaming his hesitation and disability to make up his mind. He is a man and only he can make this step: to choose one or another woman. Your role is to leave him alone and go into the shadow. Don`t wait, don`t annoy him with the phone calls and texts; just give him space and freedom. You have to thank him for everything and let go silently. Once again – be grateful, if you love him.

The third tip is for you only. Love yourself, don`t waste your time on regrets and empty hopes. It isn`t worth it. Every new day is a new opportunity. You should go out, even if you don`t want to, you should meet new people, communicate and smile to them, as if it doesn`t hurt. Make a rule to work as much as you can during the day and go out with your good friends at night, you can enjoy their company anywhere, walking in the park, going shopping. I know, you might not want buying bright colors, but once again, you have to, if you want to decrease your sadness. Buy any color you wish, but black and grey. Next very important step is to deal with your free time on weekends, probably, you will feel very lonely on Saturday and Sunday. In order to avoid it, you should make a timetable for the weekends and days off. Sport – is number one thing that can save you from depression. In case you have some medical restrictions on doing sport – then walk, as much as possible. Do something creative, take up a new hobby, go to vocal classes, even if you can`t sing well and it sounds really ridiculous, just do something that makes you smile. At first it will be a sad smile, but later you will realize, that it`s what you need right now. You can also visit exhibitions and theatres, just be around people, not at home thinking about him and your possible common future, which never happened. As soon as you loosen your grip, luck and prosperity will enter your life.

One last tip: of course there can be the time when you are alone: you can`t fall asleep because of your thoughts or you start listening to sad music and dull memories about him pop up in your head. To make yourself feel better, you can try to write something, it can be poetry, because your creativity is very vulnerable and active in such moments, it can be just articles. You can try to write an essay, the topic doesn`t really matter. Of course it makes sense to write an essay about love. Don`t think about the size and the content, it can be short essay about love or long letter to your parents. The topic also isn`t important, it can be a story with the happy end about the love at first sight, narrative essay about love or even a technology essay. Make sure you write it from the bottom of your heart, and remember, nobody will judge you on what you are writing. Either you create essays about love or poems about how you hate married men, it`s all good, as long as it brings appeasement into your heart. The point is that when you write, it works as if you are talking to a psychologist. Now then, if you decide to write an essay on love, try not just to reveal your own feelings, but also give some advice to people who have no idea how to cope with the situation. Later on, you can become a good example for those women, who are trying to heal themselves from their ill-treated love. Some people don`t have time for writing or are afraid of it, mostly, because they can`t construct their thoughts properly, so they go to essay maker online or pay for essay online. You have a great chance to experience yourself in creating essays online and even sell them online.

In conclusion, I would like to say, there are not many ways to avoid depression after the break up, but certainly, there are some very good practical tips, that will definitely reduce your pain and help you to deal with the depression faster. To cut the long story short, here they are: be soft but decisive, be a wise woman, don`t hold the situation too tight, find your inner force to let it go and be an onlooker, not the participant. Spend time actively, do sport, go out with your friends, don`t shut your heart for newcomers. Just realize that you are free and able to do whatever your heart and soul want. You can cherish this moment, the moment, when you finally stop feeling guilty for your feelings and love.

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