Divorce Essay: Causes And Consequences


Today such a phenomenon as divorce became more common. There are many divorce essays already written, which highlight this problem of our modern society. We decided to write this essay about divorce because we believe in the sanctity of marriage and we thinks that family is one of the most important and precious things in our life.

Statistics show that over the past few years the number of divorces has increased significantly. In our time, the value and inviolability of the family have become something less important, people’s attitude to marriage and family relations is not that serious as it used to be. Almost every second family decides to divorce. There are a lot of reasons for this.

The family disintegration and its consequences

The biggest divorce per cent is among the early marriages, because people who marry are young, immature, infantile, with a low enough spiritual and social level, who consider that the foundation of their marriage is sexual relationships. Moreover the roles of man and woman have changed. Women took upon themselves a lot of man’s responsibilities. The terms “marriage” and “love” are not identical, they do not mean the same. Love can fade away and be replaced by a new one. On the one hand in such a case society can not judge the person’s behaviour, if he or she decides to divorce and marry again because of new love, since love is considered to be symbol of marital relations. On the other hand society is interested in the strength of family and marriage relations, because they are the base for the birth and upbringing of children.

There are such situations when marriage is burden for both spouses, as the family relationships did not work out. This kind of divorce is more preferred and even necessary. Young women are more tend to decision of divorce, because they want to find loving and loyal man and to create a new family. But this dream not always comes true, and as the life shows, divorced woman in most of cases remains alone and raises a child on her own.

Divorce is a disturbing signal of existing problems. One of the most common reasons of divorce and family conflicts is misunderstanding between husband and wife, caused by psychological features of both. But also there are other important reasons that lead to divorce.

  • Alcohol. It is also one of the most common reasons of divorce, and it even happens that the causer is a woman who drinks. And it only makes the situation worse.
  • Financial problems of a young family. Nowadays it is very difficult to young families to buy a house to live separately. They have to live in an apartment with their parents or to rent a house, which is not always affordable for a young family. In addition, low-paid work may also influence negatively family life.
  • Nerves. Constant conflicts and, as a consequence, family breakdown.
  • Adultery. Adultery is also a common cause of divorce.
  • Lack of segregation of duties in the “male” and “female”. In modern society, the men do not have any responsibilities, now women do most of their duties. Naturally such inequality contributes to the emergence of conflicts that will inevitably lead to divorce.
  • One of the reasons of divorce is that in fact woman is the head of the family, cause her income is much bigger than her husband’s. Certainly not all men can accept with this fact and file for divorce.
  • The inability of a spouse to have children.

Divorce consequences

What does divorce mean for the spouses? Divorce is a painful phenomenon, which leaves its mark in a soul. It is always a catastrophe, a tragedy that knocks people out of normal life sometimes even for years. Divorced people time to time miss their ex-wife or ex-husband, feel anxiety despite the fact that they themselves were the initiators of divorce and considered their family life unhappy. Even under the condition that the former spouses after divorce keep good relationships with each other, for a child it is a tragedy for the whole life, as the child may be perfectly happy only if he or she has both parents. Besides, it is a known fact that children of divorced parents in adult life divorce more often than children raised in two-parent families.

Divorce is a process that harms child and damages the mental health. In addition, girls who grow up without a father, often become man-hater. They compare all the men of their mom or their boyfriends with their dads. A girl will be afraid that another mom marriage can bring suffering, but she will not be able to help in this situation and will suffer even more, seeing her mother’s tears. But it is very difficult to pretend strong, to keep your feelings, pretending that nothing terrible has happened not to hurt child's soul.

Living in a one-parent family has a great influence on a discipline and identity formation of a child. Usually kids of the divorced parents begin to misbehave, problems with their friends appear, problems at school and so on. Big problems arise with the child, if at the time of divorce, he is in the transitional age. With every action the child will express the protest against the divorce. The anger to themselves and to others appears. The child starts to blame. Usually such a condition passes in a year or two after divorce. But some children can not accept it and feel lonely during 5 years after divorce or even more.

Psychological researches show that the 5-7-year-old children more acutely experience the divorce of their parents, especially the boys. Girls acutely experience leave of their fathers at the age of 2-5 years – a period of intense emotional development. Since the child is always between the parents, regardless of whether they quarrel or divorce, the child will always suffer more than his parents.

Divorced men are more likely to marry again than women. Although about 50 % of men can not find their second half and remain single. Women usually marry again in 5 years after their divorce. Divorced women are more careful, they need more time (5-10 years) to find a man and get married again.

Due to the previous negative family experience most divorced men and women potentially become supporters of extramarital sex, refusing to re-marriage because of fear that the same story repeats.

So we can conclude that it is better to marry a good father of your future children, not the person whom you love. Love can go away, and the children will remain forever. Therefore, before you decide to take such an important step in the life, think thoroughly about the consequences.

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