Research Paper Sample


In the previous post you could learn about some great motivational books that can boost your motivation and inspire you to do some academic writing, since it is very challenging task that is impossible to do without motivation. We sincerely hope that our articles, like this one about sample research papers or one about writing a common sense essay, help you to become a better writer and earn good grades. Today we will take a closer look at sample research paper, which supposed to help you to Continue reading

Essay Template on Environmental Issues


Essay Template on Environmental Issues All essays, no matter what type — argumentative, descriptive or personal, have similar structure. In this post, taking one college essay template as an example, we will review the main building blocks of the persuasive essay template about climate change. For organizing your own persuasive essay template you can use this free example of college essay template.  If you don’t have time to write one by yourself simply place your order here Continue reading

Free Persuasive Essay about Advantages of Reading Fiction


Free Persuasive Essay about Advantages of Reading Fiction The type of a free persuasive essay that you will be able to read further can also be called argumentative. As the rules of academic writing prescribe, in our free persuasive essay examples we try to persuade the reader to agree with our point of view, to share our position about something. The main purpose of free persuasive essays is to convince the reader that your statement is true, to accept your logic and way of thinking with the Continue reading

Free Narrative Essay


The narrative essay is the type of an essay that is often assigned to be written in high school or college, because it tests the student’s ability to think creatively. When you read this free personal narrative essay you will understand that it is nothing but a story. If you search for more narrative essays online check out this blog post that shows a good example of free personal narrative essay. This kind of academic paper is called narrative for a simple reason, because in it you have Continue reading

College Essay Examples


Before you get accepted into a university you would have to show your piece of writing. As a rule you are free to choose its topic. It is done for the purpose of the admission committee being able to evaluate you better through the subject you chose to write about in your example of a college essay. Because your writing is able to reveal about you something, that neither your grades nor scores can — your personality. Meanwhile, searching for inspiration you can read more free Continue reading