Education is Window to the Bright Future


In the previous post we discussed the topic of women part in development of technologies that would not be possible without good education. The education and its importance will be the subject of our post today. In case you were assigned to write an essay about the role of education in our lives this material might be useful for you because in it we are going to look at the reasons why education matters and some online opportunities for free education. But if at the moment you don’t have enough time to ponder the subject and compose an essay, you can just order one here. Our professional writers will do it quickly and for reasonable price. If you still hesitate, read this article to find out how you can benefit from using our online writing services.

A right for education

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that every child and adult has a right to receive education. Education it is a fundamental right of every human being despite the age, gender, social position, income or location. It is truly the window to the bright future because it creates great opportunity for personal development. Nations with good education systems in the result achieve better health and wealth increase. For millions of people education is the security against poverty. In the whole history there has never been a country that achieved socioeconomic success without investing in education at first. 

Education for saving the world

The world leader of spreading and protecting education rights — UNESCO believes that education is the key to social and economical development worldwide. This organization has successfully launched many programs whose aim is to make education accessible for the least protected layers of society — children and women in poor countries. Education for All is the UNESCO’s movement created to provide basic education for all children, youth and adults throughout the world.  

Let us look at some facts proving that education is window to the bright future:

  • Education against poverty. Good education significantly increases your chances for receiving a better job and higher income. For people in some countries is not a question of university degree but a matter of basic reading skills. UNESCO researchers established that one additional year of schooling increases income of the person for up to 10%;
  • Education for gender equality. The quality of education has been linked to the number of children a woman will bear. An educated woman or just with basic reading skill is more likely to take control over her reproductive abilities and use contraception. The statistics say that in Mali a woman with secondary degree or higher has in average three children, while uneducated one has about seven children. Education helps to achieve gender equality by helping women to get jobs, become more self-sufficient and make their own independent choices;
  • Education saves children’s lives. The quality of education has been linked to lower child mortality rates. A child who was born to a mother with reading skills has 50% more chances to survive past age five. Educated parents who can read take a better care of their children’s health and wellbeing, are more aware of health dangers and the need of vaccination. Educated mothers are more likely to seek professional health care for their children and themselves;
  • Education fights HIV and other diseases. The higher level of education or even basic reading skills significantly lower the person’s chances to get infected. Education also stimulates people to seek professional medical treatment and prevents further spreading of the diseases;
  • Education for environment protection. Good education teaches people to be more aware of the consequences of their actions and to make more responsible choices. It helps people worldwide to learn how to achieve environmental sustainability to secure the future of next generations;
  • Education for global economical growth. The higher levels of education lead to the prosperity, democracy and social justice. The countries with good educational systems have much higher GDP per capita comparatively to those with weak education.

In case you are interested in more detailed statistical information and facts, you should read this UNESCO booklet “Education Counts” .

Free online education for all

If you are reading this post right now it means that basic reading skills is not an issue for you anymore, but you still might feel a lack of formal education and knowledge. Thanks to the creation of Internet, various kinds of educational programs are now available for you online. It is never too late to start learning. At any age you can profit from new knowledge. The choice of subjects is impressive and no matter what you look for you will be able to find it among at least one of these learning platforms:

  1. Coursera. This learning platform is the leader among all. Under one roof it unites the study programs from many top universities, schools, museums, trusts, etc. It has incredible number of courses in all possible fields from arts to math. It is a right choice for you if you are interested in multiple subjects and want to learn distantly at some of the best universities from all over the world;
  2. EdX. It is also a great option for free online learning. This website has an impressive range of topics and user friendly interface. It partners with such top universities as Harvard, Berkley, Aachen University and MIT;
  3. TEDed. This website is a favorite one of many people. Unlike Coursera or edX it doesn’t offer actual courses or study programs. The main material of this platform is videos. The videos show the speeches and lessons from some of the best minds on this planet. It covers amazing range of subjects and the videos are extremely informative and motivating. It is a good choice for visual learners, who perceive and memorize visual data better than just text or audio;
  4. ITunes. This service is powered by Apple and will be good for you if you are a fan of Apple products. It provides audio and video lessons in form of podcasts as well as text materials from some of the major universities. It is a very convenient way of learning because you can download the materials right to your iPod player and learn on the go whenever you have time;
  5. Open Culture. This is not a learning platform per se but rather a database for all sorts of courses and learning materials available on the web. Using its search option you will be able to find any kind of information you might need from videos, audios to textbooks.

This is just a short list of online learning options, but you can see a more expansive one here. You can also learn a lot of interesting information from our blog, which covers many essay writing topics. If you look for a good subject for your essay check out this post and it might inspire you with some ideas.

Bright future

In this post we were able to establish the fact that education is window to the bright future. Good education can secure your future against poverty. It provides gender equality, helps to protect children’s rights and health. Just basic reading skills are able to increase the nation’s economy and social wellbeing. But even in developed countries people with basic primary education can feel the lack of special knowledge. In this case online learning courses are available worldwide. How well educational system works in your country? Tell us about it here. If you are writing an essay about education but not sure how to do it right, check out this free essay template that will help you to structure your paper.