Books vs Movies: What Is More Suspenseful?


My last work covered the information about forming groups and principles of teamwork activity. Today I want to represent for your consideration pros and cons of reading books and watching movies. It’s not a secret that it is one of the most popular topics for debates nowadays. Active readers defend their points of view that reading books is the best way of spending free time. Film fans act on the issue that there is nothing more exciting than watching a good movie. Let’s reveal which one of these two opinions is more useful and worth of attention.

Depending on different preferences, you may choose a film of any genre to watch after a busy day. People usually enjoy movies to get relaxed and to forget all their troubles. They watch motion pictures full of action as well as humorous and funny ones. So, why a movie is entertaining? Let’s consider the factors that make them impressive and worth watching:

  1. The first issue that attracts the audience is a storyline. Most of people pay much attention to the events that take place in a movie rather than to actors and settings. The story can touch your soul and makes you feel deep emotions. The viewers can cry as well as burst into laugh because of the plot.
  2. Setting is rather important element that makes a movie entertaining. Some people consider it to be the most attractive part of a motion picture. Try to recollect one of the high budget films. Huge part of expenses are used to create the settings and atmospheric scenes.
  3. We can surely mention actors as the next but no less meaningful factor of watching movies. People commonly have favorite actors and cannot miss a new picture with them participating. The audience gets used to a definite star and his/her way of acting and that’s why we might consider them as significant part of a movie. And it is actually true. Producers pay much attention to the cast, because the half of success depends on actors.
  4. One of the main factors that draws attention is usage various visual effects. People focus their attention to the details especially nowadays. Contemporary films when compared to the old ones are full of improved special effects.
  5. Here I should also mention the original soundtracks used in movies. Many people pay their attention to the composer of a film and its musical performance. Aiming to prolong the impression from watching the motion picture you may find the track and download it from internet.

Watching movies is rather interesting and entertaining way to spend people’s time. Many of them may consider reading books as boring that is why they enjoy films. Most of housewives use different shows and movies as the background while doing housework. There are people who like watching films at the cinema as well as at home. They love the amazing atmosphere that exists there. Especially it is exciting to watch a 3-D movie in the cinema, where you can feel as a participant of action.

Reading books is one of the greatest and most exciting hobbies. Many people choose it instead watching movies. While reading a book you have an opportunity to escape daily routine. The world of literature discloses its magical secrets for us to discover the sense of life and to test new feelings. I suggest you to look through the advantages of reading books in detail:

  1. Reading novels you spend more time with your favorite characters. Depending on thickness of a book and your mood you may read it in a single day or in a week.
  2. Various descriptions help you to create unique picture in your mind. You imagine main characters and scene the way you want.
  3. Reading books you may unthread a secret of any artifact or figure out who is a killer. It trains your logical thinking.
  4. Novels and stories expose you to the world of imagination. This can be useful and help you to develop it.
  5. Reading a book you get used to main characters and share their feelings and emotions.
  6. It evolves your attention. Any story requires even the smallest details to be noticed. They may be useful in future.
  7. While reading you know all thoughts and feelings of a main character. It gives you a chance to learn him better.
  8. A story gives you an opportunity to live its life, to experience its events, no idea what result will be.

So, various stories and novels help us to improve our imagination. We can see all events and characters the way we would like to perceive them. Reading a certain book you not only empathize characters and surroundings but you can also understand the sense of existence and find the right way of living.

Both books and movies help us to spend our free time. But you will not find much information about films being useful. Reading books on the contrary influences people positively. I made a list of arguments that books make us better:

  1. Reading is the most effective way to get rid of stress and to pass the sleeplessness. Besides, self-teaching books can treat the depression.
  2. While appreciating the spirit of the story a person learns to sympathize and understand emotions and feelings of other people in real life.
  3. Scientists claim that books help to increase your intellectual level that makes you more attractive for people. Possibility to communicate within the field of any topic gives you a chance that a person will gladly accept your company.
  4. The more a person reads the more he learns to act the way the characters in the book do. It may be useful because you get skills you can’t be taught in schools. For instance, you start seeking for a chance to meet the love or gain persistence in overcoming difficulties.
  5. Active readers participate in different cultural and social organization activities with great enthusiasm.
  6. Reading improves your memory and thinking abilities. It enriches your vocabulary with new words and phrases.
  7. Books can help a person to develop creativity. Literature opens your mind for new ideas. It inspires you to write various works as well as your own stories.
  8. Regular reading helps to remember new words while learning a foreign language. Reading aloud increases the ability to understand new lexical and grammatical material.
  9. Co-reading helps parents to get connected with their kids. Their relations may be strengthened. Children who enjoy reading books study successfully.

A book is a source of knowledge. You may find the answer to any question, you just need to show patience and curiosity. When we empathize the characters we become more merciful, generous and honest. These traits help people to make the world better and more reliable.

So, reading books and watching movies make our lives more interesting and exciting. Both of them may be your favorite way to forget about real life and its problems and pore over fictional world. Speaking about usefulness, we can definitely say that reading books makes us better than we used to be. It helps us to improve our skills and relations with other people. By reading books you create the scenery and surrounding by yourself. But it is your right to choose what you enjoy more. Someone loves reading in quiet atmosphere, others like action and visit cinema or watch movies at home. Everything depends on a person’s preference.

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